Showing ourselves self-love has never been more important. Gold Coast-based health coach, Ange Simson, is on a mission to help you find your happiness. Between running a business and taking care of her family, Ange knows life can be a juggling act. She founded The Gratitude Project in order to help women shift their perception on health and improve their relationship with themselves.

Tell us about your journey and why you founded The Gratitude Project.
ANGE: I used to suffer from awful migraines, and when I was pregnant with my first daughter I realised that not being able to function was not an option. I went and saw a doctor who had a holistic view on health and she got me eating more whole foods. I had that realisation that food can help how you feel, and I wanted to share that with people.

What does self-love mean to you?
I put this into two categories. Self-care is the things that make you feel good like doing yoga. Self-love is the way you speak to yourself. When you’re practising self-love it’s all about being mindful of how you speak to yourself and speaking to yourself in a way that makes you work towards feeling the way you want to feel.

What are your best tips for women who want to incorporate more self-love and self-care rituals into their daily lives?
Journaling is a great place to start. I recommend people start by writing down three things they’re grateful for or three things they’re proud of themselves for. Usually we end the day by thinking of the things we didn’t do right. So, taking the time out to focus on what you did well and the moments that were good in your day helps. Schedule time for self-care so it doesn’t fall down your list of priorities! It’s also important to know that self-love is something you have to work at.


What are your own rituals?
I go on a beach walk every day, it’s non-negotiable. So is spending time with my kids and loved ones. I do things that take up more time in the evening, while my kids are asleep, like journaling and reflecting.

What are your favourite body-loving recipes for busy women?
A lot of women struggle with chocolate and sugar cravings, so it’s easy to get packaged foods. My recipe books on my website are full of sweet treats that are full of superfoods. It’s not about thinking ‘what can I grab quickly’ but taking time and using it as an act of self-care by getting in the kitchen. For me, I can make a month’s worth of treats in half an hour!

What is the core of The Gratitude Project?
It’s about helping women take control of where their life goes. The site is to help empower women and improve the way they feel every day, and mostly their relationship with themselves.

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