7 of the Most Insane Celebrity Look-Alikes

7 of the Most Insane Celebrity Look-Alikes

These are not the celebs you're looking for.

By Guest Styler | 7th June 2016

If you ever get told you look like a celeb, imagine how these people feel – they’re pretty much famous for it! From Zayn Malik to Katy Perry, this list of celebrity look-alikes will have you doing double-takes and scratching your head trying to figure out who the real star is!

Taylor Swift

This is borderline terrifying. Olivia Sturgiss is a 19-year-old Aussie gal who is the spitting image of the pop sensation. Scrolling through her Insta feed, I’m still not convinced that this isn’t a large-scale T-Swift prank. Olivia has even released her own Bad Blood-inspired music video. I dare you to watch it without forgetting this isn’t Taylor Swift!

PLUS, watch her freak out the Scoopla team here:

Barack Obama

Reggie Brown is an actor and comedian and he just so happens to be Obama’s doppelgänger. His Insta feed is full of selfies, photos of him in his full Obama get-up and pictures of him dressing up as the prez when he’s doing keynote speaking! Seriously. I’m done.

A photo posted by Reggie Brown (@iamreggiebrown) on

Kim Kardashian

Kamilla Osman is so used to getting mistaken for Kimmy K that she’s even met her and filmed an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Talk about looking the part. She posts the same type of photos as the reality TV queen - including the famous mirror selfies. When she’s not fooling people worldwide, she’s off being a philanthropist, designer and singer. Check out her feed for killer style and her Kim K-inspired photos.

A photo posted by @kamiosman on

Zayn Malik

What would an article like this be with a 1D member, right? Or in this case, a former 1D member *cries*. Flamur Ukshini’s Instagram account has attracted more than 190k followers because he looks SO MUCH like Zayn Malik. The model from Kosovo (I had to Google it too, don’t worry) poses the EXACT same way as the Pillowtalk singer and is often stopped in the street and asked for photos from teens. Maybe he could date Perrie Edwards since Zayn is now with Gigi Hadid… heh heh.

A photo posted by Flamur Ukshini (@flamuruk) on

Ariana Grande

Jacky Vasquez is another 19-year-old mistaken for a pop signer, but this time it’s Ariana Grande. She wears her hair the same way and it’s the same colour as Ari’s. While there seems to be no indication of her belting out the singer’s hits, you’ll be totally taken aback at how identical the two look! She even has the same dimples! I’m all for her and Ariana meeting and blowing our minds trying to figure out who’s who.

A photo posted by Jacky Vasquez (@jackyvasquez) on

Angelina Jolie

Chelsea Marr is a 24-year-old Scottish chick who is pretty much Angelina Jolie’s twin. More than 110k followers seem to think so, too! Chelsea’s selfies are proof of her similarities to the movie star. Heck, she could probably go home to Brad Pitt and he wouldn’t notice! The further you scroll through her ’gram, the more times you end up saying WTF! Chelsea isn’t exactly starring in Hollywood blockbusters; she’s the operations manager at an oil and gas recruitment company. Beauty and brains, just like Mrs Pitt!

A photo posted by Chelsea Marr (@chelseamarr31) on

Adam Sandler

Max Kessler isn’t just Adam Sandler’s doppelgänger; it’s also the name of Sandler’s character in his new movie, The Do-Over. After seeing a photo of Kessler, the actor reached out to the 23-year-old through social media and invited him to a movie premiere. The two posed for photos together and the 50 First Dates star was apparently delighted to meet his younger self in person. Maybe he could get into the business too?

Katy Perry

Prepare to be blown away by Francesca Brown. This girl didn’t even know who Katy Perry was when she was first mistaken for her! The British native now works as a Katy Perry impersonator and a sports broadcaster when she’s not focusing on trying to make it as an actress. She gets chased by fans in shopping centres and is often stared at wherever she goes. So you could say this whole Katy Perry look-alike thing is working for her.

Feature image: Pinterest.

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