The Natural Remedy You Need To Keep Your Health In-Check If You Don’t Have Time For Getting Sick

The Natural Remedy You Need To Keep Your Health In-Check If You Don’t Have Time For Getting Sick

Float on.

By Siobhan Taylor | 2nd August 2018

From passion projects that keep us working late at night, driving the kids to weekend sports and play dates, and staying on top of that ever-growing inbox, it can be hard to find time for ourselves. As we get busier and busier, we may not recognise that we are also getting more stressed. And, as we all know, the side effects of stress are pretty awful. Less energy, general moodiness, feeling unwell or rundown, and lowered libido are all signs that stress is bringing you down. Enter: self-care with Bliss Float. The wellness buzzword for the last few years, self-care is all about taking time out to do the things that make you feel better – it can be as simple as reading a book, hanging out with friends or having a bath with candles and music! The benefits of self-care are expansive. Studies suggest it helps make us more productive, it can boost our self-esteem and self-worth, and it can even help keep your immune system healthy and strong.

And while healthy eating, stress management, good quality sleep and regular exercise are important to maintaining general wellbeing, taking the time to really care for your needs is vital in ensuring you lead a healthier, happier life.

We took a look at how two practices could be your most valuable self-care tools and why you should add them to your wellness routine.


The first time you try floating can only be described as surreal – just check out what happened when one of our Stylers tried it for the first time! Floating can be used for everything from stress reduction and anxiety alleviation to sports recovery and pain relief. It helps to improve your blood flow to brain, organs and limbs, oxygenating these areas and helping to minimise muscular pain relief.

Floatation therapy also allows the body to focus more energy on building up its defences, thereby helping to maintain a strong immune system. Being in a low-impact, relaxing environment allows the body to redirect energy into rejuvenation and into combatting germs and diseases. There’s even thought that float tanks are so relaxing that the immune system actually works at a heightened level!


Amy Wilkinson, co-owner of Brisbane centre Bliss Float, explains that Epsom salts in the float tank are important as they help draw out toxins from within your system. Magnesium and sulphate absorbed through the skin can help relax and detoxify your body, while also releasing euphoria-inducing endorphins. The result? Feeling blissed out, deeply relaxed, and ready to tackle whatever task you’re faced with. And we’re not exaggerating this – 1 hour in a floatation tank is equivalent to 4-6 hours of deep sleep! Floating can be a way to practice mindfulness and meditation, especially if you’re someone who struggles to turn your mind off.

Another side effect you may notice is a boost in your creativity. By losing all the distracting stimuli that surround us all day, every day, many floaters find that they enter a lucid state that allows their mind to wander freely and get the creative boost it needs.

Indulging in a little bit of well-deserved “me-time” allows you the rare chance to unplug from all the noise and distractions. Just an hour a week or a fortnight floating is an effective way to reset your mind, relax, and recharge the body.

Infrared Sauna

For serious revitalisation and rejuvenation, Amy recommends doubling-up your treatment with an infrared sauna session. As one of the only centres in Brisbane that offers both floatation and infrared saunas, Bliss Float has made it easy for guests to experience a full-range of self-care treatments. Their 3-in-1 Infrared Sauna utilises near, mid and far infrared technology, with the option to select from a range of preset programs to target different needs (such as detoxifying, weight-loss or anti-ageing). Basically, the infrared sauna therapy is able to penetrate deeply and detox you on a molecular level. The three different wavelength levels target different areas and have different benefits.

Near-infrared is the shortest wavelength and effectively penetrates the skin for improved cell health, skin renewal, wound healing and tissue growth. To minimise inflammation, mid-infrared is important as it is a slightly longer wavelength that penetrates deeper into soft tissue to increase circulation, assist with pain relief, and encourage weight loss. If you’re feeling under-the-weather, far infrared (the longest wavelength) is perfect as it reaches deep into the body where toxins are stored. It’s an effective tool for detoxification, helping you get healthier again sooner.

For an ultra wellness-boost, floating after a session in the infrared sauna can actually help with magnesium absorption! Amy explains that magnesium is the vitamin that we are most likely to be in deficit of and that it is best absorbed through our largest organ, our skin. Adding a floatation session when your pores have been opened can help result in maximum magnesium absorption.

Keen To Get Started?

If you’re keen to see how floating and infrared sauna therapy can assist you with your self-care journey, now is the perfect time to try.

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Article by Siobhan Taylor

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