32 Thoughts Your Dog Is Probably Thinking

32 Thoughts Your Dog Is Probably Thinking

If only our furry friends could talk…

By Kiri Johnston | 7th September 2016

Do you ever wonder what your four-legged friend is thinking? Although we will probably never know for sure, every dog lover seems to think that they are Doctor Doolittle when it comes to understanding those puppy dog eyes. We’ve put together a comprehensive list so next time your dog looks up at you, you’ll know exactly what’s going on in their heads.

1. *Wags tail against everything in sight* “Yay the humans are home!”

Dog, gify, excited

Image: Giphy

2. “If I turn on my puppy dog eyes, I’ll definitely get some of my human’s food. Works every time.”

3. “Why does my human speak to me in that voice? Have they lost the plot?”

4. *Sticks chin in the air* “Learning tricks doesn’t matter when you’re really, really, ridiculously good looking!”

5. “What’s with the 50 different nicknames, human?”

6. *On a run with human* “Keep up human, run faster!”

7. “Why do humans wear costumes everyday but we are always naked?”

8. *In the car* “Are we there yet???”

dog, car, gif

Image: Giphy

9. “You smell like another dog. Are you cheating on me?”

10. *Human pats me* “This is what I’m talking about!” *Stops patting* “What do you think you’re doing, human?!”

11. “I’m sick of eating these damn doggy biscuits everyday.” *dreams of a Sunday night lamb roast*

12. “I could lay on my expensive, comfy, doggy bed… but I’m going to lay right here on the ground instead.”

13. “What do you mean I’m not allowed on the couch?” *puppy dog eyes*

dog, giphy

Image: Giphy

14. *Looks at self in mirror* “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the furriest of them all?”

15. *Licks humans face* “How dare you push me away while I’m kissing you? You should be honoured.”

16. “Can you keep it down humans? I’m trying to sleep here!”

17. *Sits up quickly* “Did someone say ‘walk’?!”

surprised, excited, dog, giphy

Image: Giphy

18. “Why do the humans keep throwing the ball away when I bring it back for them?”

19. *Does morning stretch* “Begin in child’s pose… inhale… exhale… and now into downward dog position.”

20. “If I shake the human’s hand, it automatically means I’ll get food.”

21. “Eat, sleep, walk, repeat.”

22. “So sleepy… sleepy… sleep……” *SNORES*

23. *Hides under table after demolishing pillow* “It wasn’t me, I swear!”

24. “Please don’t be the vacuum cleaner, please don’t be the vacuum cleaner.”

25. *Human puts me in dog jumper* “Mom, please don’t, this is embarrassing! What are we, in the circus?!”

dog, giphy,

Image: Giphy

26. “I’m gonna get you broom!” *gets scared of broom* “Oh maybe not!” *runs away*

27. *Lets dog off leash* “FREEDOM!”

28. *Scratches themselves* “Ahhhhh, that’s the spot!”

29. *Looks outside the window when humans leave home* “Are they ever coming back…?”

30. *Barks at another dog* “Yo, what’s going on dude?.”

31. *Getting taken for a walk* “I wonder if the human thinks they’re taking me for a walk?”

32. “Who really ate the homework?”

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Article by Kiri Johnston

With a passion for animals of all kinds, the self-confessed crazy animal lady has a dream of opening her own animal sanctuary one day. She’s always down for a good time, doesn’t mind a bev or two and loves to embrace nature. You’ll find her on the hunt for new delicious plant-based cafes, buying a new outfit from Aussie designers, planning her next overseas adventure or just hanging out with her friends, fam and fur babies (preferably at the beach!)


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