5 things I learnt at Style

5 things I learnt at Style

There have been many things I have learnt in my time at Style - here are just 5...

By Lucy Stephens | 13th August 2015

It’s the end of an era – of sorts.

It’s my last week here at Style as I am heading off to tackle the grey skies and damp days of Ol’ London Town. I’ve been at Style for just over four years, starting out as an intern and making my way through the ranks as a journalist, senior journalist and finally, Digital Editor.

It’s been a challenge - particularly crossing over from monthly magazine land and attempting to navigate my way through the endless depths of daily #digitallyf– but it’s been incredibly rewarding in the most wonderful ways.

There have been plenty of late nights, early mornings, canapé and Champagne swilling and too many deadlines to count, but since the very first time I stepped into the Style office, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for my first day of interning (wearing corporate attire and flat shoes – I haven’t done that again) I knew I was headed in the right direction.

So, as a last adieu, I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt at Style (it's not just these 5 things; I've learnt heaps more, I promise!)

Lipstick and high heels are your BFF

There tends to be a misconception that journos don’t spend much time in the office, and while that may be true for a TV journalist, there’s a lot of time spent behind the desk. Deadlines can often mean late nights – but there are often events in the evening that give you a chance to let your hair down. This is why it’s vital to have an event stash in your car or at your desk, always. That means a pair of heels in the car or office (or just wear them all day), and a bright pink lippy. Being able to take your look from desk to dancefloor ready really is key.

Free food tastes best

If you thought eating healthy was hard at the best of times, prepare to kiss the diet goodbye. You’ll be sent food samples, cupcakes will accompany invitations, and the offer of free burgers at the hottest new burger joint will just be too darn hard to pass up. That equals weight gain – unless you try and get your ass to the gym in the morning. Stressing when you’re on deadlines also helps! Lol. But really...

Don't be afraid to fail

In the digital game, it’s all about giving it a go. And in fact, an essential part of being creative in any form is not being afraid to fail. You don’t know if something will work unless you give it a go. The 30 Days Styled By My Boyfriend Challenge? We loved the idea behind it, but had no idea how it would pan out. While stuff may seem scary, the only way is to test the water and go from there. Your confidence will grow overtime, and the beauty about digital in particular is you can track your successes and not-so-successes, and move forward from there. Luckily you guys loved 30 Days, and we continued on with more challenges.

There’s no such thing as NSFW

In the world of lifestyle journalism – and in particular the digital realm – there is no such thing as NSFW. Why, just last week, we were enjoying the spoils of Lenny Kravitz’s wardrobe malfunction in GIF form, and I was reminded that we get to do a lot of fun/silly/not so formal stuff here - try doing that in a Dental Surgery…

There are endless opportunities available – grab ‘em!

There is so much opportunity in Brisbane - and so much you can do if you put your mind to it. Did I think 5 years ago I’d be the Digital Editor of Brissy’s best lifestyle mag and online platform? No – but I did dream it. In my job, I’ve also met so many amazing people from other industries who have all said the same thing; Brisbane is an absolute hub of support and opportunities, with the community as a whole embracing big ideas and movers and shakers (which reminds me – if you haven’t entered Style + Substance yet, you need to!). But you can’t sit back and wait for it. They say patience is a virtue, but I reckon that applies to waiting for your fake tan to dry - and that's about it! I’ve been able to start, grow and do what I love all without leaving my hometown (yet) – and I’m eternally grateful to have been able to do that!

Over and out! Xx


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Article by Lucy Stephens

Lucy Stephens is a Senior Digital Journalist and Content Strategist at Style Magazines. She's a travel addict, considers gelato an appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (salted caramel, preferably), and suffers from a moderate to severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out).


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