9 stylish hacks to keep your home cool

9 stylish hacks to keep your home cool

From spring all the way through summer, the mercury begins to rise and things can get hot… too hot! So we’ve got the best tricks to keep your home cool, without cranking the air-con.

By Elizabeth Best | 8th October 2015

It's only spring and already it's feeling hot, hot, hot in Brisbane. But here at Style Magazines, we've spoken to the experts and come up with a few tips and tricks to keep your home feeling and looking cool for the warmer seasons, without having to run the air-conditioner full blast 24/7.

1 Keep your blinds closed

Did you know about 30 per cent of heat in your home comes from your windows? We know, sunlight streams through windows, breaking news! But it’s surprising how many people don’t use their curtains, shades, blinds as a form of heat control. Keeping your blinds closed or at least partially shaded can eliminate the need for air conditioning and stops your home from becoming a mini greenhouse. Don’t want to keep the light out but do want to keep the heat away? Think about changing from curtains to a sheer drape.

Sheer curtains freedom

Get the look from The Block (L) and filter out sunlight with Aberdeen Lightfilter curtains (140cm x 230cm, right) from Freedom, $29.89.

2 Cool your bed

The BEST part of this step is you get to refresh your bedding - spring makeover! First things first, ditch the winter quilt. Quilts and doonas come in several weights and fibres for the changing seasons, so check out the different types available and see what’s best for you. Still sweltering through the night? Take a look at your sheets. You want to pick light-coloured sheets that reflect, rather than absorb, the light that comes in through your bedroom windows during the day. White or light coloured sheets are easy to bleach as well. And what fibres are your sheets made of? Natural fibres will ALWAYS breathe better than man-made, so go for cottons (Egyptian if possible). Linen is amazingly light and airy but gets super creased, so those who are obsessive about sheet smoothness need not apply.

Adairs bedding

Swap your doona for a lighter quilt and make use of fresh cool tones. Then ensure your sheets are natural fibres for maximum breathability. (L to R) Home Republic Iceberg quilt set, from $129.95, Adairs. Home Republic 600 TC Cotton Bamboo range, quilt set from $119.95, sheets from $139.95.

3 Swap your throws for bright pillows

We love cosying up in winter with big blankets and throws but those are the absolute last things we want around in spring and summer. Swapping blankets and throws for a few scatter cushions is one decor switch-up that will keep your living room feeling light. Keep the colours bright for a refreshing feel and you’ll trick yourself into thinking it’s a degree or so cooler than it is.

Freedom bright cushions

Bright cushions can help a space feel fresher. (L to R) Piped Cushion 50x50cm $39.95, Tutti Frutti Cushion 50x50cm, $34.95, Fruit Salad Cushion 50x50cm $34.95, all from Freedom.

4 Use cool colours in your decor

This is another one from the “trick your brain into thinking the home is cooler than it is” books. Colour psychology tells us that using cooler accents such as blues and greens can chill your house out in the warmer months. Switch up your bedding or try a few home accessories in these tones.

Homemaker the Valley cool colours

Cool colours, cool home. (Clockwise from L) Croft light pendant, Beacon Lighting, $169. Berlin stool, $169.95, Oz Furniture Design. Home Republic Diamond Woven Pouf, $129.95, Adairs. Chico vase from $13.95, Oz Design Furnitures. Main picture: Forty Winks.

5 Make use of stone sensations

Marble is a miracle mineral that conducts heat differently to other minerals is pretty much magic. It stays cooler when the rest of the world is heating up so is great to have scattered throughout your home decor. Marble or stone trays, coasters, tabletops or even pots can help the temperature seem lower than it is.

Marble trends Homemaker The Valley Brisbane

Stone accents can help the room feel a few degrees cooler. (Clockwise from left) Home Republic Apollo side table, from $199.95, Adairs. Hexagon Marble Top table, $299.95, Domayne. Ando light pendant in marble, $129, Beacon Lighting. Home Republic Scandi Clock in marble, $59.95, Adairs.

6 Get fan-tastic

Can’t afford air-con? A humble yet stylish pedestal fan can do the trick, but can be even more effective with one small hack. Place a bowl of ice in front of the fan and let the cool air flow! Or else you could just get a fancy Dyson Hot+Cool bladeless fan. These babies blow air faster and further than regular fans for a cooling effect that the regular pedestal can’t match. You can adjust the airflow so that it’s not blasting your head off in a small room, or ramp it up if you need to cool a big space. It’s exxy, but the design is sexy so that makes up for it. Check it out here.

7 Take it outside

The best way to keep cool in your home this spring and summer is to be out of your home! All you need is a balcony/courtyard/patch of grass and a table and chairs and you’ve got yourself a breezy party. Pick the right outdoor setting, crack open a cider, slap on some sunscreen and spend your warm seasons in the great outdoors… well, in a courtyard at least.

Outdoor furniture specialists homemaker valley

Take it outside to really cool down this season. Kona lounge in light taupe/opal grey, $4996, The Outdoor Furniture Specialists.

8 Cool your home with plants

Indoor plants don’t just look pretty; they naturally enhance the quality of the air in your home and keep your home – say it with me now – COOLER IN SPRING AND SUMMER. Potted plants can remove toxins from air and bring down ambient temperatures. Not only that, they can even have an effect on humidity! Don’t have the real thing? Faux plants are another accessory that can trick the mind into lowering the mercury in your space.

9 Rug up… or down, rather

If you have a little extra cash to splash, you might want to give your lounge area rug a little switcheroo. Wool rugs look cosy but can hold onto heat in the warmer months. Swap it over for something more summery like a flat-woven rug.

Flat-woven rugs made from materials other than wool can contribute to lowering the temps at home. Deco

Flat-woven rugs made from materials other than wool can contribute to lowering the temps at home. Rugs, from $179, DecoRug.

So there you have it! Our handy Style hints and tips can help you beat the humidity and stop the sweat before it even begins this spring and summer in Brisbane. They're also a really neat excuse for a seasonal makeover (as if we needed an excuse!)

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Article by Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth is the former Digital Editor of Style Magazines. She knew she wanted to be a journalist from the age of six and has spent the past decade working for some of Australia's top publications. She also thinks mint chocolate is a gift straight from the heavens.


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