19 Instagram Typographers You Need to Follow

19 Instagram Typographers You Need to Follow

You’ll be inspired all day, every day.

By Elle Raison | 8th June 2016

What was life like before Instagram? I don’t remember. If I had to choose between Insta and all my other social media accounts, I wouldn’t hesitate; it’s an addiction I won’t be giving up any time soon. Can I get an amen?

OK, so I admit I’ve probably spent a few too many hours minutes scrolling through posts, stalking fashionistas’ latest purchases, envying the travel bloggers their amazing holidays and figuring out where I’ll be going for breakfast on the weekend. But would I ask for that time back? Probably not. Wanna know why?

Simple! I’ve stumbled (or should I say scrolled?) across so many cool, talented people in the process. I wouldn’t even know that these artists existed if it weren’t for Instagram. Whether they’re well-known or new to the industry, the photo-sharing app gives artists a creative platform to showcase their work and connect with people all over the world.

I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the art of hand lettering or calligraphy (which comes under the broader umbrella of typography). If you’re not… you’re welcome. These uber-cool, super clever Instagram typographers will keep you inspired all day long with their creativity.

1. Jasmine Dowling, Brisbane @jasminedowling

2. Sarah Staunton, Sydney @penheartspaper

3. Phillippa Knight, London @paperandinka

4. Hunting Louise, Sydney @huntinglouise

5. Harley Quinn & Co, Australia @harleyquinnandco

6. Jamal M Aziz, Jakarta @lapantigatiga

A photo posted by Jamal M. Aziz (@lapantigatiga) on

7. Jennet Liaw, Beaverton @jennetliaw

A photo posted by Jennet Liaw (@jennetliaw) on

8. Luke Choice, New York City @velvetspectrum

9. Gemma O’Brien, Sydney @mrseaves101

A photo posted by Gemma O'Brien (@mrseaves101) on

10. Seb Lester, London @seblester

A photo posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

11. Leona Fietz, Brisbane @leonafietz

A photo posted by Leona Fietz (@leonafietz) on

12. Kal Barteski, Canada @kalbarteski

A photo posted by kal barteski (@kalbarteski) on

13. Julie Song, San Francisco Bay Area @juliesongink

A photo posted by Julie Song (@juliesongink) on

14. Nathan Johnson, Sydney @blackliststudio

15. Lauren Hung, Sydney @theblacklinebylauren

16. Emma Kate, Adelaide @emmakateco

17. Melissa Smith, Australia @lissletters

18. Lauren, Sydney @justsayingirl

19. David Milan, Madrid @mdemilan

A photo posted by David Milan (@mdemilan) on

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Article by Elle Raison

Elle Raison is a former journalist of Style Magazines. With an avid appreciation for travel, food and friends, Elle is always ready for a new adventure, whether that be trying the latest local cafe, visiting a foreign destination or turning strangers into loved ones.


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