We Chat To The Owner Of BOXR Brisbane About Boxing Your Way To Health & Fitness

We Chat To The Owner Of BOXR Brisbane About Boxing Your Way To Health & Fitness

It’s time to kick your fitness goals!

By Tamille Head | 28th June 2018


As the name suggests, BOXR is a boxing gym that caters for everyone and all levels of fitness and ability, from beginner to professional boxers. But it’s not just a boxing gym, as owner Craig McKim confirms. Not by a long shot.

BOXR also runs school programs for both fitness and anti-bullying purposes, as well as fitness and conditioning programs, corporate training and team building programs, and training for everyone from amateurs to professional sporting teams. A qualified rehab trainer, member of Nutrition Australia and qualified nutritionist, Craig is passionate about offering qualified nutritional advice and programs.

“I am sick of the ‘personal’ being taken out of personal training, so all my trainers are career trainers, current or ex-professional sports people. We have the best people so our clients get the best results,” he says.

With a new gym set to open any day now in the Valley Metro complex, the BOXR movement continues to grow. We caught up with Craig for a quick chat…

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Can you tell me about the new gym you’re developing and why you chose the location?
XRcise Room will be opening in the Valley Metro (train station), in the old Chinese Cultural Club site (right where the overpass comes in and the escalators come up from Wickham St). I have branded the gym differently but membership will be affiliated. It will be a functional training facility with all the usual gym equipment as well. We will run express (30min) classes on the half hour from 5.30am to 8am and 5pm to 7.30pm every day, and the gym will also be 24hr access to members.

Basically, like BOXR, this is a place to come and get fit, strong and prevent injury through proper instruction and technique assistance. I am sick of the PERSONAL being taken out of personal training, so all my trainers are career trainers, ex-career trainers, or current professional sports people. We have the best people so our clients get the best results.

What are the benefits of exercise, besides weight loss?
Weight loss is really a bi-product of exercise, but the benefits are far beyond that. Health would be the primary bi-product of exercise. Your body becomes far more efficient, therefore improving your heart, lung and kidney function as well as regulating both blood sugar levels and blood pressure. The increase of serotonin (the feel good chemical in the body) means that your mood is generally enhanced.

From a work perspective, it is proven by numerous studies that exercise increases brain function and therefore, productivity. An exercise such as boxing definitely has benefits with hand-eye coordination, brain processing speed, reaction time and confidence.

With correct training practice, you are able to correct postural issues, pain and mobility issues and therefore, give yourself a better quality of life in general.

If you incorporate nutrition into your training there is not much you can't achieve, the body really is an amazing thing when it's looked after.

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Craig’s Day on a Plate

I train early on an empty stomach and have a low carb protein powder after training at about 6am.

Granola with almond milk, fruit and yoghurt, or eggs, avocado, ham, spinach in an omelette or on wholegrain toast.

Juice of some sort (carrot, ginger, orange is a favourite at the moment).

Usually something like sweet potato salad with chicken, or chicken burger on a low carb bun.

Afternoon snack
Nuts, or even a chocolate chip cookie.

Is usually meat and veg or salad.

Weekends I am pretty easy with food; I am not a believer in being super strict. If you are too strict with food, you aren’t living in my opinion.

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