3 sports made better with Pilates

3 sports made better with Pilates

Improving your sporting performance may only be a few springs away. Game on!

By Guest Styler | 17th September 2015

It might be our competitive nature, the increasing desire to strive for our personal fitness bests… or the perfect #fitspo shot, that has got us looking at ways to improve what we do without losing why we love to do it.

Sport is a leisure activity that we all take at our own pace and difficulty levels, but when it comes to improving on sporting and athletic abilities, integrating Pilates into a training or exercise regime can yield many benefits.

Physiotherapist Susan Cottrell of Brisbane Pilates Studio The Body Refinery says regular Pilates sessions can help to restore balance, strength and flexibility in an active body and also reduce the frequency and severity of injuries, increased body controls and power output for performance in a range of sports.

So we asked Susan for some specific sports that benefit by partnering Pilates into the fitness regime, and here are three:

1 CrossFit


Whether it’s for fitness or competition, an optimal performance in the varying activities CrossFit throws at you relies on a strong and stable core. Pilates can correct imbalances in flexibility, strength and agility, so that muscles can perform efficiently and with speed.

Top Benefits: Less tightening of the neck, head and shoulders, decrease fatigue due to less strain on the body, and increase oxygenation through exercise to increase stamina.

2 Running


Running is an easy way to keep in great cardiovascular shape, but without good posture you’re not getting the most out of your workout. Pilates aids the development of a strong core by supporting and strengthening the muscles of the torso, hips, shoulders and pelvis. Better posture and technique will ensure you run with more efficient movements and get that personal best!

Top Benefits: A stronger and more flexible spine and core, increased cardiovascular breathing techniques for endurance runners, and faster recovery from strains and injuries.

3 Golf



While it’s not a high-intensity sport that involves running, sweating or shortness of breath, the movements required for a game of golf uses a body’s full range of motion and muscles. Pilates is a full body exercise that will help improve core strength for better hip rotation and range of motion through the shoulders and back, which will improve the power behind accurate golf shots.

Top Benefits: Maximising balance and alignment while rotating, creating a smoother and more powerful swing, and increased range of motion for the perfect backswing and follow-through.

If you’re a golfer and are interesting in learning how Pilates can benefit your golfing game, register now for The Body Refinery’s free workshop on October 14, presented by professional golfer Paul Donahoo and physiotherapist Kristen Eales. Contact The Body Refinery to make a booking.

So whether you’re an occasional weekend workout type of gal looking to improve her craft, or an elite athlete looking to seek a competitive edge, elevate your sports performance to the next level with Brisbane Pilates Studio The Body Refinery. 

The Body Refinery
85 Commercial Road, Newstead
P 3358 3915  www.thebodyrefinery.com.au


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Article by Guest Styler

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