Picture this. It’s a Sunday afternoon, and the dreaded Monday is imminent. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and you’re feeling a little thirsty. You think to yourself: “If only there was a way to enjoy this beautiful river city in a wholesome, healthy, environmentally friendly way…”. Then it dawns on you: bikes! Rent yourself a City Cycle bike, pack the picnic mat, fire up those bike bells, we’re going for a river ride! Here’s how to see Brisbane by bike.

New Farm Park


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The first stop is Brisbane’s best park. Sprawling gardens covered in the freshest grass around sets the scene for idyllic Sunday picnics. Stroll down to the riverbank for a barbecue, or laze at Bar Alto with a drink in hand. Speaking of afternoon drinks, New Farm Park is also licenced, so you’re welcome to pack your bike basket with a bottle of rosé. However, be warned, if your afternoon begins at New Farm park then don’t be surprised if your evening does too.

Eagle Street Pier

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Following the river ride around the bend will take you past the iconic Story Bridge, and land you right at the foot of one of Brisbane’s greatest wining and dining precincts: Eagle Street Pier. Take your pick from the array of al fresco bars along the river, all eager to plate up delicate morsels and generous cocktails. Sitting with a drink under an umbrella by the river is an experience all Brisbanites should be familiar with. Turn over one shoulder and you have a warm summer breeze brushing you on the cheek, over the other shoulder is the Story Bridge in all its magnificence and grandness.

Jan Powers City Markets


Jan Powers Farmers Markets

If you find yourself with a Wednesday away from work, then you’ve got to pedal on down to Jan Powers Farmers Markets. The CBD square is transformed into a bustling, bumbling blend of the best local produce available in Brisbane. For over 20 years, Jan’s gang has scoured the land with a fine comb to drop the finest goods on Brisbane’s doorstep.

If you’re yet to pay your dues to this homegrown produce mecca, you’re quite literally in for a treat. Prepare to find every food, drink and ingredient you’ve ever desired (and those you didn’t know you desired). You want big fresh bread? There’s big fresh bread. Homemade iced tea? Plenty. Malaysian curry? Yes, hurry. Oh, you love mushrooms? There’s an actual stall called I Love Mushrooms.

South Bank

You’ve been to Southbank before. You know it well, but not like this. Arriving at the riverfront via City Cycle removes any parking concerns and lets you focus on the task at hand: making the most of your Sunday afternoon. And what better way to complete this task than sharing a cider with some friends at one of Southbank’s many licensed areas, our favourite of which is the River Quay Green.

If you time your arrival at River Quay Green well, you may be lucky enough to be serenaded in the park by one of the many tasteful bands that frequent the area. Enjoy a drink at one of the many outdoor bars, or order a platter from them to share on the grass. Take it from us, there are few better ways to end your week.

Feature image: Tyler Joe

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