Ab Crack: Are you serious?

Ab Crack: Are you serious?

Another unrealistic beauty standard is circling Instagram and we’re calling bullsh*#!

By Candice Jackson | 8th July 2016

In recent disturbing news, a new “beauty and fitness trend” is here to tell you that your body isn’t good enough anymore. Word is still out on whether our bodies will ever be good enough. Watch this space.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

Look, I’m all for fitness, healthy lifestyles, odd workout trends (I’ve tried barre, trampolining and Animal Flow) and the occasional acai bowl when I’m not too busy finding the best burgers in town.

But seriously, just when I thought everyone had come to their senses on the #thighgap #boxgap thing, something else rises from the depths of the internet to take its place as the newest unrealistic, unachievable and next-level ridiculous trend! NOT OK.

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I’m talking about the “ab crack”  trend or, as Elle Magazine has described it: “an irrigation ditch divide down the center of your stomach.”’

Not only does the “ab crack” trend sound gruesome and painful, it will also cause a lot of pain to women who chase the crazy body standard. While some insane core work is required, genetics play a strong part as well. It’s NOT realistic or achievable for all body types, no matter how healthy your diet or how often you exercise.


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Supermodels, celebrities and bloggers have been flaunting their toned stomachs and “ab cracks” of late on social media, pointing to the death of the #thighgap and arrival of the equally dangerous (and bullsh*#!) new beauty standard.


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Unfortunately, many young women are already bemoaning their lack of “ab crack”, believing that this trend is the pinnacle of fitness and the only way to prove that their body fits conventional beauty standards. Get ready for people everywhere to reach a new low as this trend further hollows out self-confidence on its whirlwind media tour.



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Magazines are already dubbing it the “new core look of 2016” and I need to set a few things straight:

1.    It’s NOT something that just anyone can work towards and actually achieve.
2.    Some women naturally have thigh gaps, collar bones or “ab cracks”, or they have a genetic makeup that allows them to easily achieve these results.
3.    I am not in any way saying that women capable of achieving this trend should be subject to ridicule or that their natural shape is the problem here. The problem is that people who are incapable of attaining this are being told that enough hard work and diet will make it happen. It won’t.
4.    No one else’s body shape or modification should ever make you feel like less or more of a person. Everyone is built differently and we are ALL beautiful inside and out in our own unique way.
5.    Yes. All of us. Even you, who just thought “That’s easy for you to say. You don’t look like me.” I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU AS WELL.

I’m leaving this trend to the celebs and the people who are genetically predisposed to it. I’m not remotely tempted to modify my body on the quest for the impossible.


Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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