10 Ways to Combat First Date Nerves

10 Ways to Combat First Date Nerves

Calm yo’self!

By Amber Lowther | 22nd June 2016

Going on a date is nerve-wracking as hell! What am I going to wear? What if it doesn’t go well? All of those thoughts are perfectly normal. But what if you could find a way to combat those first date nerves? Luckily, I have some solutions to help you stay chill without resorting to spraying Calm & Clear around! Go get ’em!

Distract yourself beforehand

Have a nap, play with your dog (that’s not a euphemism), go for a run – any of these things can keep you busy leading up to your date. If you’re distracted, chances are you won’t be constantly freaking out about your date.

If you’re really nervous, give a friend a call or get them to help you pick out your outfit. Having someone there to chat to about any concerns beforehand will mean smooth sailing and less stress!

Have a bev

ONE beverage can help you relax a little bit. Run a bath, relax and have a glass to calm the pre-date jitters. I am a big advocate of this method; taking a moment to sip on a wine and have a chat with your roomie/friend/family will help you forget about your date-to-be and will have you feeling as cool as a cucumber. Remember, don’t overdo it and make sure you drink responsibly. Being intoxicated on a first date isn’t cute. (Drink responsibly, guys!)

10 Ways to Combat First Date Nerves, first date nerves, first date, dating, relationships

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Make sure your outfit is sorted in advance

It’s stressful enough trying to sort out your daily outfits let alone an outfit for a date! Having a clear idea of what you’re going to wear will save you time AND stress.

When dressing for a first date, make sure you don’t go overboard – a nice dress, a blouse and skinny jeans or a top and skirt will always be a winner.

Make sure you check the weather forecast and keep your activities in mind so you can dress accordingly – you sure as heck don’t want to be wearing a mini skirt if you’re going ice-skating.

Don’t have high expectations

If you go into a date thinking it’s going to be the most romantic night of your life, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Think of it as two people making an effort to get to know each other better. You might click, you might not and that’s OK! Just take everything one step at a time.

Dating doesn’t have to be scary. It could even be fun! If nothing else, you’re getting dressed up and taking a break from your Netflix marathon to meet someone new.

10 Ways to Combat First Date Nerves, first date nerves, first date, dating, relationships

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Embrace those nerves!

If you’re nervous, it’s probably because you’re kinda into the person. Being nervous before a date is 100 per cent natural and it’s an exciting feeling! I personally think that if you don’t get butterflies or a hint of nerves when they text you, before a date and anything in-between, you’re either super confident (which is AMAZING) or you’re just not feeling it yet. Either way, it’s totally fine! Embrace the nerves!

Remember that they’re nervous too!

You’re wondering how to fill any potential awkward silences and how you two will connect – and your date is probably doing the exact same thing. If they don’t get at least a tiny bit nervous, things probably won’t progress past the first date. You want someone who is hoping to impress you just as much as you want to impress them.

Listen to great music

If Jenny from the Block doesn’t get you going, then we can’t be friends. Go sort out a fab playlist that makes you feel more like a queen than Beyoncé! Music is magic and if you’re loving what you’re hearing, you won’t be focusing on the date around the corner. So start getting ready and put on some happy tunes!

10 Ways to Combat First Date Nerves, first date nerves, first date, dating, relationships

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Think positive thoughts

You can find a positive in almost every experience so instead of worrying about how everything could fall apart, think about all the ways it could go right! It’s a date, not a job interview so don’t be afraid to have some fun and have a laugh! Keep things fun and light, remind yourself that you’re fabulous and show them that! Confidence is sexy and being a positive person radiates through you. Your date will love it!

You don’t have to marry them!

Going on one date doesn’t mean you’re locked in for life with the other person. It’s an opportunity to go out with someone, get to know them, get a little bit awkward, connect with them and well, why not! Get your head out of the clouds and back down to the reality of it all - you don’t have to see them again if you don’t want to! A simple message letting them know you don’t feel that way is totally fine. Not everyone is compatible and you certainly don’t have to marry everyone you go on a date with! I love going on dates because I also learn a lot more about myself – what I like, what I don’t like, what I’m looking for. You’ll learn the same, too!


If you don’t remember to breathe, you might just pass out. Luckily, the human body breathes without us noticing (I’m a biologist, clearly). What I mean is take some deep breaths. Whenever you feel the nerves creepin’ on in, take a second to get some oxygen into ya! You’ll be able to think clearer and gather your thoughts. If you’re still feeling nervous on your date, excuse yourself, go to the bathroom or outside and take a minute.

10 Ways to Combat First Date Nerves, first date nerves, first date, dating, relationships

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Article by Amber Lowther

Amber is a former contributor at Style Magazines. She runs her own fashion and beauty blog and has an obsession with Batman. When she’s not stuffing her face with Italian food, she’s adding new shoes to her wardrobe and dreaming of NYC.


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