7 Ways to Declutter Your Desk Space

7 Ways to Declutter Your Desk Space

Be gone, bowl of cereal from four days ago!

By Guest Styler | 31st October 2016

Did you know the average human spends more waking hours at work than they do at home? Or that a clean desk is linked to improved productivity, efficiency and profitability?

Most of us will end up with paper-cluttered desks, coffee-stained keyboards and piles of half-finished to-do lists. To avoid having to say “Wait, I know it’s here somewhere…” for the millionth time, check out these seven easy ways to declutter your desk space and keep your mind clear and focused.

1. Back to the Basics

Do you really need five different diaries, two different sets of headphones and 20 different magazines on your desk? When it comes to decluttering your desk space, be ruthless.

Ask yourself “Do I use this on a daily basis? Is it essential?” If the answer is no, then throw the item far away and never EVER let it return to your desk. Hopefully by the end you’ll be left with a phone, computer, diary and file holders. And a clean desk.

2. Hidden Spaces

The space under your desk is a treasure trove of organising space. If you HAVE to keep copious amounts of files on hand, then consider investing in a filing cabinet or set of drawers to pop under your desk. Now all your documents are within easy reach while your desk space remains clutter-free.

3. Take some time

I know the last thing you want to do after a long day at work is spend a few extra minutes tidying your desk but TRUST ME. Wiping down your desk, filing documents and recycling unnecessary paper is going to be so much easier than tackling the obstacle course the next day.

4. Designate a space

Try giving your essentials a specific place to call home. This way even when you’re running around, juggling a million tasks at once, you’ll subconsciously remember to put your stapler next to your computer instead of in your handbag.

5. Digital clutter

Your desk space might be free from clutter but you’re not fooling anyone. I see those 100 screenshots on your desktop. AND those 80 different Word documents that you keep meaning to sift through.

We spend a LOT of time on computers these days, so keeping an organised and structured system will make your work life so much more efficient. Make technology your friend and don’t be afraid to invest in organisation apps for your desktop to keep things in order.

6. Handle paper only once

Action emails and papers as soon as possible so you can file them away immediately, or toss them if they’re not that important. You can also create a folder on your desk or in your emails to store pending files. This way they’re out of sight but not out of mind.

7. Make it inviting

If you’re going to spend more time looking at your desk space than your own home, you may as well make it look freaking awesome. Decluttering your space does NOT mean making your desk stark white and bland (unless you like that). It simply means getting rid of excess junk that stops you from working efficiently. Adding pops of plants and a photo of your loved ones may just be the perfect way to keep you calm when things are stressful. Whatever you do, make sure the style of your desk is a reflection of yourself. Maybe just a tidier version of yourself!

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