How’s the new job going?

The job is fantastic.  It’s a brand new challenge for me.  No two days are the same on Today Show, so I turn up morning expecting the unexpected.  It’s a dream gig and a terrific team to be a part of.

We’ve been told you’re a bit of a foodie. Where’s you favourite place to eat in Brisbane?

I firmly believe Hardgrave Road in West End is the best restaurant strip in Brisbane.  Lefkas Greek Taverna would be my top pick; the food is incredible and the atmosphere is always vibrant.  But I love that nearly every cuisine is represented along that road, and most places are family owned and run, which makes them wonderfully authentic.

Do you prefer the foodie scene in Brisbane or Sydney?

Each scene offers something completely different.  A shiny new restaurant opens in Sydney every day, which makes for a more fickle clientele.  Brisbane foodies are more loyal to their favourite joints.

Do you love to cook too? If so, what’s your favourite cuisine to cook?

I love to cook when I have others to cook for.  I suppose I’m a social foodie.  So I enjoy cooking Mediterranean style share meals; moussaka, stuffed peppers, whole grilled eggplant etc.  And I’ve recently been dabbling in sugar-free desserts.  Chocolate mousse is a dinner party pleaser.

Do you stick close to the recipe or like to make it up as you go along?

I wish I had the patience for recipes.  I’m ad hoc in the kitchen.  In fact, one of my favourite activities is creating a decent meal out of the random contents of my fridge and pantry.  I hate waste, so I get twice the satisfaction out of a resourceful meal.

If you could invite any three people to a dinner party, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Maggie Beer for cooking advice.  Nelson Mandela for inspiration.  Tina Fey for laughs.