5000 reasons to glam up and say ‘Hello sailor’

5000 reasons to glam up and say ‘Hello sailor’

Have a nice day, y’all!

By Sharon Doyle | 21st July 2017


All you single ladies, there’s never been a better time to head into the city for some rest and recreation.

Over the next few days, almost 5000 American sailors are expected to wash ashore when the super troopcarrier USS Ronald Reagan docks in Brisbane. Girls, that’s a hella lot of men in uniform turning up in town all at once. What’s a girl to do but counter with a massive meet-and-greet exercise? Well hello, sailors!

But it’s not just the lady folk with a reason to be on high alert. Waiters, Uber drivers and bar staff are also waiting eagerly for their boat to come in as the Americans are infamously good at tipping, many not realising it’s not the custom here.

Brisbane isn’t the only place being inundated by the Americans. Training exercises are also taking place at Shoalwater Bay, near Rockhampton, and in Townsville, Darwin and Canberra. As of  July 21, the USS Ronald Reagan is at sea off Townsville, taking part in Operation Talisman Saber, a war games exercise involving Australian sailors too. More than 30,000 military men and women are taking part in training exercises here and in the United States. Not everyone taking part is a sailor, however. There will be pilots and paratroopers, marines and regular Army types joining in the general shoot-’em-ups and survival games.

The joint exercises include such daring feats as refuelling massive C-17 aircraft in mid-air and jumping out of them from a great height. (The things men do to get noticed, right?) It's all about flexing our combined military muscle to the world.

To keep up to date on troop movements, follow the Talisman Saber 2017 Facebook page.

Photo credit: Talisman Saber

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Article by Sharon Doyle