5 Ways To Cope With A Job You Don't Love

5 Ways To Cope With A Job You Don't Love

Yes, it's possible.

By Sally Thibault | 19th June 2018

Your alarm goes off, and you shudder, groan and want to scream. Perhaps you throw the buzzing clock across the room - or you switch it off wearily, dragging yourself out of bed to reluctantly face the morning.

Most of us know the feeling of having to face the day, fronting up to a job we simply can’t stand. Whether we’ve been in the workforce for a number of years - or we’re just entering our first 9-5 job - not enjoying work can affect us at any stage of life.

As a lifecoach, much of my work now is helping people make the necessary changes in their daily lives to do what they really want to do and become who they want to become. So if you’re currently in the thick of a daily grind you just can’t stand - here are five of my best tips to cope.

1. Be thankful.

I know this one can feel very forced but being thankful on purpose is a crucial way to keep a healthy mindset, in order to cope with a job you can’t stand. Maybe it’s a friendly co-worker, the scenery on your morning commute, or reminding yourself of the very fact that you have a job in the first place - whatever you can find to be thankful for, focus on it on purpose.

2. Follow a morning routine you love.

This is one of my favourite tips for coping daily - find a morning routine you love, and stick to it. From exercising for 20 minutes, to taking time out to enjoy a coffee or healthy breakfast, to setting aside time to connect with family or friends - how you start makes a difference to how you handle your whole day.

3. Be honest with yourself.

Often we’re so caught up in our daily schedules that we don’t stop long enough to be honest with ourselves about how we feel. How much do you really want to change your current circumstances? Is there an industry that may be better suited to you? Do you need to invest in a different field of study to ensure your future goals are met? Being honest helps you handle where you are, and start working toward where you want to be.

4. Release stress.

Find the activities that help you to cope with stress - and be deliberate about investing in them. Meditation, a change in diet, committing to regular exercise, talking with a friend or getting creative with your favourite hobby on a daily basis can take your mind off the elements you don’t like about your job, helping you to navigate the current season.

5. Get clear on your soul purpose.

Getting clear on your soul purpose is essential to the longevity of coping with a daily grind you dislike. Understanding your purpose and life passion allows you to be intuitive, receptive and regenerative - opening you up to new opportunities today, and different work opportunities in future. 

Much of my work is focused on helping people understand the purpose and discover their passions in life. I am firmly focused on about helping people break out of a daily routine they can’t stand to work in jobs where they are making a difference and enjoying every day of their lives.

In fact, that’s why I’m hosting my event Reclaim Your Extraordinary Self on last weekend of June in Queensland. It’s centered on helping Queenslanders from a range of business and community backgrounds reclaim vision and passion in their lives.

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Article by Sally Thibault

Sally Thibault is a mum, podcast host, speaker, author & international trainer, with a Dip. Prof. Counselling, ADAPEF. She is passionate about helping women aged over 50 reclaim their purpose, power and passion in life. Heard regularly on radio stations across Queensland, Sally has also been featured in Prevention Magazine, Fitness Pro Magazine and is in-demand internationally as a speaker and trainer.


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