2017 Astrology Predictions

2017 Astrology Predictions

It’s written in the stars.

By Dream Diva: Jan Burguez | 4th January 2017

Using astrology and numerology, Jan Burguez (aka Dream Diva) unpacks the celestial themes of the coming months to make predictions that we can all live by.

2017 is potentially a golden year, ruled by our potent Sun and a Pythagorean number one. With so many metaphysical elements working in our favour, there is no better time to launch our big dreams.

2017’s new moon positions augur well for those who are ready to try new things and head off on big adventures.

Auspicious outcomes depend on timing just as much as strategy; our monthly horoscopes could reveal the best time for your next big step.

January 2017

Start the year by formulating your plans. Retrogrades slow us down and hinder consultations, and a Mercury retrograde will begin on January 8. As a result, rash actions could make you lose your footing in a relationship or business deal.

Venus in Pisces promises a spiritually satisfying time. It may be time for new romance, creative pursuits and your fondest dreams to flourish.

If you were born when Jupiter was in Virgo, you may find your focus turning towards the healthier aspects of life with a new fitness regimen.

Take it slow this month; until the full moon appears on January 12, even your best-laid plans could run out of puff. Until the new moon on January 28, it’s time to dust off your dreams, recalibrate your goals according to your strengths and direct your life with passion and purpose.

February 2017

While your imagination is running wild, try not to take criticism to heart. There are always new ways to shape an idea.

A retrograde Jupiter in Leo on February 2 will last until June. This will be a time to make decisions about matters of the heart, but remember not to get stuck with someone for longer than is good for you. Keep communications clear and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

A lunar eclipse on February 11 heralds a great opportunity for a stable connection in love or business.

March 2017

In March, many will be tempted to retreat to their comfort zone. On March 12, the feeling that you’re off-track or losing your way will prevail. Keep your eyes on the prize.

A full moon in Virgo on March 12 will accentuate self-doubt. But by late March, the Sun and Mercury will be in Aries, fuelling a much-needed rush of energy to reinvigorate our mission.

April 2017

April is a time to throw caution to the wind; you might over-indulge, over-spend, and brush aside the people who dare to stand in your way.

April 6 may well prove to be the trickiest day of the year. Try not to act impulsively or shoot off at the mouth when faced with complicated choices.

On April 10, Mercury in Pisces turns retro, and a carefree attitude will start to come across as lacking in compassion.

There will be frustrating delays and obstacles to securing business deals or getting the lover you long for in your bed.

Fortunately, there’s a full moon on April 11, which promotes more fluidity, and by April 17 you’ll feel like you’re moving full-steam ahead on your chosen life path.

May 2017

This month, stern Saturn and quirky Uranus align. Their opposing characteristics don’t usually make for perfect bedfellows, but during this time you may find that solutions to protracted, complex issues will fall into place.

Physical exhaustion could overwhelm on May 25; listen to your body and take some time to rest at home.

June 2017

The middle of year will bring about a crossroads in life: every new beginning supersedes an ending – you will be ready to risk it all for a new way of life.

Whether or not you believe in serendipity, it will be hard to explain the uncanny patterns and meetings this month. On June 10, compatible connections will abound.

July 2017

Egos will vie to win unwinnable arguments on July 2 and the wounded party won’t be able to top up their self-esteem until Mercury enters Leo on July 6.

Around the same time, charming Venus in Gemini will ignite social sensibilities, warm hearts, and help shed that wintry funk.

By the full moon on July 9, an epiphany will help you realise that you often jump to conclusions without sufficient research, both in your personal life and in work. This level of mental clarity gets another boost as the new moon enters on July 24. This is a great time to negotiate contracts.

August 2017

We all must learn to graciously take the bad with the good. Be mindful of tricky dates that could undo all your hard work. August 6, 10, 13 and 17 have the potential to mislead you in professional and personal areas, particularly your finances.

Remember that there are more important things in life than money and power.

September 2017

Spring will be in the air and in your step through the whole of September. Business accounts will be paid and cordial or romantic gestures will be returned.

With retro-Mercury being felt around September 5, it will be a good time to hold your tongue. Your patience will pay off later when you find an audience that takes the plain truth better than anticipated.

Your emotional intelligence will have the time to shine when you expertly navigate a risky business contract or love matter. This level of good fortune will continue through the advent of the new moon on September 20, when you will feel ready to take on the world.

October 2017

October is all about questioning yourself. Some will ask, “Am I just here to fulfil the needs of others, pay the banker and die?”

For these folk especially, a change of life path is imminent. Relationships will come to an end, assets and businesses will be sold, and some people will decide to retrain in new fields.

By the time the full moon rolls in on October 20, you’ll be ready to trade security and accompanying boredom for a brave new world.

November 2017

This big month’s intensity will be felt as the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus align on November 7 in a powerful demonstration of celestial energy.

From matters of the heart and hearth to the professional world, change will be in motion. Some will leave a well-paid career in exchange for more time with loved ones. Others will replace an unhealthy obsession with a healthy regimen.

Personal growth might be tested on November 19, when someone picks a fight. If you choose to engage, you’ll come off second-best.

On November 18, the new moon will see the status quo gradually overturned by the rise of all things unconventional.

December 2017

Your efforts to make a change in the Sun/One year will be rewarded when Venus, the evening star, brings good tidings in friendship, relationships, property and business.

Nefarious Neptune will end a five-year retrograde phase; you’ll need to show tact as deep, dark secrets slowly surface.

The super moon on December 4 will open up broad communication channels. You’ll be super-charged with newfound skills in public speaking, media, marketing, and education.

By the end of the year, you will feel renewed, invigorated and ready to embrace 2018.


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Article by Dream Diva: Jan Burguez

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