Air Your Dirty Laundry: Q & A with Dan Webb and Belinda Love

Air Your Dirty Laundry: Q & A with Dan Webb and Belinda Love

Washing we’re in to.

By Georgie Murray | 12th September 2019

Single and ready to mingle? Sick of looking for the ‘other fish in the sea’, or just want to discover the crux of love? Now you can, with Brisbane Powerhouse’s newest show: Air Your Dirty Laundry Live.

With three performances only, the show featured a panel of experts from dating coaches to sexologists to help live audience members through their issues and problems with dating, love and intimacy. Hosted by Belinda Love who’s a former Bachelor contestant, love coach and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) practitioner, the show deep-dove into the dynamics behind compatibility. Also featuring Dan Webb from Married At First Sight (you know, the one from the live triangle with Jess. Ps. Jess is the one with the hot brother), we decided to get to know Dan and Belinda a little better. Read on as we air their dirty laundry.

Why did you both want to dive into the TV world again following your previous televised love adventures?

Belinda: For me essentially it is about helping and empowering as many people as possible. I see so much hurt and confusion out there regarding love, bullying and heart-break with little to no advice, that I am more than willing to put myself in the public eye if it means I can help someone feel loved, regardless of their relationship status.  We place so much value on finding love, yet we don’t get taught how to deal with our emotions or have effective relationships, I believe it is why it has led to an increase in divorce and a decrease in marriage.  I was asked to do some coaching on my season of The Bachelor, it was on “releasing your inner cheerleader” but it didn’t make it to the screens, which saddened me as I felt it would have helped many young women deal with body image issues and self-love.

Dan: I think this is a way to show my true self and give my opinion on topics that are interesting and fun to talk about.

What creates a great date?

B: The three C’s - compatibility, conversation and chemistry.  A great date for me is someone who makes you forget what is going on around you.  I could be doing anything. If I haven’t picked up my phone then you certainly have my attention.  My love language is acts of kindness and that to me is treating me like a lady and someone who doesn’t expect sex on the first date.  Winner winner, chicken dinner.

D: A great date consists of romance but also a connection with the other. There needs to be a constant attraction and flow in the date or it’s going to be uncomfortable.


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What has been your biggest dating disaster / embarrassing moment?

B: I had been talking to someone I met online interstate for over a year.  I was going to be in his state for work and said I would see him after the meeting and booked my flight allowing me almost seven hours spare, so I could spend a few hours and allow time for me to get to the airport stress free.  I turned up, we sat down for a drink, he asked me straight away if I was going to sleep with him, I said that is a bit quick.  We chatted for a little bit longer, all the while I was thinking “get me outta here” and he said, oh I know a better place to go so we got a taxi and he dropped me off at the airport about six hours earlier than I was meant to be there. So, I got my wish and I didn’t miss my flight but never doing that again #whatawasteoftime.

D: I once took a girl on a date and there were two other girls in the same venue I had seen before. Let’s say it didn’t end well at all.

Top three turn offs when on a date?

B: A guy that is disengaged, doesn’t ask any questions, and constantly hints at going back to his. I like an authentic connection that flows naturally, and if it feels forced or awkward, then it’s a good indication of what is to come.

D: Chewing with their mouth open, constantly talking about themselves and I would never let her pay - just the decency of offering is a big thing.


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Following your TV careers, how is it dating in the real world now? Ie. Do your dates get worried you’re going to write or publicise them?

B: It has been challenging for me to find love as despite my short stint on The Bachelor, guys always say to me they can’t handle the fact that people recognise me on the streets, that I am considered a “public figure”. I barely meet the requirements! I did in fact have my heart broken last year as he said he couldn’t deal with “being on show”.  It hurt me so much I wrote a book “Breaking Down the Breakup” to help me work through the emotions, and it covers the four emotional phases we deal with when going through heartbreak.  I have no hate or regret as there is always a blessing in every situation.  They also find it challenging as I am a Love Coach and think I am judging them.  I don’t judge people, I assess if we are compatible, which, we all need to do in order to know if you are compatible or not.

D: I haven’t really started dating again properly. I had a small fling but haven’t got to the point where I am ready to give my all to someone. I guess I’m still looking for her.

In your opinion, why did you not succeed on Bachelor / MAFS?

B: I believe that I didn’t deliver enough drama to stay longer on the show as I‘m not nasty, I am dorky, and I love my dad jokes. Matty J didn’t see a future in us and as I like to uplift and inspire and offer many personality quirks, it may have been drowned out but the drama and nastiness on the show.

D: I think my journey was full on, and it didn’t end the way we both wanted and I think that’s primarily due to the circumstances we met in. If it happens in the real world then it might have worked, who knows.

Belinda, with your love coaching/mission, what’s been your success rate?

B: My success rate goes across enabling single women and men to feel empowered and being happy after a breakup. Enabling men and women to find the love they deserve as well as saving relationships and marriages.

Top three tips to finding love, then?

• Don’t force it - if you are rushed you will either attract the wrong partner or push them away due to fears or insecurities.
• Have no expectations but do be clear on your boundaries in order to see red flags and deal with them before they became toxic.
• The ball isn’t always in their court, we don’t need to chase or prove to them they should want us.  You also need to see if they are suitable for your needs and find out if you also want them.

Dan, what’s your biggest regret from MAFS?

D: I guess I don’t have a regret because what happened on MAFS was what happened, and I learnt a lot about what and what not to do so it’s learning for me and I can’t regret that.

Dan, have you seen or spoken to Jess lately?

D: Jess reached out a while back and wanted to clear the air and I am forgiving, and gave her the benefit of the doubt and now I can say we have no animosity towards one another

Quickfire Questions:

Date-night out or in?

B: Date night out

D: In

Are you single?

B:  I am single - I am now ready to find love
D: Yes

Biggest turn-off?

B: Unwanted or not requested dick pics from a new date
D: Smoker

Biggest turn-on?

B:  My love language is acts of service so if you plan a date and put effort in, any shape or size, then I feel like an absolute princess.
D: Personality

The airing date is yet to be announced so in the meantime, check-out the trailer below:


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Article by Georgie Murray

Georgie is a Journalist with a knack for bad jokes and dating disasters. A total open book, there’s no topic off limits for this Rod Stewart enthusiast. Starting her career in Broadcast Journalism, Georgie has since gone back to basics of the written word with a particular love for taboo topics and fashion media.


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