7 ways to boost the value of your home

7 ways to boost the value of your home

Upgrading your kitchen could serve you well…

By Candice Jackson | 19th August 2015

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When it comes to improving the value of your home and ultimately the amount you get back at auction or sale, it helps to invest in updates to your home that will make it more appealing to investors and buyers.

There are plenty of home improvement projects that can help add value to your property, however there is one room that’s mentioned in any property listing, worth noting, and always features in the image gallery on real estate websites; the kitchen.

The kitchen is acknowledged as the heart of the home, the hub of entertainment, the meeting place and one of the most functional spaces in the home. For this reason, potential buyers and investors take note of this space and are less forgiving for potential design, aesthetic or functional flaws.

It’s also one of the few rooms that you can’t hide potential flaws in or trick potential buyers into thinking it’s better than it appears. Unlike lounge rooms or bedrooms, where sellers can add luxurious furniture, artwork and adornments to make the space appear bigger, more lavish or appealing, the kitchen is for the most part, what you see is what you get.

Kitchen Trends shares 7 ways you can improve the value of your home, whether you’re looking to do your own updates here and there, or engage a professional like Kitchen Trends to completely renovate your kitchen:

7 ways to boost the value of your home | Kitchen Trends | Style Magazines

Kitchen Trends: Jindalee Property

1. Upgrade your countertops

Kitchen countertops endure a lot, and are often the first thing people notice, so upgrading to a solid and stylish surface can improve not only the look of the kitchen, but also the value. Options such as stone, granite and recycled countertops are often considered higher grade and more luxurious.

2. Add a fresh lick of paint

An easy upgrade that, if you’re confident, can be done on your own is adding a fresh touch the walls. A pop of colour, or the move to make a space more neutral can make a great different to the overall space.

3. Install durable flooring

Is it time to get rid of that tacky vinyl or tiled flooring? Installing durable flooring will give the space a touch of prestige, while being a functional addition to the amount of foot traffic the kitchen receives daily. Natural stone or wood flooring are always nice choices.

7 ways to boost the value of your home | Kitchen Trends | Style Magazines

Kitchen Trends: Burleigh Waters Property

4. Remove mismatched appliances

You may have grown with your kitchen over the years, updating new appliances as newer ones hit the market or as they fell apart with no hope of repair. In a lot of outdated kitchens you will spot a mixture of stainless steel appliances and ranges with white or colour appliances. A little uniformity goes a long way, and stainless steel is usually more favourable for modern aesthetic purposes.

5. Improve your lighting

Whether it’s through better natural light through windows and open space or through the use of better light fixtures, improved lighting can make the kitchen more appealing, comfortable and inviting.

6. Increase the space

Removing a wall, or trading that kitchen island in for a moveable option can increase the space your kitchen occupies within the house. People (and potential buyers) love a sense of flow in a house, and it’s even better if you can create an open plan living solution, where the kitchen, lounge room or outdoor dining areas meet and allow for a combined entertainment hub.

7. Explore better storage options

Storage is king. While we all have that one messy miscellaneous cupboard where we hide all the Tupperware and cake tins (or is that just me?), a kitchen that allows its users to store everything away from their bench tops is highly sort after. Clever storage options, like touch to open drawers and cupboards, wall hooks or shelving, and moveable islands all help to keep bench tops clear and minimal, which adds to the luxurious aesthetic; it’s like you’ve always got a private cook who leaves no trace behind.

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen, the team at Kitchen Trends have a wealth of knowledge and an eye for style on numerous trends and updates to increase the value of your home. Head to their website or showrooms to see what else they can do for you and your home.

Kitchen Trends
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24 Junction Road, Burleigh Heads P 5522 0770

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Article by Candice Jackson

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