19 life hacks to save $100 this week

19 life hacks to save $100 this week

Got your eye on an end of year holiday but can’t take your other eye off that new Sass & Bide dress? Here are 19 ways to save money, earn an extra $100 (or more) a week and curb your spending habits long-term.

By Jane Schon | 30th April 2015

Well, we did it guys – for the fourth year in a row, in their annual Mapping the World's Prices report, the Deutsche Bank has named Australia the most expensive place to live in the world… woohoo!

Sydney and Melbourne topped the table for the most expensive places to catch public transport and buy cigarettes, and Australia is also forking out a mint for accommodation, fast food, and Friday night knock offs.

It’s times like these we need to make like Macklemore and get a little thrifty. Knowing where your money is going is essential. Over the past few years, I’ve slowly reigned in my reckless habits through a mix of my dad’s budget advice and the fact that moving out of home was like taking a knee to the stomach – financially.

We all know spending money is easy, but I’ve found saving money can be just as carefree! All you need to do is change a few daily, weekly and monthly habits – but never fear your social calendar won’t have to suffer.

Here are a 19 simple ways to get a little more bang for your buck and save a few extra pennies every week:

  1. Wardrobe Audits can help you do away with the unwanted and unloved, and can help refine your personal style - no more impulse purchases!
  2. Sell any clothes you haven’t worn in a year at a Suitcase Rummage or on eBay.
  3. Stop buying daily coffees – with Brisbane coffee drinkers spending an average of $3.50-$4 on brew everyday, you could save around $20 per working week and $1,040 per year.
  4. Organise your weekly meal plan in advance – using only products on special or in season.
  5. Take lunch to work – start making large batches of food at the start of the week, freezing individual portions and take them to work every day for lunches.
  6. Set aside a weekly mani-pedi night at home instead of heading to the salon.
  7. Sign up to holiday- and airfare-booking sites, so you’re the first to find out about sales.
  8. Never buy full-priced fashion – get to the front of the line at the Boxing Day and Mid-Year Sales.
  9. Buy as much as you can in bulk... provided you have somewhere to store the loo paper.
  10. Shaving time off your showers can save approximately $100 a year for a household of three. Install a timer and keep your showers under four minutes each. Installing a low-flow showerhead will also have you using half the water of a regular shower fitting.
  11. By hanging your clothes out to dry, using cold water to wash clothes, and investing in an energy efficient front loader, you can save over $350 per year.
  12. Choose breakfast catch-ups over dinner – on average going out to a quality breakfast joint costs you around the $20-$30 mark, compared to a quality dinner which can set you back anywhere from $60-$100 per person.
  13. Office snacks – try pooling your cash around the office and take turns to visit a budget supermarket each week (like Aldi) to buy bulk munchies for 3:30pm snack time.
  14. Make a weekly budget for meals, beauty, bills etc. and stick to it! Download a Budgeting APP to help you out.
  15. Pay yourself first – before you even touch your pay cheque, pay yourself a weekly amount first (5-20 per cent of your pay – whatever you can afford) and start building a nest egg.
  16. Become a furniture assembler or offer up your service for a variety of other odd jobs on Airtasker.
  17. Become an Uber driver!
  18. Eliminate bank fees – make an appointment at your bank and negotiate removing your account fees. They’ll want to keep you as a customer so chances are they’ll agree! And only use your bank’s ATMs. At $2-$3 per visit, you can save hundreds every year.
  19. Downgrade your phone plan and take advantage of free Wi-Fi.

If you need more help to stay budget savvy, check out our list of 50 Cheap Thrills in Brisbane.


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Article by Jane Schon

Jane is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She is addicted to theatre, travelling to far off places and developing her personal style (AKA shopping). Jane adores good food (and even better coffee) and is a self-confessed sleep enthusiast.


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