5 Flower Hacks to Make Those Blooms Last

5 Flower Hacks to Make Those Blooms Last

It’s not an indulgence. It’s a necessity.

By Eliza Crisp | 19th April 2017

Fresh flowers don’t have to break the budget. Here are the only flower hacks you need to help your bouquets last.

1. Choose the right types of flowers

It doesn’t matter how much cash you drop on a bunch of flowers – some varieties will simply last longer than others. Hardier types include lilies, chrysanthemums, roses, peonies, dahlias, bird of paradise, Protea and Banksia flowers. Steer clear of hydrangeas, delphiniums and lisianthus; although they look beautiful, their delicate petals will fall flat in days.

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2. Ditch the flower food

That little sachet stapled to your new bouquet might SEEM like the solution to droopy blooms, but it’s more of a marketing trick. Ask any florist what they store their flowers in, and the answer is simple: cool, clean water, which they change daily.

Image: Pinterest

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3. Snip, snip!

For the ultimate in flower longevity, grab the kitchen scissors. Stems should be trimmed daily, and any dead leaves or petals removed. Tired of those dark lily stamens dropping pollen and staining the leaves? Gently remove them with a tissue, being careful not to get any yellow residue on your hands.

4. Beat the heat!

Flowers generally prefer cooler weather, which is why florists often store their stock in cold rooms. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, and away from doorways where the temperature will change more rapidly. To help maintain their petals, chill the water with ice cubes – warm water encourages blooms to open faster.

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5. Look for flower alternatives

It’s tempting to gravitate towards your usual picks when you’re choosing flowers, but don’t forget about leaves, berries and seed pods. Hypercium berries can last for weeks, while elephant ear leaves are super resilient, and cost only a few dollars apiece.

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