Brisbane Is Now Home To Fluro Green Electric Scooters And They’re Dockless!

Brisbane Is Now Home To Fluro Green Electric Scooters And They’re Dockless!

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By Melissa Myrteza | 7th December 2018

We've created the perfect guide on how to see Brisbane by lime scooter check it out here!

Fluro green scooters have been whizzing around Brisbane City and we’re intrigued. We’ve all heard about them, we’ve all seen them, but we still get a little thrill every time one zips past up to 23 kilometres per hour! Approaching a new piece of tech can be a little frightening to newbies, so we’ve done the research and you can soon approach one with confidence. Your first step is to download the Lime app, locate your new wheels and unlock it with a QR code. Spend $1 to start your slick new ride and you’ll be on your way, paying 30 cents per minute. But where can you drop it? Anywhere! Yes, the freedom is making Brisbanites crazy with power. The scoots are being dropped left right and centre and while they’re getting a bad rep for dodgy droppings, we still love them.


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Every evening when you’re tucked into bed, the scooter Santa sneaks around town, collecting all of the discarded scooters and rearranging them for another day of commuting. Just in time for Christmas! Unfortunately, this trial may not be around for long, so hop on and ride out the trend until December 31. We’ll have to wait and see what happens after that. There are 500 scooters scattered around Brisbane CBD, South Brisbane and West End, ready for the taking.

How do you stay safe while following the road rules? You need to know that this is strictly off-road, meaning no roads and no road bike lanes. You have to give way to pedestrians and travel of the left side like normal, making sure your helmet is clipped in. It’s a lot like a car – no additional passengers squeezed in, no phones and no boozy late-night scoots allowed. So, stick to bike paths, footpaths and shared paths and you’ll be on your way!

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Article by Melissa Myrteza

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