The Brisbane Businesses Going Crazy for Pokémon Go

The Brisbane Businesses Going Crazy for Pokémon Go

From doughnuts to discounts, you’ve gotta catch ’em all.

By Paige Booth and Sarah Taviani | 19th July 2016

Whether you like it or not, the Pokémon Go phenomenon is sweeping the world. Since the game’s release just two weeks ago, businesses in Brisbane have gotten on board and have been celebrating the groundbreaking game. Here are just a few places you can get your Pokémon fix.

Pastel Pixie, Paddington

Pastel Pixie has some amazing offers for Pokémasters, with discounts on all clothing and accessories based on your level in the Pokémon Go app. Level 1-5  will get you 10 per cent off, level 5-10 is 20 per cent, level 10-20 is 25 per cent off and if you’ve managed to Weedle your way to anything over level 20, you’ll score 30 per cent off. You’ll be ringing your Victreebell in no time!

Kawaii Klaws, Paddington

While you’re at Pastel Pixie, why not head to Kawaii Klaws and get a Pokémon-themed manicure? Whether it’s Pikachu or just the humble Poké Ball you’re after, Kawaii Klaws will keep those nails looking stylish while you’re Pokémon Go -ing.

Doughnut Time, South Bank and East Brisbane

A photo posted by DOUGHNUT TIME (@doughnut_time) on

You better Bayleef it! Doughnut Time is offering delicious limited-edition Poké Ball doughnuts filled with NUTELLA. There’s no word on how long these delicious treats will be available so make sure you Rapidash into their South Bank or East Brisbane stores before someone catches them all.

Chur Burger, Fortitude Valley

Chur Burger is lucky enough to have TWO Pokéstops so you can stock up on your supplies while refueling. They’ve even been posting on their social media to let you know when they’re dropping lures so you can take full advantage. Remember, the lures only last for minutes so don’t be a Slowpoke! Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to find out when they’re dropping the next lure.

Grab your (Pokémon) Go Card and jump on a bus or train ASAP.

Most train and bus stations feature at least one Pokéstop (the Wilston train station has two, just FYI) and if you’re quick you might Eevee-n catch more than a Zubat or a Pidgey on your way to work. Public transport just makes sense, guys. There won’t be any Weezing or Koffing from running around and you won’t be endangering other cars when you see a Pikachu. Don’t Pokémon Go and drive.

State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane

The SLQ recently posted an article on their blog about the history of the infamous Japanese cartoon Pokémon. If you’re wondering why Meowth is the only Pokémon who can speak a human language or wondering about the history of Team Rocket, make sure to check it out! They also included pictures of a couple of Pokémon that lead us to believe that the John Oxley Library might be a goldmine. Plus, if you’re out and about, you can visit the SLQ and use their free wi-fi and power stations for your Electabuzz.

Westfield Shopping Centres

You need to get groceries? Pokémon. You need to find a restaurant? Pokémon. You need to shop for things that aren’t Pokémon? Pokémon. Westfield Garden City, Carindale and Chermside have all posted photos showing the Pokémon that have been popping up in their centres. We can confirm that Garden City is full to bursting with Pokéstops and Pokémon, but keep your wits about you in the car parks or things could get Gastly.


Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

PokeGone, Everywhere AND Nowhere

If you don’t know the difference between a Charizard and a Charmandar, if you thought a Bulbasaur was a rare foot disease or you just downright hate the new Pokémon Go craze and how it’s helping people socialise and exercise, this is for you. PokeGone is a free extension you can download on your Google Chrome browser that will remove all traces of Pokémon from your internet once you download it from the Chrome Webstore. You can change your Pokémon block settings to mild, aggressive or vindictive depending on how much Shellder you’re Seaking from the want from the Tentacruel world. Sometimes you just gotta block ’em all.


Feature Image (LtoR): @Daisy_rey_dachshund enjoying a Doughnut Time Doughnut (image credit: Doughnut Time Facebook) & Translink QLD Facebook

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Article by Paige Booth and Sarah Taviani

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