5 Of The Best Things To Come Out of Ireland

5 Of The Best Things To Come Out of Ireland

This St Paddy's Day, Style has compiled a top 5 of the best things to come out of Ireland.

By Guest Styler | 17th March 2014

By Michaela Walsh

5. Liam Neeson

We love him for his roles in Love Actually, Taken and The A-Team - and that’s just the tip of his extensive portfolio. He is also known as just an all-round great guy, not to mention he is probably the only male in the world that would turn down the role of James Bond for a woman.


Close up of potato chips.

Fiddle-de-dee potatoes!

 4. Flavoured Potato Chips

That’s right, you can thank the Irish for those deliciously salty and flavoursome chips that call your name every time you see a vending machine. In the 1950s, Joe ‘Spud’ Murphy, the owner of an Irish potato chip company, produced the world’s first seasoned chips – Cheese and Onion.


Irish rock band, U2.

Activists by day, rockstars by night.

3. U2

We all love a bit of classic rock in Australia, and who can go past good old U2. Forming in Dublin in 1976, U2 have since become one of the biggest rock bands in the world and are committed activists addressing many issues such as poverty, disease and social injustice.


Irish dancers

Riverdance was a global phenomenon

2. Irish Dancing

Let’s be honest, everyone loves Irish dancing. Well not actually dancing, but watching other people do Irish dancing. It is energetic and impressive, and nobody is really sure why the dancers don’t use their arms. But the footwork is so breathtaking it doesn’t even matter.


Irish landscape

This photo of the Irish landscape wouldn't look nearly as good in black and white

1. John Joly

You may not know his name but you have a lot to thank him for. This multi-talented physicist, born in 1857, not only brought us colour photography but also radiotherapy for cancer. We think that is pretty awesome and earns this guy the top spot, whether you know his name or not.


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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