21 Flat Lay Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now

21 Flat Lay Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now

It's all about the top-down shot when it comes to Insta-perfection

By Candice Jackson | 25th February 2016

Flat lay photos are a simple, chic and creative way to display your pretty and delicious things all at once! You literally arrange everything lying down (flat lay, duh) in an aesthetically pleasing way and take a photo from above. BAM! DONE!

It doesn’t matter how disorganised your feed may appear; any flat lay image that neatly organises your objects – even if it’s in a faux-chaotic way – is bound to attract attention (and followers)!

Here are the accounts that give us serious #flaylayenvy!

1. @meohmygirl

A photo posted by Charli Burrowes (@meohmygirl) on

Charli Burrowes is a self-taught photographer, and full-blown flat lay legend. You will marvel at her vibrant Instagram portfolio of food, product-based and office flat lays. If you’ve ever drooled over the promo shots from Nodo Donuts, it’s all thanks to Charli.

2. @thedailyedited

The Daily Edited (tde.) is a luxe lifestyle brand stocking customisable leather goods designed and created by Alyce Tran and Tania Liu.  Their beautiful arrangements make it hard not to buy everything. Check out our interview with Alyce here, where she gave us her top flat lay tips!

3. @chloehollywood

When we need fashion inspo, we look to the French. When we need fashion flat lay inspo, we look to Chloe Hollywood! She’s a content creator in Paris who posts amazing minimalist monochrome fashion flat lays with a feminine and edgy feel.

4. @taramilktea

A photo posted by Tara Milk Tea ? (@taramilktea) on

If you’re on a diet, beware! This account is full of drool-worthy assortments of sugary treats and lavish meals that will make you instantly hungry.

5. @kellysnapshappy

A photo posted by K e l l y (@kellysnapshappy) on

Proving that not all flat lay has to be product-based, Kelly is a Melbourne photographer who uses flowers, snacks and other beautiful props to create simple arrangements or lettering.

6. @milkthistles

A photo posted by @milkthistles on

With an Instagram feed of flat lays using beautiful, fresh flowers and an abundance of pink, how could Style NOT include this Sydney graphic designer on our must-follow list?!

7. @bookotter

A photo posted by Liza (@bookotter) on

Tired of posting same-old same-old photos of reading in bed or at the beach? Check out the creative flay lays Liza creates with a white background, some literature and a few simple household props.

8. @walids

A photo posted by Walids Ibrahim (@walids) on

This guy describes his Instagram feed as “curated organised chaos” and we couldn’t agree more, but my, oh my, does his make mess and clutter look beautiful!

9. @margaret__zhang

From law to luscious flat lays, Australian fashion blogger Margaret is an Instagram queen when it comes to styling the image worthy of the double-tap.

10. @fromluxewithlove

A photo posted by @fromluxewithlove on

From Luxe With Love is an Australian-based style, beauty and lifestyle blog with a flat lay Instagram to keep you up-to-date with the latest lush trends (and possibly make your bank account look a little lacklustre).

11. @tiffa.ny

A photo posted by Tiffany (@tiffa.ny) on

While a lot of flat lay accounts tend to favour monochromatic designs or focus on particular colours and themes throughout their feed,Tiffany’s account is full of refreshing bright, colourful and creative flat lays shot on a variety of backdrops.

12. @msyan_

A photo posted by Yan (@msyan_) on

If you feel like you don’t have time to set up fashion or beauty flat lays, the one thing you do everyday is eat… so take some inspiration from foodie flat layer Yan.

13. @thepinkdiary 

A photo posted by The Pink Diary (@thepinkdiary) on

Put a cute dog and a flawless flat lay together and it’s paw-some. Or just awesome, whatever.  This account features plenty of flat lays shot on a wrinkled bed sheet with a cute fluffy pup used as the most adorable prop ever.

14. @thebayse

A photo posted by Bayse (@thebayse) on

There just not enough #fitspo flat lays that aren’t from mega branded activewear accounts. This fitness and health account posts a variety of flat lays in their feed for those who like gym more than jelly doughnuts.

15. @yerdiansha

Another dude on the Instagram flat lay scene, Yerdiansha from Bali creates beautiful flat lays on various white backgrounds, including tables, fur, boards, marble and cloth.

16. @luxuryandopulence

// I daydream in pink and black ????

A photo posted by luxuryandopulence (@luxuryandopulence) on

If you’re in need of a pink fluffy daydream in your daily feed, this account is for you! Pink is an everyday occurrence here, not just on Wednesdays.

17. @designbyaikonik

When you’re comfortable with your basic flat lay, it’s time to look into knolling. For those who have absolutely no idea what that means, knolling is the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles as a method of organisation. And Carissa is OWNING IT with her fashion and beauty flat lays!

18. @stephsterjovski

Beach Day (everyday) ? @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/28fu0 #liketkit #paigedenim #liveinit #iheartselena

A photo posted by Stephanie Sterjovski (@stephsterjovski) on

Ah, to be a travel blogger! If you think you can control your envy, it’s worth following Stephanie’s account for wanderlust inspo. She posts lux travel, outfit and lifestyle flat lays.

19. @thedairy 

A photo posted by The Dairy (@thedairy) on

The Dairy is an Australian phone case company that adds a personal touch to your handheld hero (aka your palm mate). Each flat lay includes a different design, with plenty of office inspo shots.

20. @clairemueller

A photo posted by Claire Mueller (@capnmueller) on

This account has a unique take on flat lays, adding string or tape between items to create a flowchart feel and even creating a flat lay model from sand to display swimwear products.

21. @flatlays

A photo posted by Flatlays (@flatlays) on

These guys collate the best of the best flat lays on Instagram and post them for you! If you reckon you’ve mastered a perfect flat lay, tag them and they might even feature yours!


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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