6 Of The Best Finance Apps So You Can Save Your Dollars!

6 Of The Best Finance Apps So You Can Save Your Dollars!

Money, money, money, ain’t it funny!

By Sierra Haigh | 17th September 2019

Sick of breaking the bank and need some serious action when it comes to saving? Whether it be for a new outfit, dream vacay or to pay off some regrets and debts, it can be tough to put a halt on the spending while tracking how the funds come and go. Thankfully, our phones can easily become our own pocket-accountants and help us invest our money in ourselves and our savings. Say sayonara to impulsive spending (mostly) and say hello to your new favourite apps!

Clarity Money

We’ve all got those unused apps, gym, or magazine subscriptions that sit around collecting more than just dust. Downloading Clarity Money is a fast and free way to manage those subscriptions and even cancel a few if you allow it. Downloading the app will de-clutter your monthly expenses and make your spending habits all the more efficient. No, we don’t mean you’ll spend money efficiently, we know many of you (ourselves included) have no problem spending money pretty quickly; we mean efficiently spending your money smartly, which means dropping the old and useless memberships. Why spend money on a subscription to that low-quality, video-editing app you used once last year, when you could put the money towards those cute new shoes you saw the other day?


Set, track, and reach your money goals with Digit! Whether you have multiple savings goals or just the one, this app can help you visualise where you’re at with each of your goals, making tracking your finances much easier. Watch the colourful little bars dedicated to each objective fill up as you get closer to meeting each goal and let the satisfaction flow through you when you finally see your targets get ticked off the list, one by one. It’s a simple little app but it makes goal setting fun, achievable, and gets the job done! Digit is the perfect addition to everyone’s finance app collection and adds a little colour to the black and white world of internet banking.

Money Brilliant

Track your bills, meet your savings goals, set budgets, and safely spoil yourself with the help of Money Brilliant, the go-to app for financial assistance. It does all the work for you, and it even searches for better banking solutions to help you get the most out of your savings accounts (hellooo, interest!). Tell the app your priorities with your money (a.k.a. a Euro trip), and let Money Brilliant do the rest by telling you which bills need to be paid, how much you should transfer to your savings and what you can safely spend this month. It’s the best thing that could happen to your bank balance! Hours of each month dedicated to budgeting is now a thing of the past. Forget tedious data entry, Money Brilliant analyses the previous month’s transactions and custom-builds a budget to best suit your lifestyle. Just sit back and let the app sort it out for you!


Sometimes saving can be difficult when you’re on a tight budget, but the Raiz app can help you save every cent, literally! Connect your accounts to the app and it will automatically invest your money into whichever areas you want, including personal savings or a trust account for the kiddos, or even into different aspects of the stock market that Raiz finds for you. When you buy that $5.20 coffee every morning, Raiz will round the transaction to the nearest dollar and invest the spare 80 cents into your savings. The focus of Raiz is to drop small amounts into your savings all the time no matter the condition of your bank balance. Slow and steady wins the race!


Living with housemates or family? Splitting the bill far too often and never remembering who owes who? Splitwise is perfect for you! Whether it’s just for regular dinner outings or an overseas trip with the gang, the app can easily calculate how much is owed and to who. Simply add the expense and include everyone and they’ll be able to see what’s owed. It doesn’t have to be an equal splitting of the bill either, so never again worry about chipping in for your friend’s super exy steak that costs twice the price of your caesar salad. If you owe a friend for multiple transactions, use the app to calculate how much settling the debt between you will be and easily get your accounts back on track. No more “I forgot I owed you that,” excuse, because Splitwise is our new hero.


This last one is less of a money-saving, budget-making, bill-tracking, all-in-one app, and more of a way to make a little bit of money out of an addiction we all share: reality TV. Deny it all you want, we’re all suckers for a bit of drama on The Bachelor. We just can’t tear our eyes away! This is where Viggle comes in to fuel our addiction even more, but also reward us for it. By watching most live, free-to-air TV shows, you can earn redeemable points for cash, gift cards, or other prizes. Just check in on the app to whichever show you’re watching and earn bonus points by answering trivia questions about that particular episode. TV, trivia and prizes, all in one. It almost sounds too good to be true! Anyone up for a Modern Family marathon?


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Article by Sierra Haigh

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