Apps Brisbane bosses can’t live without

Apps Brisbane bosses can’t live without

Digital-savvy apps to keep business minds sane.

By Candice Jackson | 3rd September 2015

We spoke with our Style + Substance finalists and other Brisbane bosses about which apps they click, swipe and tap on to keep their business minds sane.

Image: Pinterest, TrendHunter

Image: Pinterest, TrendHunter

1 Ruby6 Director, Angela Mogridge

Angela says at Ruby6 they love the three Ts:

  • Toggl: An online time tracking tool featuring 1–click time tracking. It helps you see where you and your team spend their time and assist with accurate billing.
  • Teamweek: An online team planning tool that is great for scheduling projects, tasks and resources with your whole team.
  • Trello: Great for managing your own to do list or a large project with multiple people involved.

Trello is the ultimate organisational tool.

"These apps are great for getting yourself, your team and even your clients organised. They also increase efficiencies and awareness within the workplace," Angela says.

"We also love Hey You [formerly Beat the Q] which allows us to get our coffee stat! Order and pay on the app en-route to the coffee shop, then skip the queue on arrival to get your cup of joe which is ready and waiting."

2 Illustrator, Kerrie Hess

“I'm going to keep it simple and say Instagram.”

Kerrie says she uses this app constantly to receive feedback from her community about what they like and would like to see next in her print shop.

“I generally paint the things that I personally love, but I always keep in mind what I can see people resounding to of mine in Instagram…  And it's a great way to also interact with those who are interested in your work."

3 Beginning Boutique owner, Sarah Timmerman

Periscope is a new app that Beginning Boutique has been using to share some behind the scenes fun at our office through live video broadcasting. I love that it brings real time back into the business that we lost when Facebook updated. I also love sharing my day and BB with the world!”

4 Style Magazines’ Digital Editor, Elizabeth Best

"I have no idea where I would be without my banking app. I've been stuck at the supermarket checkout with my card declining and with my CommBank app, just a few taps and I'm in the money again. The best part of the app for me is that I can access ATM cash when I've left my card at home, not to mention the function that tells me where the nearest ATM is. Saved my life more times than I can say."

Commonwealth Bank App

5 Madison’s Beauty Clinic, Sevine Forster

While it’s not technically a business app, Sevine swears by the app, Run Keeper, which she uses to track her fitness and keep her energy levels up.

“I like this app, because it motivates me to better my personal bests, just like in business. It also shows the break down of intervals when I train – for instance; the first kilometre six minutes, second kilometre eight minutes, and on and on."

6 Travel Shoot, Sarah Pearce (Style + Substance finalist)

Sarah says her two favourite apps are Uber, which saves her team time in getting around no matter where they are, and Hootsuite – our lifesaver in managing and scheduling all of our social media content in advance.

Hoot Suite app

Hootsuite app


7 MiniSkinnys, Adam Derrick (Style + Substance finalist)

"Hands down the app I find the most useful in business is Evernote:  my scribble page, my back of the coaster, my digital hub, accessible to me, wherever I go."

Evernote is an app that helps organise short lists, notes, snap photos and clip inspirational articles for reading later on.


8 The Ja Joint, Carly Day (Style + Substance finalist)

Carly says she has a bunch of business apps she uses, but the one that is most important to her is actually Spotify.

“Music is a massive part of my life and helps me maintain high energy levels at all times. It has the power to lift your mood in any situation and that's the advice I would like to give to others, no matter how busy your day is, tune in to beautiful music!”



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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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