Want To Be On The Edge Of Your Seat? Here’s Our Thoughts On 1917

Want To Be On The Edge Of Your Seat? Here’s Our Thoughts On 1917

A true cinematic experience

By John Cooper | 28th January 2020

A true masterpiece of brilliant cinematography, an epic score, stunts that will have you on the edge of your seat and yet, a simple but spectacular story.

1917 is a movie following two corporals who have been sent off to deliver a message to prevent an attack. They must travel across enemy lines to deliver the orders and if they fail, they’ll lose 1600 men. It's a gripping adventure that puts you on to the front lines of WWI.


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With spectacular casting, the two lead characters manage to exchange small dialogue of comedic stories about how dangerous rats are in the trenches and little details of what they've left behind before they went to war, and what they’re looking forward to upon their return home. From these exchanges you automatically get immersed into the characters’ world and see what they’re seeing, so then you’re brought along for the ride of this extremely dangerous mission.

The terrific cinematography by Roger Deakins, manages to grab your attention to bring you alongside the characters by filming all the takes in a strategic one-shot style. It’s immersive, to say the least. Making it all feel so realistic, it’s like you're really there with almost any trip or fall  - making it an intense viewing as your guided into the unknown. This technique also changes the view on how the story is told, by experiencing their surroundings and making you pay attention on what the characters are focusing on.


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The stunning soundtrack by Thomas Newman is so perfect that it positively enhances the point of view about how you experience this film without forcing you to switch your focus from your surroundings. The key of the soundtrack does that by overpowering what’s going around you and changes not only your state of mind with what the characters are experiencing, but helps make you reflect on what they’re going through and absorb what had just happened within the movie. The soundtrack isn’t overtly overpowering, but rather gradually builds in sync with lighting and action on screen; it’s subtle yet extremely effective.

It's a spectacular masterpiece by Sam Mendes that just truly grabs you and makes you experience the emotions of what it was like in WWI. It feels genuine and not only an accurate historical experience but a marvelous one too.

With only so many words to describe this amazing movie, it’s a stunningly, immersive and breathtaking experience that is one of a kind and has to be watched on the biggest screen possible as it’s an experience of a lifetime to watch.


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Article by John Cooper

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