The best dating apps

The best dating apps

There’s no such thing as dateless and desperate in the age of internet (or iPhone) dating. With Valentine’s Day approaching, get on to these apps to find yourself a fella and avoid sitting at home alone on this Hallmark holiday.

By Guest Styler | 5th February 2015

By Taylare Maddern

If you automatically think of your gay bestie’s Grindr stories or your horrific Tinder experience when you think of online dating apps, you need to be better educated on the possibilities of love (or at least a good date) that go beyond swiping left or right.

Not that we’re against “girl power”, but no one really wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day. So, before the 14th, give one of these apps and crack. We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


For those afraid of who they’ll end up meeting in the big, bad world of online dating, Hinge hand picks people from your already existing social circles and validates them according to your workplace and friends in common. So – no complete randoms! That way at least you’re more of a chance of getting home in one piece if the person you’re date is with is your boss’ daughter’s boyfriend’s friend.

Let’s Date

Need a partner that’s just as into CrossFit as you are? Or is smoker’s breath your pet hate? Let's Date allows strike through elements of other people’s profiles so as to better tailor your matches to you. Fill out the fun Q&A and you’re a hop, skip and a jump away from your perfect Valentine.


The feminist objective of this app means that is totally controlled by the women using it. The entire network of men ‘available’ have been invited by the lady-users and after you’ve made a match, there’s a messaging limit that can only be unlocked by the woman if she so chooses to continue talking. Aiming to eliminate the creeps from the online dating game, Wyldfire is a dating app for the gal that likes to be in control.

Carrot Dating

If you’re so far gone on ever wanting to go on another failed date, the only way you would consider is if you were literally bribed off of the couch, then Carrot Dating is your perfect app. The app allows men to offer paid-in-full dates and gifts to their matches in exchange for spending time with your beautiful self. There’s a caution though, serious sugar-daddy alert!


The fastest growing online dating site uses maths to find you a match, which means it only works if you’re serious about finding someone and are completely honest along the way. The match system aims to find someone completely compatible to you, and unlike many other dating websites, is free to join. So if you’re after a Valentine that’s going to last the test of time, OkCupid is the way to go.


Oh Tinder, the name your acquaintance whispers when you ask where she met her new beau, and the one your bestie screams when she’s found a new match. Swiping left or right might not seem like the ideal way to spend Valentine's Day, but its popularity means there’s bound to be many singles looking for love (and a date!) in the same place. So get in early to score your hottie before all the good ones are gone!

Bad Date Rescue

And, if you do manage to score yourself a date, make sure you have this downloaded as well. If all goes horribly, horribly wrong on said date, set up a fake call from mum via Bad Date Rescue and get out of there with a mum-related emergency and no hurt feelings. There’s an app for all situations!


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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