11 Bedroom Hacks To Get The Best Sleep Ever

11 Bedroom Hacks To Get The Best Sleep Ever

Because there’s WAY more to it than just going to bed on time

By Elizabeth Best | 31st March 2016

How many times have you woken up bleary eyed to the jarring sounds of your alarm feeling like you’ve not had a wink of sleep? Too many to count, we’d wager. But did you know your bedroom décor could be affecting the quality of your sleep?

Research shows that your actual bedroom setup can be JUST as important to sleep quality as making sure you go to bed at a reasonable hour. Mind. Blown.

Here are the simple décor hacks that could turn your room into slumberville so you can get the best sleep EVER.

1. Get rid of clutter

Bedroom Hacks To Get Best Sleep Ever Bedroom Clutter

Ella Bedside Table, $799 Forty Winks; Mini Succulents, Vast Interior; Home by Adele Blair, $34.95 Howard's Storage World; Bouclair Mindy Wood Bird, $19.99 Spotlight

A cluttered room equals a cluttered mind, which DEFINITELY equals disturbed sleep. You can’t relax when there are things everywhere. Keep your bedside tables clear, with only one or two accent items. Need help organising? There are plenty of books full of advice for sorting through everything. Before you go to bed each night, do a quick sweep of your room, putting away stray items, putting clothes in the dirty basket and ensuring your wardrobe doors are closed for a clutter-free vibe.

2. Choose your perfect mattress

Are you sleeping on an old mattress? Maybe you took it with you when you moved out of home. Or maybe you turned to Gumtree as a uni student and bought whatever was cheapest and hoped for the best. It may have done its job so far, but you’re a full-grown adult now! You need an adult mattress! We spend more than a third of our lives in bed, so you need to pick out a mattress that’s just right for you. Think about things like whether you want a soft or hard mattress, the type of support it offers, whether you like a pillowtop or not. Mattresses are the most important factor in sleep quality.

3. Turn your bed into a sanctuary

Make Your Bed Your Sanctuary Bedroom Decor Hacks For The Best Sleep Ever Style Magazines

Venus Winged Headboard and Base $1599, Snooze.

Now you’ve got the basics sorted, you need to turn your bed into a magical sanctuary that makes you want to do a swan dive right into it at the end of every day. Lots of pillows can create a comfy, relaxing look, or opt for a fabric covered bedhead to add an extra layer of luxe. Soften the look by draping a cosy throw over the end of the bed. Make the bed look as inviting as possible!

4. Pick sheets made of breathable, natural fibres

Next it’s sheets; research shows that your body sleeps better when your skin is cool and can breathe, so opt for sheets with natural fibres. Not only will these help your body regulate its temperature, but it will also feel heavenly! If you want a REALLY luxurious sleep, look at Egyptian cotton; it’s so soft you’ll never want to get up.

5. Choose calming colours

Bedroom Decor Hacks For The Best Sleep Ever Style Magazine Advice Tips

Asta queen bed, $2299 Forty Winks; Dojo Lantern, $85 Rice Furniture; Loopy throw, $199 Freedom Furniture; Elden Occasional Chair, $299 Early Settler

You might be a person who likes bold, bright colours all over the house, but when it comes to the bedroom this could be causing quite a bit of tossing and turning. Bedrooms are places of rest, so going with any bright colours or jarring patterns could be affecting your feeling of restfulness. Opt for calming, cool or neutral colours such as cool whites, greys, blues or beiges. A chaotic pattern is just as bad as clutter when it comes to resting the mind, so stick to softer patterns or block colours if you want more shut-eye.

6. Make Your Bed Every Morning

A beautifully appointed bed means nothing if the pillows are strewn all over the floor and the sheets are a rumpled mess. Making your bed every morning will give you a real sense of accomplishment and make you feel all smug when you arrive home. Plus it ensures the sheets don’t get creases, which can be rough and affect sleep later.

7. Change your room into a tech-free zone

Various artwork, Spotlight.

Various artwork, Spotlight.

Televisions and electronics emit a blue light that disrupts our natural melatonin production which means no sleep. So get rid of them! Your bedroom should only be a place for sleep, so that your body knows what time it is when you finally snuggle into bed. Oh, and that electronic alarm clock beside your bed? Ditch that too. The light that close to your line of vision will mess up your slumber. Instead fill that space on your bedside or wall with a calming piece of art or an inspirational print.

8. Get cosy with lamps

Bedroom decor hacks best sleep ever advice tips

Andrews Light Up Lane lamp, $99.95; various lamps Freedom Furniture.

Overhead lighting might be great in your other rooms but it doesn't help you wind down in your sleeping quarters. Apart from having to get out of bed to switch ceiling lights off before you sleep, the light emitted is often overly harsh. Say it with us: LAMPS. A dim light will put your brain into a restful state before the big ZZZs need to start. If you don’t love lamps, at least have a dimmer switch installed overhead so the transition from light to dark is gradual.

9. Control the outside light

Even the smallest glow of light in a dark room can affect your quality of sleep, so you want to block out as much outside light as possible. Blockout blinds or heavy curtains are best for this. If you desperately want a sheer curtain, make sure it’s over the top of a heavier one to block out the light.

10. Add a seating zone

Seating Zone Bedroom Hacks Better Sleep Reading Corner Armchair Decor

Jazz armchair, $349, Fantastic Furniture

If you like hanging out in your bedroom rather than just sleeping in it, add a seating area with a comfy armchair. This is like setting a mental boundary that says to your brain “this area is for chilling, but as soon as we move to the bed, it’s sleep time!” Plus it makes your room look super sophisticated and cosy.

11. Take furniture position into account

If your bed isn't arranged in a way that feels comfortable, you're not going to be able to rest soundly in it. It's important to position your bed in a way that's not just visually appealing, but that also feels right in the space when you're in it. If it's shoved in a corner, it might feel cramped, or make it difficult if a person needs to get up in the middle of the night. Once you have your dream bed, experiment with placement until you feel at your most restful.

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Article by Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth is the former Digital Editor of Style Magazines. She knew she wanted to be a journalist from the age of six and has spent the past decade working for some of Australia's top publications. She also thinks mint chocolate is a gift straight from the heavens.


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