Meet The Inspiring Business Women Behind Victoria Park Complex

Meet The Inspiring Business Women Behind Victoria Park Complex

She’s the woman behind some iconic locations.

By Fiona Williams | 30th May 2019

She’s the owner of multi award-winning lifestyle businesses, Victoria Park Golf Complex in Queensland and Halcyon House in New South Wales. Now, Brisbane born entrepreneur and mother of five, Siobhan Bickle, shares her journey so far and advice on building strong businesses that bring enjoyment to thousands of Australians each year.

What inspired you to start Victoria Park Golf Complex and Halcyon House?

Both businesses were born from dreams of creating something unique and something that was lacking in their respective markets. I wanted to be in charge of my own career and create businesses that focused on leisure and enjoyment.


How do you juggle being at the head of two successful businesses and a family of five at the same time?

I am fortunate to have great managers who manage business day-to-day operations. Both businesses welcome thousands of visitors each week
 so they require strong motivated teams to meet our customer needs. This enables me to take a strategic role, focusing on what’s next and potential growth opportunities.
 My five children do keep me very busy and it is a juggle. I do find myself up late catching up on emails and jotting down new ideas to discuss with my teams the next day.

What is it like working closely with your sister, Elisha Bickle, in business?

I love it. Elisha and I are very close, so creating Halcyon House together was a dream. We actually tend to agree on most things, but when we don’t, we always find
 a path forward together. We have different strengths and appreciate this about each other. Elisha is an amazing organiser, which I am not. Her ability to organise me and tolerate this about me is a godsend. Working with my sister means I get to see her a lot, which makes me happy and very fortunate.


Any advice for new business owners?

I think to be successful in business ownership, you need to be conscious of your own skill areas and be prepared to surround yourself with great people that have different skills to your own.
 They will need to have 
an understanding of your vision but then be empowered to use their skills to bring it all to fruition. It is also important for your business to be always improving and evolving.

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Article by Fiona Williams

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