The Top 6 Celebrity Book Clubs To Join Before The Year Is Out

The Top 6 Celebrity Book Clubs To Join Before The Year Is Out

Are you a bookworm?

By Clare Lacey | 26th September 2019

Calling all bona fide bookworms!

With the ever-changing entertainment trends, from podcasts to Netflix and even adult colouring books, people seem to pass up the one form of entertainment that has withstood the test of time––books! If it’s been a while since you’ve buried your nose in a bedside table read, then we’ve got the perfect thing to break you out of your reader’s block (it’s a thing, trust me!). The answer is simple: book clubs. Some of Hollywood’s top celebs have started online book clubs where you can enjoy all the best book club benefits from the comfort of your own home. Plus, the best part, a book club is totally an excuse to drink wine before noon!

Belletrist by Emma Roberts

Actress, Emma Roberts along with her bestie Karah Preiss pick their favourite reads, share their treasured bookstores and interview their favourite authors for Belletrist, their online book club which encourages members to discover and celebrate a new book every month. With a celebrity following of its own, from Hillary Duff to Lena Dunham, if you’re after modern and compelling page turners then Belletrist is the book club for you! Our fave from the Belletrist library is Three Women by Lisa Taddeo - a true story of three ordinary American women and their individual experiences with struggle with desire. Join the discussion on Belletrist’s own Instagram or visit the website for the latest picks.


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Between Two Books by Florence + The Machine

Between Two Books is a book club simply dedicated to Florence Welch’s love of reading. With a list of 43 books since its inception in 2012, Between Two Books is a book club which gets its reader involved! Florence herself, or special guest recommend a book every few months, then organise an event for book clubbers to discuss the stories, meet fellow members and ask questions of Florence and her friends.


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Oprah’s Book Club by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah founded the first celebrity book club and we’re so glad she did! Starting as a segment on her popular talk-show her book club has since moved online and is now a multi-platform club bringing passionate readers together to discuss inspiring stories. Join the club on Goodreads to contribute to the discussion or sign up to Oprah’s newsletter for book club updates, reviews and recommendations. Oprah’s latest pick, Becoming by Michelle Obama invites readers into the life of the former First Lady of the United States, chronicling her personal journey through childhood, motherhood, and her time at the Whitehouse.


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Our Shared Shelf by Emma Watson

Emma Watson is channelling her inner Hermione Granger and sharing all her fave feminist reads on her Good Reads book club: Our Shared Shelf. Emma selects a new book every two months, then starts an open discussion where members can contribute their own thoughts and opinions. The club promotes open conversation about feminist discourse, and members are in good company with authors, and of course Emma herself, regularly joining the conversation. Her current pick is Beloved by Toni Morrison, a spellbinding story which turns the dark abyss of slavery into a beautiful yet devastating story. Join the conversation here.


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Reese’s Book Club by Reese Witherspoon and Hello Sunshine

As a part of Reese’s own media company Hello Sunshine, a brand anchored in applauding women, her book club unites a community that celebrates female storytelling. Reading one book per month, Reese posts video blogs sharing her thoughts on the read while fans share their opinions on the book clubs’ socials. Her current pick is The Secrets We Kept by Lara Prescott, a thrilling tale set in the Cold War following two female secretaries turned spies as they attempt to smuggle “Doctor Zhivago” out of the USSR and into the hands of Russian citizens. Added bonus: Reese’s book club has recently partnered with Audible, making it easier than ever to fit your reading fix into your busy schedule!


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SJP Picks by Sarah Jessica Parker

Published on Book Club Central, SJP Picks is a place for Sarah Jessica Parker to share her love of reading and discussing good books with readers everywhere. Not limited to a particular genre, Sarah Jessica shares her favourite novels from thought-provoking feminist fiction to sappy romances. Her latest pick, Heartland by Sarah Smarsh is an eye-opening memoir which reveals the challenges and entrenched deprivation of working-class poverty in America. Join SJP Pick’s newsletter for reviews, author interviews and all the deets on Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest reads.


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Article by Clare Lacey

Clare is a Journalist with a passion for good food, great company and even better stories. She is best known for being notoriously bad at sports, her ability to cite all things Harry Potter and her guilty pleasure of country-pop. Clare is a self-proclaimed Christmas enthusiast, who’s constantly chasing the snow, with the realistic dream of living in a New York City penthouse (FYI: she intends to win the lottery).


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