The Blogger Series: Mimi Must Try

The Blogger Series: Mimi Must Try

For part two of our Brisbane blogger series, we get to know the lady behind the popular lifestyle blog, Mimi Must Try.

By Jane Schon | 11th June 2015

If you’re on the hunt for the best new cafes or restaurants in Brisbane, Mimi Hyll will definitely have the scoop; though she is not exclusively a food blogger, foodie knowledge is definitely one of her strengths.

Mimi started up her lifestyle blog in 2012 after moving to Brisbane from Adelaide and has never looked back. Her blog, Mimi Must Try, has continued to grow in popularity, and she has slowly built her standing in the Brisbane Blogger scene – recently being named as one of Queensland’s 50 Most Stylish by the Courier Mail.

Here we delve a little deeper into Mimi’s story…

Style: Name 7 things you can’t live without….

Mimi: My family (they’re my number one, always); My friends (for putting up with my food photos); My iPhone (sad, but true); Good coffee (my daily ritual); Exercise (everyday!); Travel (there’s something truly special about experiencing new places, people and culture); Bananas, spinach and crunchy peanut butter (the BEST breakfast combo).

What was the catalyst for starting up your blog, Mimi Must Try?

I started Mimi Must Try after I moved from Adelaide to Brisbane for work. Immediately I was captivated by Brisbane’s energy and vibrancy and found myself documenting every waking moment of my inner city lifestyle on my phone. After about a year of exploring and discovering local cafés, markets and festivals (it was after accidentally stumbling across the Teneriffe Festival in 2012 that the “blog seed” was first planted) as well as meeting like-minded creative individuals and doing a lot of travelling (my first series of travel articles were published on Virgin Australia’s Travel Inspiration website in 2013). I decided to share my food stories, travel experiences and photos online. In the past few years it’s grown with me as my creative outlet, becoming a platform to share the things I’m “trying” and connect with others.

What’s been your favourite experience that's come from having your blog?

It would have to be my collaboration with Spicers Retreats after I was invited to experience their Scenic Rim Trail by Spicers package last year. Considered one of the Great Walks of Australia, it’s a three-day trek through the beautiful Great Dividing Range, staying at Spicers Canopy (I’m not one for camping but glamping I can do!) and the luxurious Spicers Peak Lodge. It was certainly an experience that I’ll treasure for a long time, made all the more memorable with impeccable food, amazing scenery and the people we shared it with (all the details are on the blog for anyone interested in a luxury hiking holiday!).

Best Brisbane Blogger Series Mimi Hyll Style Magazines

Where do you source inspiration for your posts?

My inspiration comes from what I experience everyday – whether it be a café I’ve visited, a recipe I’ve created, travel tips based on what I’ve seen and done, an interview with someone inspiring, a great new outfit or general musings – my posts are snapshots of life and lessons learnt along the way.

Name your fave blogs you follow...

I have so many! Fashion blogs, travel blogs, food blogs, health and fitness blogs…those currently topping the hit list include watermeloncrush, beauty vlogger Chloe Morello (she is just so damn entertaining), KBSugarFree (a fellow Brisbane blogger making huge waves in the health food scene) and the always hilarious DanielaElise (who also just started writing for BuzzFeed).

You’re originally an Adelaide girl… what brought you to Brisbane?

I moved to Brisbane just over three years ago after I was presented with an incredible job opportunity (working in marketing within the travel industry). It was a big move not knowing anyone here but I am so grateful I took the plunge. I’ve formed some wonderful friendships and Brisbane will always feel like home.

I feel like it’s fair to say you’re a fitness junkie…. can you give us a run down of your daily workout?

I blame the fact that Brisbane doesn’t have daylight savings for that! After I moved I soon became a morning person, jumping on the health and fitness bandwagon. In terms of my workouts I like to try and shake things up each week with a combination of cardio and strength training so it depends on the day. Currently I’m hooked on F45 in Newstead (functional training with insane HIIT workouts) run by Nina Studenko and Andrew Woodhouse, and Kettleworx classes (I train with Kettleworx Australasia Master Trainer Suzanne Reilly who is amazing).

Any diet or fitness rules you live by?

No strict “rules” as such, but I do like my routine, usually planning my weekly workout schedule and prepping my weekday meals in advance. I have also just bought three of Lola Berry’s cookbooks after hearing her speak at Run The World last month and am embracing her approach to wellbeing - nourishing yourself with wholefoods and finding the right balance for your body.

What’s the biggest misconception about you?

Even though I love food I’m highly selective – I hate wasting stomach space.

Best Brisbane Blogger Series Mimi Hyll Style Magazines

If you had to live with one celebrity’s wardrobe, who would you choose and why?

Olivia Palermo. From ballet flats and jeans to floor length Valentino she rocks it all. Plus her shoe collection alone would probably fill my apartment…

Describe your personal style in a few words….

Polished with an edge - I prioritise comfort but love to layer.

How do you see the blog growing in the future?

I’m constantly amazed by the opportunities and collaborations that have come about as a result of the blog, not to mention the friends and connections I’ve made. I’m just enjoying the journey and am excited to continue discovering creating and sharing.

Tell us your favourite place in Brisbane….

…. to shop?

James Street and Merthyr Village. I could spend hours getting lost in the likes of New Farm Editions, Thousand Island Dressing, Mary Ryan’s, Molten Store, James Street Market, Magnolia and St. Barts.

…. to eat?

That’s so hard! Brisbane has such an awesome dining scene with new places opening all the time. Sourced Grocer and Pablo have been long time favourites – can’t go past an all-day breakfast menu – whilst ARIA, Alchemy, Restaurant Two and Public promise incredible food experiences.

…. to show off to out of towners?

The Brisbane River Walk, especially since it reopened last year.

…. to shoot an outfit post for your blog?

Most of my outfit posts have been shot at cafes around Brisbane – so really anywhere with a good backdrop!

…. to clear your mind and unwind?

Walking along the river (water is always calming) and around New Farm and Teneriffe – I love the undulating streets and the wide variety of architecture.



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Article by Jane Schon

Jane is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She is addicted to theatre, travelling to far off places and developing her personal style (AKA shopping). Jane adores good food (and even better coffee) and is a self-confessed sleep enthusiast.


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