19 Last Minute & Low Budget Halloween Costume Ideas

19 Last Minute & Low Budget Halloween Costume Ideas

Need to save? Have a scroll through our top picks for low budget Halloween costumes.

By Jana Gabrijel | 24th October 2017

Sick of spending too much on Halloween costumes? We have you covered with the best low budget Halloween costume ideas.


Only showing up for the boos? Then a ghost is the perfect costume for you. One of the easiest get-ups to make because all you need is an old bedsheet.

What you need to do: Wear a long white dress with full length sleeves, long white-haired wig, white face paint, black paint around the eyes and black lippy. Guaranteed you’ll be the most boo-tiful ghost in the room.


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Perfect for when you want to take the opportunity to be antisocial and avoid all human contact.

What you need to do: Get yourself a cheap midnight black top hat, suspenders and white gloves from a two-dollar store. Also invest in some cheap white and black face paint to go crazy with. Complete the look by raiding your wardrobe for a black and white striped shirt and a pair of black tights or jeans.

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Looking for your necks victim? Try the low budget vampire costume.

What you need to do: Go sexy with a tight short dress, or go classic with longer materials. Buy some cheap fake blood to run down your neck and lips. Top it off with black nail polish, a smoky eye and red lip. You can even step it up a notch with creepy contact lenses to scare the pants off your next victim.


Image: Pinterest

Derek Zoolander

Wanna look just like a model?

What you need to do: Buy yourself a spikey short do wig to recreate the Zoolander do. Apply dark blue lippy and eyeshadow. Chisel the look with blue contact lenses, a black headband and shirt you can mark yourself with the iconic ZL patterns. Don’t forget the sexy pose.

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Image: Pinterest

Care Bears

Cute! Or is it?

What you need to do: Get yourself a basic one tone shirt and an old piece of white material to sew onto the belly section of your tee. Texter it up and recreate the belly print of your chosen bear. Polish off with a headband that has attached bear ears, and you are ready to trick or treat. Quick bonus: spice it up with a little, or a lot of fake blood.


Image: Pinterest

Fifty Shades of Grey

Get naughty and dress as fifty shades of grey this Spooktacular Halloween.

What you need to do: Get yourself some paint samples in all the shades of gray. Now you can either tack them to a black rubbish bag and wear it as a dress, or you can use an old black dress you don’t mind destroying with stitched on grey paint samples. You can even consider spicing it up with a whip or fake handcuffs attached to your wrist.

Dora the Explorer

Multilingual at age 4, but can’t locate things next to her… Classic Dora!

What you need to do: Place a dark brown or black bob wig on your head, wear a purple backpack, pink shirt, orange shorts, white runner’s yellow bracelet and yellow socks!


Image: Pinterest

Wednesday Addams

Had a crappy year? Not necessarily excited about existence? Wednesday Addams is the costume for you.

What you need to do: Place your hair in two low plats. Find yourself a long black dress with long sleeves as well as a white collared shirt to wear underneath. The best part about this one is that it takes two seconds to get your makeup ready. Just dust a bunch of white powder on your face and you are ready to trick or treat this Halloween.


Image: Pinterest

Pippi Longstocking

Protest adult responsibilities with a Pipi Longstocking costume.

What you need to do: Place wire in your braids and ribbons on each end. Dress in overalls or high wasted jeans, and use your brow pencil to draw a face full of freckles. Don’t forget the long-stripped socks. You can also step it up by purchasing a cheap orange wig from the dollar store.


Image: Pinterest

101 Dalmatians

The best part is that you can invite as many people as you like to dress the same!

What you need to do: Wear a white shirt and black leggings. Draw spots all over your white shirt with a marker, and spots on your face with dark makeup. Use a white hat or headband and sew on droopy ears with spots.


Image: Pinterest

Little Red Riding Hood

Take special care in the woods. The big bad wolf is on his way this Halloween.

What you need to do: Place a red hood over a white boob tube with a long or short black skirt. Top it off with a basket and voilà!


Image: Pinterest

Identity thief

Super punny!

What you need to do: Stick a bunch of ID stickers to your shirt. Write different names on each and off you go.


Image: Pinterest

Miley Cyrus

Just one of the many horrible outfit decisions made by Miss Cyrus.

What you need to do: Wear an all nude outfit as tightly fitting as possible, tie two high buns on top of your head, and bring a cute teddy bear or foam finger along. Don’t forget to stick out your tongue as much as possible!


Image: Pinterest

Leela from Futurama

Cool and creepy.

What you need to do: Draw your own eyeball and secure it with tack or glue on an old stretchy hairband. Buy a purple wig, carry a toy gun and wear a white tank top paired with black pants.


Image: Pinterest


Already have the black wardrobe? All you need is the face paint.

What you need to do: Get some black and white face paint, and away you go.


Image: Pinterest


Witch better have my candy.

What you need to do: Be a basic witch this Halloween with a cheap costume from any discount store. Spice it up and make it your own with a signature makeup look, just amp it up with a fist full of glitter. Steer toward dark colours on the eyes and nails!


Image: Pinterest

Daenerys Targaryen

I thought the mother of dragons would be harder to recreate. Who knew.

What you need to do: Buy the longest white or blonde wig you can find, wear a light blue or white dress and don’t forget the toy dragon!


Image: Pinterest

Cartoon Character

Got liquid liner and red lipstick? Well you got this look in the bag.

What you need to do: Line your nose, lips and eyes. Place red dots all over your face, add red lips, eyeliner and style with the clothes your heart desires.


Image: Pinterest

Helga Pataki

Finally, you can take full advantage of your bossy side!

What you need to do: Piggy tails, a huge pink bow, a white tee under a pink dress, heart necklace with a picture of Arnold and a unibrow. Easy!


Image: Pinterest

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