Love your body more, by judging your body less.

By Marz Hill | 6th September 2016

You only get one body! The way you treat it, talk to it and nurture it determines your day-to-day health. The good news is, how you approach all of these things is up to you. Your thoughts create your reality and directly impact the physiology of your body. There is nowhere for your body to hide when you are having horrible thoughts about it! So, what can you do to love your body more and judge your body less?

Stop comparing

Everyone’s body is different. You live different lives, eat different food and move your body in different ways. Reframe your thoughts and instead of comparing yourself or being jealous, look for ways you can be inspired by others. Inspiration is the first step to make a change in your own life.

Stop competing

A little competition can be healthy, but when it’s taking you’re your thoughts it might time to pull in the reigns. Rather than trying to out-do one another, celebrate each other’s success and use them as positive motivation. What do they do differently that might work for you, and vice versa? Ask them! You might discover they are more than happy to share their knowledge and secrets.

Set achievable body goals

Staring at super models all day won’t make you look like them (believe me, I’ve tried!). Setting realistic goals for your body type, physiology and past health conditions can have you loving your health and wellness journey. Don't know how to do that? Involve someone who does. A personal trainer, nutritionist or other qualified professional can really help you on your journey, get you started and help you stay accountable.

Move your body in a way you enjoy

It’s a lot harder to motivate yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. Finding a sport or fitness regime that gets you out of bed in the morning will do huge things towards improving your overall health. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you are reaching your body goals and you are happy and healthy in your own skin, that is the main goal!

Send love to that reflection

Whenever you are in front of the mirror, send gratitude, love and kindness for the person staring back at you. Stare into your own eyes and say “I love you” (or “I am loving you more and more every day”) until it feels true.

Stop dissing yourself to your friends

Be kind when speaking to your friends about your body and your body goals. Rather than saying “nothing has changed yet,” say you are “doing your best”. Our words become our actions, so translate your words into positives and positive results will come!

Start speaking to your body like a friend (or the best lover you’ve ever had!)

Treat it to nice things, listen to it, communicate openly, be kind and chill out when you need to. Developing a loving, nurturing and honest relationship is the basis to changing your body forever.

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Article by Marz Hill

Marz Hill is a Barefoot Personal Trainer from Brisbane, a Miss Universe Australia National Finalist for 2016 and the Toybox International Charity Ambassador.


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