11 FREE Apps To Stay Motivated in 2016

11 FREE Apps To Stay Motivated in 2016

Nothing says “Don’t you dare give up!” and “Remember those goals you set” like a push-up notification.

By Candice Jackson | 7th January 2016

If you tend to set a goal, work hard the first week and then watch your motivation slowly die, we feel you. And there’s an app for that! (Several, actually.)
Scientists claim it can take up to 28 days to break a habit and about nine weeks to create a new one that’ll stick. But any normal human being knows that those nine weeks can feel 10 times as long when your motivation has left you stranded.

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To solve your problems and get moving towards your goals, we’ve found the best apps to stay motivated in 2016. And they won’t cost you a single cent.

1. HabitClock, iOS

When our alarm goes off (multiple times, if we hit snooze), most of us are far from being productive and/or motivated… at least until we have coffee, anyway. HabitClock helps you create a manageable morning routine that separates tasks into step-by-step rituals, including healthy habits you want to make stick.

2. Quit That!, iOS

Bad habits can be costly for your health and your wallet, and this app helps you balance both. Quit That! tracks your quitting journey by monitoring how many days since your last coffee, cigarette, soda, etc. and works out how much you have saved in that amount of time. The money you save becomes a great motivational tool, especially when you realise how much you could be spending on other things.

3. CheckMark Goals, iOS

Love the feeling of crossing things off a daily to-do list? Goals are easier to achieve when you take them one day at a time. This app lets you set daily goals, completion times and alert reminders to stay focused on your goals.

4. AppDetox, Android

How can you stay focused and motivated if you’re constantly checking your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Twitter – need we go on? Get more productive and conquer your goals with a digital detox. The app allows you to create your own blockage rules by banning usage during work, restricting the amount of times you open the app or the time spent per day/week on each individual app. If you break your own rules, the app will tell you to stop and track your violations in a log.

5. Easy Reminders, iOS

After postponing once, it’s easy to forget to action your plans or goals. This app keeps you on track with regular pop-up reminders (that can also be set to recur daily, weekly or monthly). It also has a “nag me” feature, which will ring every minute or on the hour until you complete the task.

6. MyFitnessPal, iOS & Android

MyFitnessPal encourages healthy eating and exercise by allowing users to set a weight goal and work toward it. Whether you want to count calories or kilojoules, the app will make sure it’s appropriate to your age, current weight, exercise regime and goals. It can also sync with exercise apps to input the amount of calories or kilojoules burned during a workout.

7. Motivate Me, Android

How does a personal motivator sound? If you lack enthusiasm, inspiration or motivation for a specific goal or activity, this app will deliver motivational quotes, posters and images to help increase your positive attitude. You can even choose how many times the app should motivate you in one day, and schedule it for times you’ll think you’ll need it the most (ahem, 3pm snack time).

8. Coach.me, iOS & Android

Forming a new habit alone can be daunting, so why not join a community of people sharing the same journey? Coach.me offers tools to track goals and habits, as well as communities to share your progress and celebrate with. Coach.me’s upgrades can also provide you with a personal trainer for your business, career or lifestyle goals.

9. Beeminder, iOS & Android

If you need to make yourself more accountable in relation to your goals, this is the app for you. Beeminder lets you set quantifiable personal goals and tracks them on a graph. Your aim is to stay within the app’s “yellow brick road” by inputting your own data regularly or allowing apps or services (like Fitbit) to automatically enter data for you. If you stray from the path, you have to pledge REAL money to vow to stay on the road the next time. If you go off track again, the app charges you (from $5). If you stick to your goals, though, it’s free!

10. FitMeet, iOS & Android

Fitness buddies sound amazing in theory, but chances are those closest to you are either unreliable or they have completely different health and fitness goals to the ones you’re reaching for. FitMeet connects like-minded people based on their sports, fitness goals and location and helps you find your next training partner to help you stay motivated.

12. Balanced, iOS

When your work-life balance is off, it can be hard to muster any motivation. This app helps you stay focused on the important things in life by balancing your goals, inspiration and mindfulness and rewarding you for your dedication. By organising what needs to be done and in what time frame, the app reminds you to stay on track and provides inspirational activities for a “happiness list” to stay grounded and mindful.

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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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