Grab Your Popcorn: This Is The Cinema Experience Of The Future!

Grab Your Popcorn: This Is The Cinema Experience Of The Future!

Forget must watch - this is must feel!

By John Cooper | 30th January 2020

If you’ve ever been to Movie World on the Gold Coast you may know all about the hype of 4D movies. And now, your local cinemas is bringing a touch of the future to bring about a whole new film experience – 4DX.

Yes, welcome to 4DX, the latest cinema experience that’s being rolled out across the world, elevating a movie night to new heights. From the chairs moving around, rain dropping on top of you, scents of pizza flowing past, smoke and strobes in sync with explosions and wind blowing around the place, it’s some of the latest technology in use for a truly cinematic experience.


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I recently went to check out the new Bad Boys For Life movie at Event Cinemas Chermside to see what the new 4DX experience was like. Simply put, it was amazing. For an action movie it really enhanced my experience, immersing myself into the scenes. The chairs moved in sync with the camera angles and jolted in the right places to feel the effects and drama of gun shots and fist fights. When the high-speed car and motorcycle chase heated up, the effects were all over the place increasing the feeling of fright and tension, just as the characters would in a real setting.

When a car blew up smoke sprayed within the theatre and a bright orange strobe light brightened the room. It was a thrilling ride and the entire audience seemed to be having the times of their lives. I had a huge smile on my face throughout the entire movie as it was an experience that I will never forget.


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Early January at CES (a big convention showcasing some of the latest developed tech) presented a new format: CJ 4DPlex. In this, ScreenX was included which provides a wider range of motion with multiple projections strategically placed throughout a theatre so you can be completely immersed in your surroundings when watching a movie, which I’m sure will be the next big thing.

Overall, the entire 4DX experience really does enhance a movie viewing; it’s a spectacular experience that everyone will enjoy. It seems that the future of watching movies is here but is there more?

Want to experience it for yourself? Find your local 4DX cinema and what's showing now here!


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Article by John Cooper

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