8 Pieces To Instantly Make Your Home A Boho Haven

8 Pieces To Instantly Make Your Home A Boho Haven

Break out the cactuses. ?

By Jewel Thaung | 31st January 2018

When it comes to home décor and interior styling, there are few trends as pervasive as modern bohemian. A popular theme on interior styling blogs and with designers (both high and low end), bohemian styling draws vibrancy and diversity into any space. Influenced by native cultures and traditional religions, it's incredibly versatile and can be tailored to suit everyone from the minimalist lover to the full bohemian.

The latest varient of classic boho-styling is the Moroccan twist. Moroccan interior design expresses the country's diverse history through detail, texture and geometry. If you are wanting to give your home a bohemian touch (without going totally overboard), the right accessories and colour palate will help. To find out how to create a Marrakesh inspired boho-haven, we've pulled together the eight must-have pieces that will have everyone wondering how your home got so effortlessly chic.

Poufs & Floor Pillows

Accentuate the bohemian energy of your space with a handwoven pouf. Of course, they are practical because it can be used as seating or leg rest, but they can also be a simple way to add a design accent to your space. Something like a shaggy hand-woven pouf in a tufted-effect or geometric pattern can revive a simple layout, adding texture and depth, and add flow to a space, all without overtaking the room.


Shag Rugs

Rugs make the world of interior design go around, and we could even go so far to say they can make or break a space (What can we say? We just really love rugs). A good rug can be a work of art and operate as the centrepiece of a space. To effortlessly create a Marrakesh inspired space, a kilim (a tapestry-woven rug traditionally produced in countries such as Iran, Turkey and Morocco) is a must, as they are timeless and go so well in many interiors. Think tassels, organic textures and geometric patterns.


(Faux) Fur

Compliment your home by giving it a rustic comfort with something animal inspired. Keep it cruelty-free and opt for a good quality faux-fur piece. Whether it’s a throw for your lounge or a rug, they are perfect for adding a lush, comforting element to your home.


Textured Cushions

We truly believe there is no such thing as "too many cushions"! Bring comfort and casual style to your favourite armchair, sofa or bed with woven, tribal styles. If your working with a blank canvas, cushions with pops of colour are a great way to bring a space to life. Think texture and patterns to give your space good contrast and style.


Throw Blankets

A good throw is essential to giving any place that “lived in” feel. Not only is it useful to have an extra blanket laying around when the weather cools down, they also add another layer of design without being too overwhelming. For a trans-seasonal option (perfect for Brisbane's balmy weather) keep it cool with linen and cotton throws.


Wicker Baskets

Reveal the practical side of your décor with a stylish storage basket. No matter how many cupboards you may have, we all have that issue where we leave TV remotes and gadgets laying around and things get lost. We speak from personal experience... That’s why these guys are so great! They add a playful side into your space, and you’d be surprised how much style they add without trying too hard.


Wall Art

You really can tell so much about a person from the art they own, and if we’re expressing ourselves through interior design what better way to do that than with art? Whether you’re a minimalist or eclectic, we are firm believers that art ties a space together. Make sure you choose something that flows with the space, or branch out with a fun wall hanging.



Plants are crucial for any space, as they add freshness and vibrancy and brings everything to life. If you are a low maintenance and a bohemian lover like us, you’re in luck because you're about to be investing in a few cactuses and succulents! They are a great, low-watering solution for the lazy planters, and on top of that, they bring you right back to the desert and really top of the bohemian flare. Style them with some cute vases and baskets, and you’re ready to roll!


Images: Sourced via Pinterest

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