Brisbane's Best Dog Spots To Get Your Puppy Fix (But Don't Have A Dog)

Brisbane's Best Dog Spots To Get Your Puppy Fix (But Don't Have A Dog)

From patting pooches in parks to perfect pupster watching dining spots, we have you covered.

By Guest Styler | 13th November 2017

In our never-ending quest for finding the best places to pat dogs and just to generally be around our furry four-legged friends, we have brought together a hit list of the top spots to go for a dog fix (when you don’t actually own a dog yourself). Thankfully, Brisbane (and the rest of the world) has developed an obsession with Frenchies, pugs, dachshunds and all manner of other relatively compact pooches. So now it’s more common than ever to be enjoying your breakfast within whistling distance of a happy panting pooch. Hurrah. Read on to find out where next to scratch the ears of a doggo friend.

West End Markets

You can tick off two key achievements in one go here: get your weekly veg shopping done and spy all manner of gorgeous pups wandering around with their owners. Last time we were there a very fluffy dachshund, a great dane and several spaniels were all spotted doing their thing. With such a great location - right on the river and in the heart of West End (every Saturday morning) - you’d be hard-pressed to find a better dog-spotting locale so close to the city. Our tip? Grab a coffee, snaffle some food and take a seat - let the pups parade past you. And if that’s not enough dog exposure for you (or you actually do own a dog and want to let them roam free for a spell) there’s an off-leash dog area along the river a couple of hundred metres towards the city.

New Farm Park

This stunning riverside spot is a firm favourite with the weekend walkies crowd, and with lush green grasses for the dainty puppy paw to trot on, you’re bound to see a whole host of apartment-dwelling pooches out for a jaunt of a morning and afternoon. Here you are simply spoiled for dog watching options, with plenty of perfect picnic spots to drink your morning coffee, enjoy a glass or two of wine by the water, or chow down on some scrumptious deli treats. If picnics aren’t your scene pull up to a table at WATT and spoil yourself with a smashed avo bagel, or perhaps an after work cocktail. Whatever takes your fancy, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect spot at New Farm Park.

RSPCA Animal Centre - Wacol

If you’re thinking about investing in a pooch of your own then adopt, don’t shop! The RSPCA in Wacol is a mere 15 minutes from the city via the expressway and is a friendly spot to peruse the pooches firsthand. There are plenty of friendly pups available for adoption - but even if you’re not quite ready to commit yet you can wander the ‘streets’ of the dog adoptions centre and stare longingly into the eyes of every fluffball there. Good boy, there’s a good dog.

Remy’s Paddington

It is very rare that you will be able to make it past Remy’s without copping the eye from a pup sitting obediently under or near a table. This popular Paddington breakfast and burger spot always seems to have a dog or two leashed up and chilling out - maybe snaffling a spare nibble of some bacon every now and then - and generally adding to the most excellent vibes already to be found here.

Schuster Park - Tallebudgera

While not technically in Brisbane, we consider Schuster Park close enough (and incredible enough) to warrant inclusion. This is a simply vast dog park/sprawling expanse of fields and greenery, and if you head here you’ll have plenty of opportunity to be greeted by curious and friendly pooches who are simply off their heads with joy at having so much space to frolic in. There’s a creek and sandy beach for pups to swim in; we can vouch for the joy of watching dogs play in the water, it’s pretty glorious.

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