Apps To Help You Sort Your Life Out

Apps To Help You Sort Your Life Out

There’s an app for that.

By Elysha Medhurst | 14th June 2017

Ever wondered how those people do it all? Stay on top of their bills, remember to buy birthday presents, find time to fit in a workout, and still keep up to date with current events? Thanks to the wild world of tech genius, there is a vast plethora of apps out there that can help you stay on top of everything that’s going on in your life. If you need the tools to help alleviate the stress of the glorious daily grind, or even if you just want to boost productivity, these apps will help get you there.

Prioritise and Organise:

Wunderlist - free
Wunderlist can help you plan for anything. No matter how big or small the task is, Wunderlist helps you prioritise your tasks and tick them off one by one, so you spend less time stressing and more time wonderlusting.

Trello - free
Our entire office has migrated to Trello, because it’s just that good. It is so easy to use and we all have list after list after list. So why not have them all laid out? Put those Trello cards on the table and stay on top of all your projects: To Buy lists, To Do assessments, To Do you, basically.

The Pocket Parent:

Remember the Milk - free
Does anyone remember being reminded by Mum or Dad to “remember the milk”? We may have rolled our eyes then, but now we live out of home, it kind of sucks that there’s no one there to remind you of all these small bits and pieces. We’re adults in that we can drink alcohol, but not so much that we know how to organise a simple shopping list. Remember the Milk is the Pocket Parent you need for a friendly nag every now and then.

Stay Focused:

Forest - $2.99
It can be really hard to focus when you know that the most recent episode of “Riverdale” has just come out. For those of us who need a helping hand in the focus department, give Forest a try. To stop you reaching for your phone during a task, switch this on and watch your forest grow. If you touch it, your forest will be destroyed. Don’t destroy the forest.

Keep Fit:

My Fitness Pal – free
Sometimes we have the tendency to neglect this part of our lives. My Fitness Pal is a health journal you can carry around in your phone every day. My Fitness Pal is the easiest way to record your exercise routines and track your food intake, and stay on top and diet all day everyday. By tracking your energy exerted and your energy consumed, you can make small changes every day towards becoming a healthier you, without cutting out special treats like doughnuts and ice cream.

Some You Time:

Stop, Breathe & Think – free
Sometimes you just need time to chill tf out. You can’t be “on” all day, every day! If you don’t take the time to wind down once in a while, your mind will probably turn to goo. Literally (ok, not literally but you get what we mean). Meditating helps you turn your brain off from all those To Do lists, assignments and work tasks. Ommm …

Keep in Contact:

Microsoft Outlook App – free
Do you have 10,098 emails unread? Same. Strange that some of us can be fine with leaving an entire wardrobe on the floor, but unread emails cause anxiety like nothing else. Emails can get seriously backed up and disorganised, which is when the Outlook App comes in handy. It’s insanely helpful for organising that mountain of unread emails into easy-to-mange files. Great for filing all those fitness emails that we love to ignore.

Remember to eat, please:

UberEATS - free
Food can be so good, but such a hassle. Working at your desk through lunch again? Have a friendly uberEATS driver bring your food straight to your office! Shovel in some calories while your brain burns them off. UberEATS has an impressive index of foodie delivery options sure to make your colleagues disappointed in their leftover spaghetti bolognese.

Get lit(erature):

Pocket - free
Are you constantly forgetting to read the articles you see on your routine browse of the interwebs? Use Pocket. This handy little tool tracks the articles you want to read and saves them for when you get a chance. We all want to read what the Kardashians have been up to in Cannes, as well as that article your colleague sent you about global warming. Now you can find the time to read both!

Dear Diary …:

Day One - $7.99
Our lives have become so public thanks to social media. Do you long for the days of writing your thoughts in a leather-bound book for no one to read but you? Day One helps you revisit this beautiful part of our past. Millennials, let’s bring back journalling!

Memory like a goldfish?

LastPass - free
Same. Are you constantly forgetting every single password? Why can’t they all be the same? Some websites seemingly want you to invent a new language before they’ll approve your password. Use this app to keep a safe record of your passwords. You just have to remember the master password. Maybe there’s an app for that?

Inkflow - free
If you prefer your notes to be of the doodle variety, this is the app for you. Inkflow is a note-taking, brainstorming, life-changing app, allowing you to capture your ideas the way you best process them. Draw, doodle, text, tap, or photograph your ideas and save them for later. Never forget that million-dollar concept again!

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Article by Elysha Medhurst

Elysha Medhurst is unapologetically corny and seriously addicted to hummus. She loves avoiding laundry, binge watching 80's movies and occasionally leaving the house to search dusty book shelves.


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