A Day in the Life of a Magazine Editor

A Day in the Life of a Magazine Editor

Follow Style Magazine’s Editor, Christie Sutherland around on a day in her life.

By Christie Sutherland | 3rd August 2017

From Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to coordinating the workings of a monthly publication, my schedule is more than unpredictable. So I promise there is an excuse if I don’t answer your email.

As the editor of Style Magazine, no two days are the same and it’s a role that I’m constantly navigating my way through.

Before most people even start their day, I’m up to take my two French Bulldogs, Kettle and Hero, for their morning walk around my inner-city neighbourhood. It’s then time to sift through emails and plan out the day ahead. On this particular day I’m meeting with a client, pulling looks for our September fashion spread, and meeting with a photographer at a potential shoot location in Maleny.

First things first: coffee. On this crisp winter’s morning, it’s not just the thought of a steamy cappuccino that gets me moving. On cold days the E-Class All-Terrain heats the seats for the driver and front-passenger for cosy warmth in the nick of time. The hardest part of my morning coffee run is leaving the car.


After one sip of my coffee I’m already buzzing with ideas for the styling I’ve got ahead of me, but before I can head to James Street to start pulling fashion for the shoot I make a quick stop at the office to grab some clothing racks. The arduous task of maneuvering the cumbersome racks is now a breeze as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain’s three-part rear seat backrest and central element can be folded down individually or together with the driver’s-side element. So much room for activities (or in this case clothes, shoes and everything in-between).


By the time I’ve gathered everything from the office for my day, it’s reached morning peak-hour traffic time. With this in mind and with the simple touch of a button on the steering wheel, I chat to the car using the voice control system to kick off the online navigation system. When I’m in a hurry this is my best friend as it creates the quickest route to my destination with real-time traffic data detection.

Now I’m not going to lie, James Street at 9am on a Friday can be quite chaotic and a little daunting when it’s time to parallel park. But it’s time to say goodbye to the awkward 5-point maneuvers to squeeze into a parking space while the whole street watches. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain makes parking a cinch as it uses The Parking Pilot to automatically park your car for you. The Parking Pilot can identify a parking space on both the driver’s and front-passenger’s side and does all the hard work for you while still allowing you to intervene at anytime.


Before leaving James Street, my morning client meeting was rescheduled to take place over-the-phone at 1pm. I was happy to get a head start on my trip to Maleny to meet our photographer knowing I’d be heading back to the office in time for the call.

Once the photographer and I reach the location it’s time to scout the area for the best possible spots to shoot. A spur-of-the-moment detour off-road along a farm track has the All-Terrain relishing getting off the asphalt. While it’s sleek exteriors and luxe interiors may look best suited to city driving, it’s unique air suspension system and larger wheels handle off-road driving with ease. We find the perfect locations and snap a few photos to help me piece together my styling mood board once I get back to the office.


The minute I jump into the E-Class All-Terrain, my iPhone instantly integrates to the Apple CarPlay and my phone can be operated by voice command. I get in touch with my client wirelessly, my phone sitting in my bag in the backseat. This technology along with the car’s cruise control features make over-the-phone meetings and interviews uncomplicated. The first-class sound function and optimisation of the Burmester surround-sound system in the E-Class range also means that the sound quality is never affected by the driving noise, even on the highway.


My schedule for the rest afternoon is the perfect balance between work and play; piecing together looks and mood boarding for the upcoming shoot and hitting a few after-work events with the girls from work.

For me, being adaptable in my role with a constant need to get things done is what keeps me firing on all cylinders.

I often get asked what my go-to accessory is - a bag or the perfect lipstick – but for me, I couldn’t live without a vehicle that not only gets me from a to b, but doubles as my wardrobe, office and the safe place that can help me escape.

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Article by Christie Sutherland

Christie Sutherland is a former editor of Style Magazines. To her, limits are there to be pushed and there is always a time for polka dots and a piccolo. Do it with love or not at all, that’s all.


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