7 Top Tips to Manage Stress

7 Top Tips to Manage Stress

Put a stop to those late-night worry sessions with these simple tips.

By Tegan Atkins | 27th April 2016

First things first, it’s normal to feel stressed or anxious sometimes! We live in a crazy, busy world. Changes in career paths, family and relationships, and even what we eat can create a blip on the radar.

But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. If anxiety or stress is affecting your ability to live life to the fullest, it’s time to act! We’ve found seven top tips to help manage your stress and anxiety and kick it in the butt for good!

Just a note before we start: here at Style, we are devoted to supporting and helping our readers. However, if your anxiety is severely affecting your health and wellbeing, please seek help from your doctor or a certified therapist. Lots of love, friends.

1. Yoga and meditation

Image: Lilo & Stitch, Giphy

Image: Lilo & Stitch, Giphy

Take some time out from your busy schedule and slow down with some relaxing yoga or meditation! Even if you only spend 10 minutes a day checking in with your body and finding peace, it can work wonders.

As for yoga, if the thought of sticking your bum in the air for a downward dog pose in public isn’t your idea of fun, why not try Adriene Mishler’s YouTube series Yoga With Adriene? You can chill out in the comfort of your own home with yoga videos for beginners, runners, managing stress and anxiety, and much more!

2. Adult Colouring Books

There’s a reason adult colouring books have been so popular lately. The rest of our lives are a constant blur of photos, headlines, noise and peak-hour traffic. Colouring is a therapeutic, peaceful and QUIET activity. Once you start colouring, you’ll be surprised by how quickly the rest of the world can fall away.

3. Set routine

It probably won’t come as a surprise that changes in your routine can cause some serious anxiety! If doing things at a certain time or in a certain way makes you happy, keep it up! Even doing a simple meal prep for the week can help you stick to a solid routine. I was a little sceptical at first, but once I created a proper routine for myself, I actually felt my stress levels lower and my happiness sky rocket!

4. Exercise daily

Daily exercise is important for optimum health and fitness, but it’s also scientifically proven to improve your mood. You just have to get started. If the thought of running on a treadmill or swimming lap after lap isn’t your cup of tea, try something new! Learn some hip hop moves, jump on a trampoline or unleash your stress and anxiety in a boxing class. There’s much more to choose from right here in Brisbane!

Image: Toy Story, Giphy

Image: Toy Story, Giphy

Don’t freak out at the thought of a class! Exercise can also include washing your car by hand instead of driving through the car wash, playing outside with the kids, or taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. Try and find ways in your everyday life to be a little more active! Trust me, every bit helps.

5. Get enough sleep

Try going to bed half an hour before you normally do. Do you really have to check Facebook for the umpteenth time? No! Did a work email come in at 11pm? It’ll still be there in the morning, when you’re well-rested and functioning at your best.

A better sleep schedule could improve your efficiency as well! After a week, try and go to bed another half hour earlier. Maybe even switch your phone on airplane mode to ensure no notifications wake you up just as you’re nodding off.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

6. Surround yourself with positive people

Have you ever heard that the people you spend the most time with are the ones who impact your own attitude? Well, now you have. Basically, if you want to lead a happy life and be a positive person, you need to surround yourself with positive people. Take a look at your closest friends or colleagues. Do they display the same self-conscious or negative traits that you’re seeing in yourself? You could venture outside your comfort zone and make some new friends, or you could chat to them about these negative habits and try to make a positive change together!

7. Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy focuses on changing those nasty thoughts and beliefs that trigger anxiety. You know the ones: “Everyone thinks I’m boring”, “This person doesn’t like me”, “I just can’t do anything right.”

While we all have these thoughts sometimes, we can’t let them consume us! Cognitive therapy strategies include monitoring your self-talk. You’ll learn to ask yourself whether you really believe this or if it’s just a fleeting feeling. Communicate with those whose judgement you trust and ask for their opinions too.

It’s a hard ask. It can be confronting and uncomfortable at first, but you won’t always feel that way. Eventually, you’ll be able to shut down those thoughts as soon as they appear, rather than dwelling on them obsessively. Remember: you’re a superstar and one day you won’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise!


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Article by Tegan Atkins

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