The Affordable Home Upgrades You Need To Make This Year

The Affordable Home Upgrades You Need To Make This Year

Welcome to the future, baby.

By Dominique James and Siobhan Taylor | 18th October 2017

Whether you’re finally settling down in your own home, or have just purchased a new home and are finessing your special space, sometimes you get to a point where you’re looking at your home and trying to decide how you can take it to the next level. You get to a point where you’re sick of mass-produced furniture and whitegoods that are past their use-by date, and you’re ready to upgrade your home (without breaking the bank). Regardless of whether you’re looking to elevate your home now the kids have moved out or you’re making the move into your first purchased property if you’re ready to upgrade your home and give your space that sophisticated edge, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need courtesy of Winnings Appliances.

Winning Appliances is dedicated to ensuring all their customers are excited to upgrade their home and even provide in-store cooking demonstrations where clients can try before they buy for ultimate peace of mind. Head online to their website to see how you can create a virtual representation of your own project and to discover expert and tailored advice for your project.


Pyrolytic Cleaning
Cleaning your oven is one of those irritating things that takes a lot of time, involves unsafe chemicals, and really doesn’t feel that glamorous. Save yourself the heartache (and backache) by investing in pyrolytic cleaning, like these ovens from Winning Appliances. Not sure what pyrolytic means? Essentially, it’s an oven that cleans itself! The pyrolytic process happens when the interior of the oven heats up and turns those leftovers you’d normally have to scrub off into ash that can be easily wiped away. It’s completely hygienic, incredibly easy to maintain, and totally cool enough technology to make up for flying cars not being a mainstream thing yet.

Induction Cooking
If you consider yourself something of a Masterchef, or maybe you just like to pretend you’re on a cooking show when you’re preparing dinner, then it’s time you upgrade to an induction cooking stovetop. Magnetic field technology heats up cookware placed on the cooktop while leaving the cooktop itself at room temperature so that it is not only faster, it’s also safer – perfect if you’re planning on having any children or grandchildren in the home!

Combination Steam Ovens
This is another kitchen upgrade you need to make (what can we say, we’re all about our food). Steam ovens are pretty straightforward in the way they work – the heat from the oven turns water into steam, which is then propelled throughout the oven by fans. Not only does steaming your food mean it retains moisture better, it also tends to ensure all the vitamins and minerals stay in there as well. Easier cooking? Healthier food? More delicious meals? Check, check and check!

Kitchen Islands
Kitchen Islands are the easiest way to instantly chic-up your kitchen and are a detail that is definitely worth investing in. From maximising every inch of your kitchen to being a beautiful focal point, kitchen islands are functional and versatile without sacrificing the chic aesthetic you’re going for. Whether you’re utilising it for storage and food prep or congregating around it for breakfast, kitchen islands are an absolute must-have for the heart of your home.

Laundry / Bathroom

Washing Machine
If you haven’t upgraded your washing machine since you purchased it a few years ago, then your once brand new machine is probably lacking the modern technology that you need in your laundry, and it might be time to look at new beginnings. Replace that 10-year-old washing machine with a new washer-dryer combo with the highest possible energy-star rating, to help save you both space and electricity.

Drying Cabinet
Drying cabinets are the new technology that will take your home to the next level. These incredible appliances provide a space for you to hang up your clothes, out of sight, where they’ll dry quicker than they would normally. They are the height of convenience, as you’ll never again have to rely on the weather when you want to dry your clothes.

Living Room / Bedroom

Storage Bed
Storage beds are one of the easiest ways to add a little extra storage space into your home. Opting for a bed frame with built-in storage means you can store anything unsightly or clunky that you don’t want to have on display while maximising all the space you have. Drawers on castors mean you can hide your linen, old shoes, or what-have-you under your bed, while still having it easily accessible.

Linen and Manchester
If you look forward to going to bed or long hot showers, then be sure to invest in soft and luxurious linens. Opting for higher thread-count sheets and towels gives your home that five-star hotel feeling you love so that it always feels like a holiday.


Home Bar
There’s something about a well-stocked home bar that feels so classy. It’s something every home should have, because even if you don’t drink it’s ideal to have on hand when you are entertaining guests. Whether you’re a budding-mixologist or prefer to sip on spirits, a well-stocked (and beautiful) home bar is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your home. Equip yourself with a bar cart that is practical yet looks good on display, a basic mix of spirits and ingredients, and glassware that makes you feel like Don Draper.

Wallpapering or lacquering your home can help it feel more personal, and certain types of wallpaper mean it is semi-permanent and easy to remove (but make sure you do your research before you go layering your walls!). Wallpapering entryways and feature-walls can make them feel larger and more inviting. Layer up with artwork, wall brackets, and sconces for even more dimension and visual interest.

Interior designers across the world agree: investing in artwork is the easiest way to instantly make your home look more personal, more expensive, and more welcoming. It’s easier than you might think to add a bit of art to your space. Simply define your taste, research artists or art wholesalers, support local artists and then commit. Oh, and definitely make sure you frame your purchase! Everything looks better in a frame.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: indoor plants are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade your home! Besides being good for your health and cleaning the air, they also just look so damn beautiful. From dracaena to ficus lyrata, indoor plants are the accessory de-jour that improve every space they’re in. And despite what you might have heard (or experienced when living with less-than-helpful housemates), keeping and growing indoor plants doesn’t have to be a horticultural horror. Plants such as Devil’s Ivy, Chinese Ever Green, and Philodendron are gorgeously beautiful and flourish with minimal maintenance.

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Article by Dominique James and Siobhan Taylor

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