The Best of the Web This Week

The Best of the Web This Week

Here’s some of the sh*t that had us talking this week.

By Siobhan Taylor | 24th May 2017

The entire Twitterverse flipped out after Katy Perry’s cringe performance of her single, Bon Appétit, on Saturday Night Live. Watch the video then see how Twitter absolutely roasted her. TBH this doesn’t look any worse than me in the club on Friday night. If anything, it actually looks better.

This 20-minute video detailing the “history of the entire world, i guess” is an amazing way to inject some history into your week without getting any shudder-inducing high-school flashbacks. With the aid of bright graphics and clever digital effects (a la ’90s animation), Bill Wurtz has created a super-accurate yet hilarious account of the history of the world.

Oh, what’s this? Nothing much, just the Love Actually 2 web trailer, here to RIP YOUR HEART OUT! Released for Red Nose Day, the trailer gives us all the necessary updates about our favourite people: Juliet and Peter are still loved-up, Mark harasses Juliet again with his emotions on big cards, Sam (not so little anymore) has a weird moustache thing going on, and Hugh Grant (darling of my heart) dances to Hotline Bling.

This awesome collection of behind-the-scenes photos from your favourite movies is a cool insight to the antics that went on behind the camera. My personal favourite is Steven Spielberg getting a cheeky photo in the jaws of … whatever that big shark was called. Click here

This is an amazing collection of the top 10 museums you can explore using Google Street View. Because I can’t afford a ticket to New York to actually see the Guggenheim …

In Lorde: The Babysitter, superstar Lorde attempts to show radio host Vaughan Smith that she should totalllyyy be allowed to babysit his adorable daughters. It’s hilarious. She’s endearingly funny. I want to be her best friend. I’m obsessed. “That wasn’t a thorough-enough kiss on the forehead!”

Topshop UK, are you ok? Because these MOTO plastic jeans would have us think otherwise … If you like sweaty legs, thrush, 100 per cent polyurethane, and flashing your granny-undies, then I guess these are the perfect pants for you. At least you’ll never have to worry about coffee spills again …

I personally DGAF about the real-estate mogul who said, “When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each”. Like, righto mate, I’m sure inheriting $34,000 from your grandfather didn’t help in the slightest. But regardless, bitter millennials bite back with the invention of the avocado latte! Bliss.

Of course we covered Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (how could we not!), but we absolutely loved this mockumentary from “blogger and influencer” Delilah Hayley-Hughes Jones. “In turns of my following, I’ve got about 163 organic followers, and I’ve bought about 3000 from Taiwan. For me, like, it’s never been about the numbers.”

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Article by Siobhan Taylor

Brisbane gal through and through, Siobhan is an avid cider-enthusiast and a keen believer in brunch (house deposit be damned). When she's not at the beach, she can be spotted lusting after makeup she can't afford, re-watching The Office (the US version, obviously) or annoying her friends with her insane astrology theories (she's an Aquarius, FYI).


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