Jump Into 2018 With Our A-Z Brisbane Style Guide

Jump Into 2018 With Our A-Z Brisbane Style Guide

It’s as easy as A, B, C…

By Tamille Head | 9th January 2018

Welcome to our annual A to Z Style Guide. We’ve searched high and low to bring you the best retailers and services in Brisbane. From luxury hair salons to skin specialists and first-class fitness centres. Plus, the finest of fine dining options and the ultimate destination for your next girls day out.

We’re very fortunate to have a wealth of amazing retailers here in Brisbane, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring you a roundup of the best in the business to help you live your best, most fabulous, life. Showcasing 26 of our Brisbane faves, this guide will help you navigate your way through 2018 (and beyond) in a truly stylish manner. Consider this an ultimate edit in what’s wow, right now.

0118_A_FeatureImage_1140x540A - Agent

It’s a brave new world for Brisbane’s property market. Meet the young gun agent who’s staying ahead of the game.

Just nine minutes from the CBD, the inner-city suburb of Paddington is an antiquers paradise, foodie hub and much-adored weekend destination. It’s also the kingdom of Brisbane’s boldest and brightest new estate agent. Max Hadgelias has honed a valuable skill set. With his father George heading up the team at Ray White Paddington for the last three and a half decades, there’s no denying Max has learnt from the best.

This young gun isn’t just following in his father’s footsteps; he’s paving his own way and it’s safe to say people are noticing. Starting out on the front desk of Ray White at age 15, he’s now going head to head with some of the best. Launching his sales career in early 2017, this up-and-comer is already leading the way. Max finished out the calendar year in the top 100 Ray White agents in Queensland.

As Brisbane has grown-up, so has Max Hadgelias, and he’s well and truly ready for what comes next in Brisbane’s dynamic housing market.

P 0411 276 372

0118_B_FeatureImage_1140x540B – Euro Black Plates

In the millennial age ruled by trends and fads, there’s still nothing quite as sophisticated as old European charm.

Let’s paint a picture, shall we? After years of dreaming and admiring from afar, you’ve finally purchased your luxe new ride. With soft leather seats and a perfectly polished exterior, your car is your pride and joy. Designed to be the ultimate finishing touch, PPQ’s sleek black European plates will elevate your on-road identity in a manner that’s simply très chic. Simply put, Euro Black Plates are the stylish statement that will never go out of fashion.

Created for those seeking a sophisticated plate option, PPQ’s Euro plates are elongated to perfectly fit European cars. With crisp white letters on a black background and a stylish European crest, these plates are the ultimate expression of European style. From the school run to the shopping centre, brunch with the girls in Ascot or a dinner date in Fish Lane; Euro Black Plates simply stand out.

Already the epitome of suave, PPQ have taken the plate game up a notch and included a crest to mark each plate in the Euro range. A Southern Cross image adorns each plate to celebrate home and is combined with the distinguished “Salvat Itiner” crest. For those who haven’t extensively studied Latin phrases (à la all of us), this translates in English to “safe journey”. The stunning classic colour and crest combination emulates the kind of internationally inspired flair that French dreams are made of. The allure of personalised plates lies in the individuality injected into each one. Euro Black Plates are not only timeless, but the classic monochrome palette matches any colour, meaning your plates will last through the years with you, even if you upgrade your car. Featuring a fixed Q, two letters, two numbers, and a fixed X or Y, Euro Black Plates are available in the classic Euro plate size, or sleek slimline.

Go on, make 2018 the year your European style sets you apart from the crowd.

P 136 356

0118_C_FeatureImage_1140x540C – Culinary Experience

Modern dining and locally sourced produce meet traditional Japanese cooking techniques. At Saké, the fusion is explosive.

Amidst a buzz of trending techniques and experimental degustation, the art of fine dining has Brisbane in its grips. Eagle Street’s Saké Restaurant & Bar leads the pack thanks to the creativity of Executive Chef Shaun Presland and Head Chef Daisuke Sakai. Combining traditional Japanese cooking methods with contemporary cuisine, Saké Restaurant & Bar is a riverside experience not to be missed.

Starting his career in the kitchens of fine dining restaurants in Osaka before moving on to the Ritz Carlton, Chef Sakai has been designing and executing world-class menus for the better part of the last decade. After making the move across the pond, Saké Restaurant & Bar has been lucky enough to benefit from his culinary wisdom and expertise since 2014.

Chef Sakai’s drive for perfection and exploration is infused into every bite and his passion for local cuisine has transformed the Saké menu into something every Brisbanite can be proud of. “With Australia being one of the best places to get fresh vegetables, seafood and meat we source all of these items from producers all over the country,” he said. From the Harvey Bay scallops to the miso reduction it’s paired with, the menu tells a love story between modern Australian produce and timelessly classic Japanese cooking methods.

The mind-bending saké list is the perfect complement to the menu and is definitely worth exploring your way through. If that isn’t enough to tempt you to wet your whistle, the cocktail list is dizzyingly delicious.

On the surface, the interiors are contemporary, yet inspired by tradition. Mood lighting complements dark wooden tables and a wall of saké barrels creates an intimate dining experience worthy of date night, business meetings, birthday celebrations or lunch with your fave gals.

It’s the combination of ingenious menu, the creative styling, and chefs with a mile-long list of accolades that make Saké Restaurant & Bar and unmissable dining experience. What are you waiting for? Jump online and start browsing the menu today.


0118_D_FeatureImage_1140x540D – Dermatology

The dreamy, glowing skin you’ve always wanted is now within your reach.

Like activated charcoal, coconut milk in coffee and ketogenic diets, these days caring for your skin is more on-trend than ever. Not just cleansing, toning and moisturising every once in a while, but actively working towards achieving the kind of skin that’s just begging for a makeup-free selfie.

Leading the pack as Queensland’s largest clinic, Westside Dermatology offers everything from acne laser treatments to glycolic acid peels, HydraFacials and skin needling.  Hiding uneven skin tones and acne scaring under caked on makeup can be a pastime you actually leave in the past.

Whether you’re troubled by pigmentation, pimples or psoriasis, get the treatment your skin deserves by consulting a specialist Dermatologist. Nobody’s skin is the same, and so the solutions to each skin issue are incredibly varied. Taking care of your skin can feel like a never-ending battle, especially when we’re constantly being fed skin treatment fads which lack scientific backing. With so many opinions radiating through the beauty world, it’s advice from those who know best that we should take on board.

Renowned for their knowledge and experience, the specialists at Westside Dermatology have solutions for a plethora of skin conditions. Leading the team are Dr Davin Lim and Dr Manoharan who are committed to finding the right treatment for you. They are experts on healthy complexions and are passionate about helping you achieve incredible skin.

At Westside Dermatology, science and art collide. Cutting-edge laser treatments are utilised to treat scars, wrinkles and pigmentation. This combines with a new frontier in injectables, dermal fillers are applied with an artistic touch to enhance beauty and correct imperfections. Bringing affordable, effective and highly specialised treatments to the greater Brisbane area, Westside Dermatology certainly stand out from their competitors.

P 3871 3437

0118_E_FeatureImage_1140x540E – Epic Hair

Stop tearing your hair out every morning and leave bad hair days behind you.  

With some sacrificing the colour cred and multiple salons throughout Brisbane, the name Epic Hair Designs is synonymous with fabulous hair. Whether you’re pining after Miley’s pixie cut, Gigi’s sleek bob or Alexa Chung’s centre part bangs, the Epic Hair team are experts in recreating “give me that!” hair.

The shiny new Lutwyche salon is the twelfth off the ranks to join their ever-growing hair family, with a new Ascot salon hot on its heels opening within the first few months of this year. With locations all around Brisbane, finding an Epic Hair studio close enough to be your local salon is far easier than closing your eyes and begging for a fairy godmother to come and magically fix your locks for you.

If it’s true what they say about hairdressers being psychologists, then the team at Epic Hair Designs must all have their PhD’s. The friendly, smiling faces are always keen for a chat and welcome every client into their studios like family. All Epic Hair Designs salons boast a sleek and contemporary fit out including signature sparkling statement light fittings and luxury massage chairs at the basin.

The Epic Hair team are on the cutting edge of the latest colour, cutting and styling techniques for both the gals and the gents alike. The well-trained stylists are as close to magic as humanly possible and can guarantee you the most brilliant colour without sacrificing the health of your strands.

If you want to take your mane to the next level, the Epic Hair crew also specialise in Showpony extensions and offer the famed Olaplex and Kerasilk treatments for mega-silky, luscious locks.

Whether you’re booking in for Balayage, foiling, treatment services, blow dries or updos, the team behind the brand are truly Epic.

P 37201858

0118_F_FeatureImage_1140x540F – F45 TRAINING

Gone are the days of slogging it out in the gym on your own. The cool kids on the block are changing the way we move.

There’s no denying that fitness crazes come and go, but we’re happy to report that F45 is here to stay. You can make yourself a brand-new workout playlist, treat yourself to Lululemon tights or flash new Nikes, but no matter how you sugar coat it, we bet your 2-year-old gym membership will still bore you to death.

Forget the fitness ruts of yesteryear and put your trust in the phenomenal Nina Studenko and Drew Woodhouse. This Brisbane-based power-couple are the best in the business when it comes to health, and are primed and ready to take on all the new challenges this year has to offer at their three studios in Newstead, Stafford and West End.

Nina and Drew conquered mountains in 2017, taking over the West End studio midway through the year, making them the leading franchisees in the River City. “I thrive on helping others achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. In our West End studio, clients are personally supported through each workout they undertake by owner/operator Kat Taylor and our team of dedicated coaches,” Nina says.

F45 is a far cry from the soulless muscle machine factories you may be used to. It’s the fusion of different training styles, variation in the workouts, the motivation that comes with group sessions and personal trainers that’s convincing even the laziest of couch potatoes to get themselves motivated. F45 is comprised of 3,000 different exercises targeting all muscle groups, expertly compiled into 27 different workouts, guaranteeing you’ll never do the same workout twice.

It’s true what they say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The variety of F45 training, coupled with Nina and Drew’s professionalism will keep you challenged and have you busting out of your fitness rut for good.

After all, if it’s good enough for Hugh Jackman, you can bet your gluteus maximus it’s good enough for us too.


0118_G_FeatureImage_1140x540G – Gents Only

It’s true what they say, clothes really do make the man.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. With exactly seven seconds up your sleeve, every detail counts. In an age where striving for success means looking the part, faking it will only get you so far. The Executive Stylist, Elle Lavon, has been suiting up Brisbane’s top movers and shakers for over a decade.

One of Australia’s only exclusively male stylists, to say Elle’s expertise in high-end menswear is highly sought after would be an understatement. Dressing businessmen and entrepreneurs is something no one does quite like Elle.

With a no bull attitude and an eye for the creative, cultivating daring, bold and wearable style profiles for her clients is what Elle does best. “In today’s world, achieving your goals means you have to create a consistently memorable impression everywhere you go. If you neglect your image, you will get left behind” she says. Elle takes into consideration everything from an individual’s physical attributes such as body type and colouring, different aspects of their personality and lifestyle and of course their personal and professional goals. Crafting authentic style, rather than “fashion” dressing is Elle’s focus, and it’s why her voice remains a resoundingly clear influence in the industry.

Achieving authentic style is all about using clothing as a tool of empowerment – achieving complete congruence between who you are and the way you look. “When you become unapologetically authentic and honest with yourself, you become naturally magnetic and inspiring to others. Taking pride and investing in their style is a great way for men to get behind the driver’s seat and set the pace of their own success,” she says.

As Brisbane enters an age ruled by self-made trailblazers, it’s Elle you can find behind the scenes transforming boardroom-bound gents into the ambitious, confident men who are taking the world by storm one well-tailored blazer at a time.

P 0431 175 198

0118_H_FeatureImage_1140x540H – HAMPTONS

If you’re looking to incorporate some coastal vibes into your abode, we’ve got just the place.

It’s a decorating technique that continues to reinvent itself, season after season. By definition, Hamptons style is relaxed beach living, with a classic and sophisticated finish. With a reputation as the land reserved for the rich and famous, many flock to the Hamptons for a taste of the luxe lifestyle; so why not bring some of that elegance and relaxed yet chic vibe into your home.

Make the classic look work for you by embracing a palette of white, timber, blue and natural tones. Investing in timeless furniture and décor pieces will bring the Hamptons style to life in any room. Look for natural fibres, coastal colours, classic lights and pieces with lots of texture. A few carefully selected scatter cushions and plush throw will perfectly complete this look.

Inspired by all things Hamptons, Style My Home is an Australian furniture and décor retailer. Originating in Sydney, they opened their doors in Newstead last year and will continue their expansion with a new store set to open in Noosaville this month.

For those of you aiming to emulate this classic coastal vibe at home, it can easily be achieved for us not-so-famous types. Whether you want to simply add a touch of the Hamptons or completely transform your whole home, they have furniture and décor to help you achieve this aesthetic without breaking the bank.

P 3666 0324

0118_I_FeatureImage_1140x540I – ITALIAN

Your vehicle, much like your life, should be anything but ordinary. 

When it comes to luxury vehicles, there’s no denying that the Italians do it differently. For years, Italian cars have dominated the world sports car rankings, with Ferrari and Alfa Romeo both racing ahead of the pack.

The Alfa Romeo brand is known for their sporty vehicles, having been involved in car racing since 1911. With their arrival back in Brisbane, a touch of that Italian luxury racing can be yours with the all-new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, a uniquely Italian take on the SUV and the first of its kind from the brand.

As the world’s fastest production SUV, the Stelvio is just as perfect for the school run as it is for ducking down to the coast for the weekend. Featuring all the sleek interiors and luxury amenities you’d expect from an Alfa, the Stelvio is a luxury family vehicle with the heart of a race car. Coming soon in 2018.

P 3853 0111

0118_J_FeatureImage_1140x540J – JADE BUDDHA

With stunning views and an East-meets-West fusion, this riverside venue is the perfect spot for your next catch-up or function. 

There is nothing more typically Brisbane than kicking back at the end of the busy week and enjoying a few drinks with your mates by the river. With panoramic views from Story Bridge to Kangaroo Point, Jade Buddha is, without doubt, one of the best waterfront options in town.

Located at Eagle Street Pier, it’s the perfect spot to unwind in a stunning riverside setting. Careful combinations of funky lighting, polished design and comfortable seating create a vibe that is both energetic and relaxed. As the sun goes down over the water enjoy a drink or a casual bite to eat with a backdrop of Brisbane’s city lights.

Offering an impressive modern Australian-Asian menu which perfectly complements the tranquil garden decor, it makes for the perfect walk-in venue any time of the day. Whether you’re catching up with a big group, or are simply looking for a spot to relax and watch the ferries go by with a glass of wine in hand, Jade Buddha will ensure your evening is memorable.

P 3221 2888

0118_K_FeatureImage_1140x540K – KING STREET

Who needs a trip to Melbourne when the best of the dining scene is right here in Brisbane. 

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to foodie finds here in Brisbane. From burger joints to world-class restaurants, it seems every month there’s a new spot popping up, firmly cementing our place as a city to rival Melbourne and its food scene.

At the heart of the overhaul of the Brisbane dining scene is King Street. A vibrant community and a hotspot to taste the best of local dining, celebrate Australian traders, and relish in lively entertainment. A variety of flavours from all over the world converge together in this authentic, eclectic location with a strong paddock-to-plate ethos.

As one of Brisbane’s most exciting dining and lifestyle destinations, King Street is set to impress in 2018 with a number of new additions to round out their already inspiring offer. This will be a huge year for the epicentre of the Brisbane Showgrounds community; with Rockpool Dining Group’s first foray into micro-brewing and a craft beer hall set to transform the iconic Royal Snack Bar. The 100 Burgers Group opening a boutique gin distillery and bar to complement their Welcome to Bowen Hills food truck stop, and there is a new specialty coffee roaster on its way.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on the go when you’re on deadline, or are in for a long, boozy lunch with the girls come Saturday, the new additions will suit every occasion.


0118_L_FeatureImage_1140x540L – LUXURY

NOUN: Indulgence in or enjoyment of comforts or pleasures in addition to those necessary.

Christian Alexander knows hair. As one of Australia’s leading hair stylists, he began his career as an apprentice, later refining his skill set and techniques with the acclaimed Jacques Dessange in Paris. Inspired by art, fashion and music, Christian’s distinctive style has won him numerous awards and accolades throughout his 20 years in the industry.

With a wealth of experience in hair styling and makeup artistry in both Australia and Hong Kong, the natural progression for the talented stylist was to open his eponymous salon in 2013.

But this is no ordinary hair salon. At Atelier Christian Alexander you can indulge in manicures, beauty treatments and anti-ageing injectables in the dedicated beauty suite or update your look with an appointment with a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist.

Located in the historic Bell Brothers Building, Atelier Christian Alexander use only the most luxurious products from Oribe, Balmain, Smith & Cult and David Mallett to ensure their clients leave feeling like the rock stars they are.

P 3122 8032

0118_M_FeatureImage_1140x540M – MINI

Deciding to buy a new car is a major life decision. We get it. But just when you thought the best couldn’t get better, we’re here to tell you, it has. 

Let’s get real. When it comes to buying a car, with so many options flooding the market, it can be difficult to sort through the riff-raff to find a car that not only speaks to your personality but also fits in with your hectic lifestyle.

Introducing: the MINI 5-door hatch. From the brand that’s been doing things differently for generations, comes a car that’s stylish, sophisticated and so at home amongst the suburbs of Brisbane.

It’s no secret that the small footprint of the MINI has big benefits on the streets. It can fit into any CBD parking space with ease, can be completely personalised and boasts cutting-edge technology with an LED centre instrument that changes colour when you perform commands. Oh, and don’t let the name MINI fool you, this car is spacious inside. There’s plenty of room for the shopping, picnic basket or overnight bag.

Convinced yet? Take one for a spin and you will be.

P 3853 0022

0118_N_FeatureImage_1140x540N – NIGHT AWAY

Leave your passport in your drawer and discover the allure of a Brisbane city staycay.

So you’ve finally managed to conjure up a free weekend. It’s Friday afternoon and the possibilities are endless. You’re exhausted from the week: the endless work emails, the 6am alarms, and the thought of facing another Saturday morning navigating the chaos of Coles is making you queasy.

Although it may be tempting to jump on the road and head out of the city, some of the best mini vacations take place right in the CBD. Pop a toothbrush and a spare change of clothes in an overnight bag and make the short but sweet journey to an unexpected paradise – the Brisbane Marriott Hotel. Buzz word or not, the staycation is changing the game, and this Queen Street gem is at the top of our list.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, even if just for a night (and even just 20 minutes away) is invaluable. The Brisbane Marriott Hotel takes the staycation to an entirely new level. With luxurious pillow-top bedding, marble bathrooms, an on-site spa and sparkling outdoor pool, it immediately feels like a second home. But unlike home, this is a bed you don’t have to make.

Take your pick of views over the Brisbane River or the city skyline and dine the night away at The Brisbane Marriott Hotel’s own Motion Bar & Grill. Sip on cocktails from M Bar or take your pick of wines from their amazing “wine wall”. In the morning, make the most of the opportunity to be a tourist in your own town and explore your way through Queen Street Mall or Eagle St Pier, both only a short stroll away.

All it takes is just one night away at The Marriott to reset and refresh and get you ready to face another avalanche of a week. What are you waiting for, pop the champagne!

P 3303 8000

0118_O_FeatureImage_1140x540O – OFF TO THE RACES

Forget Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the girls this February. 

The Sofitel Girls’ Day Out event returns to Doomben Racecourse on Saturday, February 24, 2018. The annual event has been running for several years and it’s safe to say that its popularity with the ladies of Brisbane hasn’t faded. This year, $5 from every general admission ticket will go towards Brisbane-based charity, Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation, whose primary goal is to find and fund clinical research that results in better treatment for gynaecological cancer patients.

Every lady knows that planning your glamorous race-day outfit can be one of the best parts of heading to the races and this year is no exception. Why not get the girls together and enter the Dress Hire AU Fashions on the Field in the Best Dressed Girl Squad category?

If Fashions on the Field isn’t quite your forte, watching the action will be just as enjoyable with handsome waiters topping up your champagne as you enjoy the atmosphere. The afternoon can only be improved upon by upgrading to the VIP option. Choose from the relaxed Pimm’s Courtyard package, or for something a bit more luxurious, the grand Sparkling Party Marquee is also available.

So ladies, don’t fret if you didn’t get to catch-up with your favourite gal-pals for the holidays! The perfect event for your girls’ day out is just around the corner. Champagne, fashion and your best friends – what more could you want?

P 3268 2171

0118_P_FeatureImage_1140x540P – PLASTIC SURGERY

It’s the New Year and it’s time to discover the best version of yourself. 

When you say plastic surgery, most people think of cosmetic surgery, but it is time to drop all preconceptions. These days, modern clinics aim to give each patient the confidence to embrace their individual beauty, whatever that may mean for them.

From reconstructive and skin cancer surgery through to breast augmentation, facelift and cosmetic injectables; the team at Dr David Sharp’s practice are all about providing holistic solutions, natural results and prevention over cure. They thrive on diversity and are the experts in combining surgical procedures and non-surgical therapies for optimal results.

With Brisbane rising to the forefront of the plastic surgery industry, Dr David Sharp and his team are leading the way with state of the art specialist treatments.

In 2018, it is time to welcome the “New Year, New You” mentality.

P 3202 4744

0118_Q_FeatureImage_1140x540Q – QLD HOTEL

With 32 years of experience in the industry, this hotel is somewhat of a Queensland icon.

An icon of the River City, the Hilton Brisbane is located in the heart of the CBD. The hotel features modern accommodation, award-winning dining, newly refurbished leisure facilities and 2500 square metres of newly refurbished meeting and event space.

For the leisure traveller, choose from a wide selection of rooms that have been specifically designed with your comfort in mind. A Suite or Executive Room gives you access to the Executive Lounge which includes breakfast, refreshments, evening drinks and canapés.  Foodies can enjoy a tantalising dining experience at the Vintaged Bar + Grill which showcases world-class produce and a sensational boutique wine list.

If you are visiting for business, make use of one of the 19 elegantly designed meeting and conference rooms, boasting cutting-edge technology, amazing service and impressive attention to detail.

So, whether for business or pleasure, the Hilton Brisbane is a must for domestic or international guests and Brisbanites alike.

P 3234 2000


0118_R_FeatureImage_1140x540R – REFURBISHMENT

Get him to the Greek! There’s about to be a new hotspot in town and it’s somewhere you‘re familiar with.

We’ll forgive you for mistaking Brisbane’s iconic Greek Club for the white-washed walls and suave Mediterranean vibes that you’d more commonly find in Santorini or Mykonos. From April 2018, step into the newly refurbished venue and let the bright white walls, warm brick accents and crisp greenery have you feeling like you’ve been transported to the middle of the Greek Islands.

Since its inception in 1975, The Greek Club has undoubtedly become one of Brisbane’s most iconic destinations and whilst the refurbishment will come with some new trimmings, the venue will still remain true to its historic roots.

Get ready fellow foodies, The Greek Club is about to get the makeover it deserves after 22 years of amazing service and we can almost smell the sizzling halloumi already!

If you’re looking for us, we’ll be in the new look Odyssey Taverna Café + Bar sipping on an Ouzo Mojito and enjoying a plate of calamari. See you there.

P 3844 1166

0118_S_FeatureImage_1140x540S – SHADOW LOUNGE

Nothing beats soaking in Brisbane’s best views while sipping on a champers or two. Whip out those comfy heels and get lost on the dance floor.

Home to one of the best-stocked bars in Brisbane, Shadow Lounge is a cut above the rest. Situated in a premier spot along Eagle Street, this lounge bar and nightclub feels like it belongs on an exclusive rooftop in Bangkok.

An epic food offering pairs with a cocktail menu so seductive it’s sure to tempt you towards a Singapore Sling or five. Unwind amidst the panoramic views and get lost on the dance floor with outstanding DJ performances every Friday and Saturday night. The calibre of entertainment at Shadow Lounge lifts this venue into a league of its own.

Complete with a plethora of event spaces, this venue is perfect for every kind of catch-up. Saunter in and let the 180° views of the Brisbane River and welcoming and energetic vibe sweep you off your feet.

P 3221 2888

0118_T_FeatureImage_1140x540T – TIGERLAMB

Blonde bombshells, auburn angels and brunette babes unite and make 2018 the year of luscious locks.

With four gorgeous locations across Brisbane, great hair and Tigerlamb salons go hand in hand. This might be because their stylists have years of experience taming the tresses of countless backstage beauties bound for the catwalk, or maybe it’s because these chicks really know how to listen to what you want. We think it’s a combination of both.

Whether you hit up their brand-new King Street location or head to Coorparoo Square, Portside or New Farm, each salon fit-out is customised to suit the location with its own personality. Welcoming you into their salons are the gorgeous smiling faces of the stand-out team who are clearly obsessed with the brand and their work.

Home to of some of the most magical hands in the city, Tigerlamb’s stylists have conquered some of Australia’s biggest fashion weeks specialising in everything from brass-free blonde balayage to a pixie cut that would make Mia Farrow jealous.


0118_U_FeatureImage_1140x540U – ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE

What we drive is more than just something to get us from here to there. It’s a representation of who we are. 

When you think about it, we spend quite a large fraction of our lives in our vehicles. To work, from work, across town, across the country; and everything in between. We trust that they will transport us and our loved ones safely from A to B.

It makes sense then, that when it comes to selecting a new car, we want to ensure that we’ve got the ultimate driving machine.

A veteran of the automotive industry, BMW, is just that. With a rich history as one of the most admired and trusted car manufacturing companies in the world, few brands come close to matching the ethos of the German retailer.

With a lineup of impressive vehicles, spanning from hybrid, fuel-efficient vehicles to off-road, high-performance SUV’s. Oozing luxury and style at every touch point, with no detail spared, each vehicle has its own individual features, while still remaining true to the BMW brand.

Take the all-new BMW X3 for example. Full of possibilities, she is the leader in her class and equipped to go anywhere you wish, and do it in style, redefining the benchmark for mid-size SUV’s. Versatile on and off road, it’s the vehicle for every occasion.

If being ahead of the game is your thing, get ready to make an impression when the first-ever BMW X2 hits the road in March 2018. With a bold athleticism and agile performance that is unmatched in its class, the BMW X2 is instantly recognisable as a BMW.

Whether you’re ducking to the shops or ducking down to Byron for a day trip, make your move in the ultimate driving machine.

P 3853 0000

0118_V_FeatureImage_1140x540V – VICTORIA PARK

From charming cocktail parties to fairytale wedding receptions and incredible gala dinners, Victoria Park has the ideal function space for you.

So, you finally got the ring. Congrats girl! Or maybe Uncle Mick’s 70th birthday is fast approaching. Now comes the fun part - party planning! Finding the perfect spot to celebrate any milestone needn’t be a stressful task.

Located just two kilometres from the city, nestled amongst the sprawling, lush greenery of one of Brisbane’s largest golf courses, Victoria Park is home to eight character-filled function spaces, each with their own unique style and panoramic city views.

From the elegant Alabaster Room which boasts a private bar, outdoor terrace and guest lounge. To the grand Victorian Ballroom suitable for even the most well-to-do affair. Or perhaps the newest venue, the Orchard Room, with its Hampton-style colour theme and relaxed décor. There is a space just waiting to turn your next event into something special.

P 3252 0666

0118_W_FeatureImage_1140x540W – WHITE BUNGALOW & WHITE HAVANA

Experience the beauty of White Havana, where relaxed coastal living meets natural elegance.

Our homes are our sanctuaries. Our respite from the world. They should envelop all who live there in such a way they never want to leave. How we style our home plays a huge role in the way we relax, recuperate and recharge away from the real world, and it should reflect your ideal ‘oasis’.

Drawing inspiration from her love of tropical interiors and lust for villa living, Chris Curro, the owner of White Bungalow and White Havana, has a talent for luxe coastal styling. Offering unique and beautifully crafted pieces sourced from around the world including furniture, fashion, decorative accents, gifts, jewellery, flowers and accessories, the stores exude a luxurious coastal vibe that will have you dreaming of escaping to the Bahamas.

The recently-opened White Havana is a haven of crisp whites, natural tones and textures, complemented with handcrafted statement pieces and lush, tropical accents. Stocking a host of brands including Nicole Fendel jewellery, Salus and The Kindred Co, along with artisan-made pieces sourced locally and abroad spanning furniture, fashion, décor, accessories and fresh flowers, the store is a treasure trove of beautiful homewares and the perfect shopping destination for those wanting to create the same look and feel of a stylish island escape in their home.

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0118_X_FeatureImage_1140x540X – XOTIC ELEGANCE

Exotic and elegant homes don’t need to exist only on Instagram. Elevate your home with Biku Furniture.

A new year is the perfect time to refresh your home, redecorate a room, or replace tired, shabby furniture. However, if run-of-the-mill furnishings aren’t your cup of tea, it can be time-consuming finding stand out pieces that are also of the highest quality.

Worth a trip down the M1 to the Gold Coast, Biku Furniture is an impressive furniture and homewares destination; a store large enough to offer a vast range of products to choose from, yet still has a boutique feel.

That’s because the owners source their collections globally, hand selecting many products exclusively for Biku. And when they can’t find exactly what they want, their vast experience in furniture manufacturing allows them to work with small suppliers and design the products they know their clients will love.

Biku also specialise in interior design and commercial fit-outs including resorts and hotels, recently working with Jamala Wildlife Lodge. This makes sense as the Biku aesthetic encompasses many natural elements. Think handmade timber cupboards and tables, woven and rattan chairs, inlaid mother-of-pearl drawers, whitewashed timber four poster beds, stone coffee tables, concrete dining tables and incredible light fittings that really pull a room together.

If it’s an eclectic balance that you’re after, Biku products work well with any style of home, blending exotic with elegant and modern with classic. It’s easy to combine your existing pieces with beautiful new furniture from Biku.

What makes their products so outstanding is that most are handmade, so that no two pieces are the same. There’ll be no cookie-cutter furniture issues here!

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0118_Y_FeatureImage_1140x540Y – YOUFOODZ

Everybody’s doin’ it – or at least they’re going to be this summer!

Our fave fresh food company Youfoodz has dropped their new summer menu, making those New Year’s resolutions seem more achievable than ever (trust us, this is the New Year’s resolution you’ll actually want to stick to…). We’re already loving the sound of the Stacked Brekky Omelette and Minted Lamb & Feta Salad.

New cold-pressed juices launching from their in-house Youjuice range include the charcoal-infused Black Magic and lean, mean Green Machine. Hello, summer body goals!

Those who are already on board the Youfoodz bandwagon will know all about the long list of benefits: fresh-not-frozen meals, guilt-free snacks, delivery to your door, no contracts, personalised meal plans customised to calories and budgets, and let’s not forget the amazing taste! It just keeps getting better, with Youfoodz now delivering seven days a week!

So, now that you can get the delish summer menu delivered any day of the week, there’s really no excuse not to be eating fresh, healthy, chef-made meals all the time. Did we mention you can order it on their new streamlined Youfoodz App, too? Fresh food at your fingertips. Literally!

To celebrate the new year, Youfoodz has a special offer for Style readers: visit Youfoodz.com and enter the code ‘STYLE18’ at the checkout to receive two free meals with your order*.

Voted Australia’s Best Food Delivery Service in 2017, Youfoodz also earned a 5-star rating from Canstar Blue for Most Satisfied Customers in the Healthy Meal Delivery Services Category.

*Single use per customer. Offer ends February 28, 2018.


0118_Z_FeatureImage_1140x540Z – ZOOM ZOOM

A car is much more than the metal it’s made from, it’s a beast that’s ready and rearing to take on the road. 

Buying a new vehicle isn’t a decision to take lightly. It demands a magnitude of research and careful deliberation to ensure your new car is perfect for your lifestyle. You want a car with personality – one that matches yours to a tee. You want a car that answers your questions before you ask them, a machine that never makes you wonder “what if”. In its essence, the search for a new vehicle is like searching for a soul mate.

Just like the relationship between a horse and jockey, it’s about finding the motion machine you just can’t live without. With new, used and demo cars on show, Toowong Mazda has everything from sleek hatchbacks to powerful all-terrain machines.

The experts at Mazda Toowong are committed to helping you on your search for a teammate to take out on the road. Once you’ve been thoroughly introduced to your potential new rides, Mazda’s Zoom Zoom Café is there to make the decision making easy. The complimentary café is complete with an experienced chef and suave barista available for all customers to enjoy while they digest the excitement a new car brings with it.

Matching you with your dream car is what the team at Toowong Mazda do best. The “Soul of Motion” design breathes life into every model, elevating each vehicle to the power and elegance of a wild animal pre-pounce.

Just as buying a car is much more than signing on the dotted line, Mazda makes cars that are more than just the materials they’re crafted from. Your new car is a wild animal, geared up and ready to conquer whatever lies around the bend. Make 2018 the year you discover the Zoom Zoom for yourself.

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