We Are Brisbane

We Are Brisbane

We Are Brisbane captures the faces of the people of our city, revealing a glimpse into their daily lives.

By [email protected] | 10th March 2014

A young Indian woman and an older caucasian male

Priya (left)

"The thing that gets me out of bed every morning is dew drops. I love dew drops so I like to wake up and step on them before they evaporate."

James (right)

"You can't live without passion. It seems to be what drives everything really".


A young woman laughing, and an older woman reading

Tamara (left)

"I grew up on a tour bus. It wasn't good for my social skills as a kid, but I could relate to musicians."

Gail (right)

"If I could give advice to the 20 year old me.... There is plenty of time for everything later on. Don’t marry so young go and see the world. Travel."


Two Iranian refugees reading at a bus stop

Ali (left)

"I am homesick for my family. My wife is in Iran and I miss her very much. We can’t go back for at least another 5 to 6 years. Maybe we can get a passport for her then".

Matthew (right)

"We are refugees in Australia due to religion. In Iran you can’t change religion. If you do change, this is not good news for you."


An older woman drinking coffee

"I walk up 54 steps everyday because I haven’t got a lift in my building."


An older gentleman in his bakery, and a gentleman in a hat drinking a glass of red wine

Sylvian (left)

"I make fresh bread every day. Why would I not be happy?".

Phillipe (right)

"Carpé Diem. I try hard to do this. Right now I am getting a suitcase repaired across the road (raises wine glass)."


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Article by [email protected]


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