5 Mins With...Alex Gonzalez

5 Mins With...Alex Gonzalez

Lucy Stephens chats to one of Spain’s hottest acting talents Alex Gonzalez - star of Scorpion in Love, Combustion and X-Men: First Class. He dishes the dirt on working with movie heavyweights and what he plans to get up to in Brisbane when he arrives as a special guest of the Spanish Film Festival in May.

By Lucy Stephens | 24th April 2014

Lucy: Tell me a bit about your role of Julian; a neo-nazi who experiences a rebirth through boxing in the gripping film Scorpion in Love? How did you prepare for your role?

Alex: First of all, I had to do the exercise of understanding his ideological center, which is totally different from mine and not judge him. From there, I started to investigate what I knew about violence, loneliness, lack of affection. I also had to learn boxing as a professional boxer; I trained for a year twice a day, which helped me not only to have the physical skill that the director wanted for Julian, it also meant that the boxers of the gym that I was going to train stopped seeing me as an actor and began to see me as the character. That gave me great confidence as an actor because if I wasable to convince them, it would also convince the public.

L: You're also starring in another film playing as part of the Spanish Film Festival; Combustion. Do you find it easy to transfer from one character into another? What has been your favourite character so far?

A: Julian is probably the character who more deeply touched me. (It) was very hard for me to get into him and once I got it, it was hard holding his hand and saying ‘goodbye´.
I was able to [say goodbye] when I started Combustion; every movie deserves a hundred percent and I don´t know to work other way than giving myself fully to the project. On the other hand, they are very different movies. I remember the first rehearsal [on the set of Combustion] with director Daniel Calparso, he told me, 'Your job in this movie is to enjoy, not to suffer!’

L: You've worked with some acting heavy weights -in X Men Jennifer Lawrence, and in Scorpion in Love with Javier Bardem. What it's been like working with them? Who has been the most inspiring actor you've worked with?

A: I have a theory that behind a great actor there is always a great person and I have been lucky to work with great artists. But without a doubt, the person who has most inspired me in my career has been Javier Bardem; not only for his talent but also for the love and generosity that he puts into everything he does. Actors like him dignify this profession.

L:  How did you get into acting? Was it something you always wanted to do?

A: Yes, I always wanted to be an actor, since childhood. I studied for two years at a school that was not very good and when I was 19 I joined at acting school Juan Carlos Corazza, where I did four years of training and where I go every year to continue studying and experimenting.

L:  You'll be heading to Australia, and Brisbane in May for the Spanish Film Festival. Have you been to Australia before?  What are you hoping to do in your downtime when you get here?

A: No, I´ve never been before and I´m so excited about that! I´m going with my agent and friend Laura. I haven´t made any plans because I don´t know exactly how much free time I'll have but every time I bring up Australia in a conversation, (which is very often lately) wherever I am, everyone tells me how wonderful its inhabitants are, so I’m sure it´ll be an unforgettable trip!

L:  Are you currently working on any other films? What else can we expect to see you in?

A: I made a TV series in Spain, which fortunately, is breaking audience records right now. I have some projects, which are still in the air at the moment, so the only thing certain is that I´ll start shooting the second season [of that tv series] at the end of May.

Spanish Actor Alex Gonzalez
The Spanish Film Festival hits Palace Barracks and Palace Centro Cinemas on May 1 through to 14.

Tickets for a special Scorpion in Love screening plus a Q & A with Alex Gonzalez on May 5 are available through Palacecinemas.com.au


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Article by Lucy Stephens

Lucy Stephens is a Senior Digital Journalist and Content Strategist at Style Magazines. She's a travel addict, considers gelato an appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (salted caramel, preferably), and suffers from a moderate to severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out).


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