8 Trending Christmas ads of 2014

8 Trending Christmas ads of 2014

Anyone frequenting social media will know that this year’s array of Christmas ads is making news! We’ve lined up the most spirited clips everyone’s talking about.

By Stephanie Brownlee | 24th November 2014

With the festive season comes a feature film’s worth of retail Christmas campaigns and this year they’re going viral and stirring more attention than ever. Before dashing into December, crank up the air con (Brissy’s not going to snow by itself) pop a cinnamon stick in your eggnog and get ready to feel some warm fuzzies.

While most of these tv commercials hark from the snowy northern hemisphere, there isn’t a lot of offshore product pushing - just great entertainment! We silly-season loving Antipodeans can certainly still relate to them (even in November). Essentially they’re helping us consumers embrace Christmas…and feel like shopping. Works for me!

1. Kate Spade’s “The Waiting Game” Starring Anna Kendrick

Ladies, this is the chick flick of all Christmas ads. Probably the quirkiest of the fashion commercials out there, Anna (as hilariously as usual) plays a young woman in New York who gets locked out of her brownstone after a holiday shopping spree at Kate Spade. The clip is complete with all the sparkly trimmings, millennial references and an adorable dog.

2. David Jones’ “The Things We Do For Love”

This is a little different to what I anticipated from the nation’s designer department store but in a lovely and very Aussie way – have a watch! Featuring a cover version of the 10CC song "The Things We Do For Love", sung by Tina Arena, the ad will help raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation through the song’s iTunes sales.

 3.Sainsbury’s “Christmas is for Sharing”

Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, “Christmas is for Sharing” is inspired by real events from 100 years ago. While certain industry experts and consumers accuse it of exploiting the emotions of WWI, I think the cinematic and poignant story telling is incredible, whether or not it is lucrative. It is a lesson in world history.

4. Tiffany & Co.’s “Holiday Magic”

Any animation lovers or perhaps Christmas enthusiasts older than the kidlets of Gen Z will appreciate ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather’s work for Tiffany & Co’s new campaign. The clip is a 1950s and 60s inspired take on a quintessential cartoon Christmas in New York. The incredible visuals were designed by Psyop - think yuletide wonderland with diamonds along the way!

5. John Lewis’ “Monty the Penguin”

UK Deparment store John Lewis’ “Monty the Penguin” has over 16 million views since being uploaded on November 6. It’s pretty hard to resist hopping on the Monty bandwagon. There’s even a book and app to help his story go down in branding history. And it probably will. This heart-warming ad encapsulates all the love and spirit surrounding Christmas.

6. Burberry’s “From London with Love” Starring Romeo

Fashion meets London meets Christmas, theatrical music, Romeo Beckham, glitter and more. Happy sigh…all four minutes of Burberry’s first ever, festive film are beautiful. If you feel like adding it to your iTunes, the ad’s song, “The Way That I live” is by British songwriter Ed Harcourt and is due to be released in December.

7. Mulberry’s “Win Christmas”

Very different to Burberry’s spirited anthem of snow and twirling trench coats, Mulberry’s #WinChristmas takes a slightly satirical approach to portraying a scene of Christmas gift giving. Who knew it could get so competitive! It’s a little bit genius too, in terms of product positioning, and plays on the idea of finding the perfect gift. Fun fact, it was made by the same agency, Eve/DDB that produced “Monty the Penguin.”

8. Post Office’s “Get Christmas All Wrapped Up”

So…this isn’t an ad for Australia Post but as we do indeed send cards and presents on this side of the world, it’s pretty relatable! Robert Webb, plays the ‘minister of Christmas’, walking around a decoration-filled Post office humorously spruiking their many Christmas services and preparations for the festive season. It’s terribly cheesy and worth a watch for a giggle! Well, I giggled.

Happy watching!


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Article by Stephanie Brownlee

Stephanie is a Journalism and PR student at the University of Queensland, and an intern at Style Magazines.


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