10 Incredible Places on Earth

10 Incredible Places on Earth

We have compiled a list of 10 of the most incredible places on Earth.

By Guest Styler | 22nd April 2014

By Michaela Walsh

To celebrate Earth Day and remind us why we must take care of our beautiful planet we have compiled a list of 10 of the most amazing places on Earth. It’s hard to believe some of these places even exist!

1. Lake Hillier, Western Australia

This lake is simply unbelievable. It is naturally pink and nobody is 100 percent sure why, though there are hypotheses relating to a dye created from algae in the water. There are no known adverse effects from the lake on humans or animals, so feel free to take a dip!

2. Northern Lights, Norway

Also known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are a breathtaking site on the bucket list of many. The lights are a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by electrons traveling at high speed and colliding with the highest air particles.

3. Pamukkale, Turkey

This natural site looks like a place to cool down but it is actually quite the opposite. The pools are hot springs caused by underground volcanic activity and people have bathed in them for thousands of years, all year round.

4. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This is the world’s largest salt flat and when it rains it becomes the world’s largest mirror. Visitors look as though they are floating in the middle of the air and the images created are mind-blowing.

5. Tianzi Mountains, China

Visitors can take a ride to the top using a cable car service and experience a 360-degree view like never before. The mountains are up to 4,140 ft high and cover an area of 67 sq kms.

6. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

This is a railway tunnel used by a train three times a day to carry wood. The rest of the time, the 3km tunnel is used mostly by loved-up couples and photographers taking advantage of the beautiful, romantic qualities of the site.

7. Zhangye Danxia Mountains, China

The colour of the rocks is the result of red sandstone and mineral deposits being laid down over 24 million years ago. The site is able to be walked through on a boardwalk and is truly astounding.

8. Mendenhall Ice Caves, United States

These ice caves are located under a glacier that is 12 miles long. The experience involves every stage of the water cycle at once and can be described as unworldly. Sadly, the caves are melting away due to global warming so their time left on this Earth is limited.

9. Sea of Stars, The Maldives

This unbelievable sight appears to be the result of the sea mirroring the stars in the sky. However, it is actually caused by a species of plankton that emit a bright blue light when feeling stressed.

10. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

This beach is located across Whitsunday Island. The 7km stretch is filled with the pristine sight of crystal clear water and white sand. The sand doesn’t absorb heat, so take your shoes off and enjoy a barefoot stroll along the water.


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Article by Guest Styler

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