We Caught Up With Some Of Brisbane's Best Wellness Experts & This Is What We Learned

We Caught Up With Some Of Brisbane's Best Wellness Experts & This Is What We Learned

These guys do wellness, well!

By Tamille Head | 28th June 2018


From dental experts to holistic hairdressers and Pilates gurus, the wellness industry in Brisbane is blooming. These seasoned professionals and passionate entrepreneurs are wholeheartedly focused on the beauty of you. Get ready to be inspired by their career journeys, client first attitudes and deeply-faceted focus on health — no matter what form that takes. Let us introduce you to the best in the biz. These guys do wellness, well!

Mishari Aldhafeeri | Dentist, Ross Parry Dentist

Ross Parry has been providing high-quality dental care to the people of Brisbane for decades. Just this month, he completed the sale of his practice to Mishari Aldhafeeri, who will continue to provide the same high-quality general and cosmetic dentistry to new and existing patients.

Trained at the University of Glasgow, with seven years of experience in the UK and three since relocating to Australia, Mishari has just completed a Master’s degree from King’s College London, and provides all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry.

In addition to dentistry work, he also acts as a clinical supervisor of the students at UQ and is passionate about teaching his patients about the link between oral health and general health.

“There are links between the health of your mouth and other major chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. There is also evidence linking chronic gum disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes. We want our patients to understand that we treat them as a whole person, not just a set of teeth.”

Despite leading a busy lifestyle, Mishari understands the importance of taking care of his health and wellness. “Wellness means taking care of your whole body and mind. Too often people focus on one goal, but forget to look at the overall picture,” he says. “Remember to make time for yourself every day. Too often we get caught up in our busy lives and push things to the bottom of the to-do list.”

Suzanne Williams | Director, Grace & Grind

The brainchild of Brisbane-based Suzanne Williams, Grace & Grind embodies all things career, lifestyle and wellness. It exists to help people find clarity, direction and purpose using a holistic health and wellness coaching approach. “Quite often people will fall into a career and at some point realise there is more to life than grinding away in a job that does not serve them,” Williams says.

“Clients will say things to me like “surely there has to be more to life than this” or that now that they’ve had children they see things in a whole new way, but just don’t know what they want from life or how to go about finding it.”

Thankfully, that’s where Grace & Grind steps in, helping people to sort through challenges like transitioning into a new career path, learning to understand themselves and becoming their most confident, happy self. Perhaps the reason she is so passionate about helping others find their perfect fit, is because Suzanne is a huge advocate for practicing what she preaches, and lives a life full to the brim of all things wellness.

“We are constantly fighting against an overly stimulated world where too many people try to do and be everything. This is simply not possible and results in burnout, exhaustion, disappointment and unhappiness. The key to combating this is to focus on your own wellness first so that you can be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself, which ultimately means that you can then be of service to others.”

Jacinta Lees | Director, Jacinta Lees Health & Fitness

For Jacinta Lees, the key to wellness is as much about being mentally fit as it is about being physically fit.

“It’s all about having that spark inside which lights up every morning and energises your world! It’s about loving yourself enough to eat well, exercise and move more, have confidence within yourself and squeezing optimism out of challenging situations,” she says. “It’s about setting goals and working towards them, embracing personal development, eating good, healthy foods that give your body the nutrients it deserves and thanking your body for being physically strong by moving more.”

As the owner of the online health and fitness portal, Jacinta Lees Health & Fitness, Jacinta runs one-on-one and group coaching sessions which specialise in creating infinite change, as well as facilitating a range of small to large workshops in areas of people management and development, mindset, health, fitness and overall wellness. Most of her work, however, comes from being a change agent, where she works with clients to shift their mindset to a more
functional and positive place where they themselves create life-long change. The purpose of this coaching is to have her clients set goals strongly aligned to their personal values, which allows them to embrace a life of abundance in everything that they do.

“I believe it’s important to keep it simple. I encourage my clients to eat real food that is suitable for their body type, and exercise regularly in ways designed to help them meet any individual goal. Combined with a healthy mind, a person has no limits!”

Kelli Boucher | Director, Bouche Boutique Styling Rooms

Founded by Brisbane hairdresser and personal stylist, Kelli Boucher, Bouche Boutique Styling Rooms is a new hair salon concept that specialises in creating healthy confidence in their clients. They do this by combining hairdressing, personal styling, skin care, professional shopping and makeup in the one convenient appointment.

As Brisbane’s only transformative image salon & hairdresser, personal stylist and makeup artist, Kelli has been in the industry for over 20 years and is deeply committed to transforming the lives of women. Through her many years of personal development, Kelli is able to deliver transformative, lasting change to her clients to help them become the best and most beautiful version of themselves. “The perfect hairstyle is just the beginning! The true magic begins when you combine all of our services to create a look that will transform your life.”

As one of her clients explains, “Kelli is one of the most inspirational women I have met. Her skills sit between life coach, psychologist, and hair & fashion stylist. What a delight to be in her presence!”

After undergoing personal development herself, Kelli found that she had quite a skill for the area and applied this to her existing hairdressing career. “The coaching side has really brought a whole new awareness to my sense of self,” she says. “I really get a kick out of doing what I do. This is my thing and I know that this is exactly what I’m here to do.”

Dr David Cowhig | Director, Dental Wellness

Dr David Cowhig graduated from Kings College London dental school 30 years ago and migrated to Australia in 1998, setting up a wellness orientated dental practice after attaining a Fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in the same year. He has spent the last twenty years as the wellness industry’s first choice for dental health. With two practices in The Gap and Newstead, Dental Wellness is popular amongst the health conscious community.

“Wellness to me is a personal investment and commitment to taking positive steps to support your physical, mental and spiritual health so that you can love and be proud of yourself.”

Dr Cowhig’s role in his patient’s wellness journey is to provide a 5-star service in optimising their overall dental health so their smile can reflect their inner health.
“Your smile is your first impression. I believe the integration of aesthetic and holistic dentistry is the missing link in antiageing medicine,” he says.

Providing total metal free holistic, aesthetic and implant dentistry with the help of a dedicated team and in using his principles of the Oral Fitness plan, he has allowed his patients to minimise their risks of chronic illness linked to poor oral health. “For my own wellness, I focus on living a holistic lifestyle, eating nutritiously, exercising appropriately with Pilates, gym or walking our pug, and remembering to feed the soul by laughing with friends and enjoying an evening meal around the table with my family.”

Elle De Wet | Studio Owner, Any.Body Pilates

To Pilates instructor Elle de Wet, wellness means the ability to cope with whatever life throws at you. “True wellness to me is having the audacity not to be hindered by your failures. Knowing that life is long, and we all have to navigate the ups and downs. So yes, it’s nice to be in a good routine, to achieve your daily physical activity goals, to eat healthy and look after your mental health all the time, but the reality is that we can’t be perfect all the time. So, to me true wellness is the ability to come back after you fall off track, to be balanced in your thinking and understand that health is not about a 200m sprint but about lifelong skills and lessons learnt,” she says.

Her business, any.BODY Studio is a calm place to come to achieve your movement goals no matter what your physical goals or constraints. It is a boutique reformer Pilates studio set in a peaceful setting with a university qualified trainer that understands injuries – prevention and management.
Elle knows that it’s all about taking small steps to achieve big gains.

“In hindsight where I am today in my wellness journey is far from where I have come from. But I didn’t wake up one morning and was the person I am today, there has been many ups and downs. But over the years I have learnt to navigate the downs and ensure that the time spent in the downs become less and less.”

“I look after myself so I can be the best version of myself, and I believe that inspires my clients to look after themselves.”

Dr Linda Williams | Director, Artisan Cosmetic & Rejuvination Clinic

With a wealth of industry knowledge, Dr Linda Williams is somewhat of an expert on all things skin wellness.

What does wellness mean to you?
Wellness is about both feeling and looking healthy, vibrant and fresh. If people tell us we look tired then we’ll soon feel flat, regardless of energy levels. If we can feel positive, self-confident, ready to face the world, and have the mental and physical energy to back it up, I think that sums up wellness for me. It’s amazing the extra bounce it adds to your step.

What’s the key to skin wellness?
Skin wellness is probably not that much different from general wellness. Skin needs to be loved and looked after, kept hydrated and protected in order to function at its best and it will be reflected in a healthy, glowing complexion. Skin is a dynamic work-of-art that reacts and responds to our internal and external environment on a daily basis so, we need to stay motivated to look after it. Like so many things in life, if we can reduce stress and inflammation, our skin will function better and boost our self-confidence on a daily basis. And we can never forget sun protection living in this climate.

How do you look after yourself and your skin?
I’m trying to have a better work/life balance. Dinner with my husband, catching up with my sons, and socialising with friends re-invigorates me. I exercise which is important for both my head space and my body but always wish I could do more.

Wayne Donnelly | Corporate Change Master

As Wayne Donnelly, corporate change master, hypnotist and entertainer, puts it, a business is a reflection of its owner, which is why he works to create change in the mindset of business owners, CEOs and their teams so that they can create profound, positive changes in their lives and businesses.

“I work towards rewiring and reprogramming the thinking patterns within my clients to adjust and align it with what they want to achieve within themselves and their business goals,” Wayne says. “No one outperforms their self-image, that’s why it’s important to develop a mindset that is in alignment with the desired goals and outcomes of the business.”

After studying behavioural change in the areas of Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis, Wayne combined his corporate management experience with behavioural change skills to improve the development of minds to perform higher for better business results.

“I fell in love with the power of the mind when I first did a fire walk experience with Tony Robbins in 1996. Since that moment, I have invested years of research and further education.”

“There is a certain magic in harnessing the power of the mind and using that power to transform lives. Watching people step out of being stuck and into the freedom of being who they are destined to be is a thrill I never tire of.”


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